ONE Championship 26: live results for Welterweight title Askren vs Santos



ONE FC 26 Welterweight title Ben Akren vs Luis Santos
ONE FC 26 Welterweight title Ben Akren vs Luis Santos

ONE Championship returns to Manila, Philippines on April 24, 2015 for “Valor of Champions”. The main event is Ben Askren’s next defense of his Welterweight title against Luis Santos.

Bantamweight standout Mark Striegl takes his first fight under the ONE FC banner against Casey Suire. In a pair of flyweight bouts, entertaining striker Eugene Toquero is back against Brianata Rosadhi and the ever-improving Geje Eustaquio will face Thai transplant Anatpong Bunrad.

Three featherweight bouts feature Kelly brother Edward against undefeated striker Jimmy Yabo; consummate martial artist Shannon Wiratchai versus Singaporean hot prospect Amir Khan; and ONE FC China tournament winner Ya Wei Wang will take on Tsu Not to. Opening the card at bantamweight, Liu Xiaoyang will face Nicholas Lee.

April 24, 2015
MOA Arena
Manila, Philippines

Live stream at

Welterweight Championship
Ben Askren  vs.  Luis Santos

Askren shoots and Sapo defends, almost head kick! And a repeat!!! Sapo reverses a throw!!! Sapo head kicks and misses!Sapo kicks Askren’s legs out! Sapo reverses another shoot to mount! Askren hunts for a heel hook, Sapo out, stands. Clinch. Finger in the eye to Sapo. Wow, on replay, fucking deliberate! But Coste the ref makes him stand up and fight, Sapo won’t engage, demanding that he’s impaired, Coste has lost control of the ring. Wow….

So, finally, a 5 minute time stop for Sapo to recover, and replay for Coste who missed the eye poke.

On the end, Askren smack talks more and more after the call, insulting Sapo. Anthony says “thanks for being gracious”, but Askren definitely was NOT.

No Contest

Ben Askren thumbs Luis Santos
Ben Askren thumbs Luis Santos

#7 – Bantamweight
Mark Striegl  vs.  Casey Suire

First strike – groin kick by Striegl. Suire recovers quickly. Striegl high kick. Striegl jumps for a knee and Suire shoots, but Striegl grabs him and gets the hip toss. Striegl in Side control. Suire shoves his fingers in Striegl’s face. Striegl defends Suire’s attempts from the bottom. Striegl crawls all over him, takes the back, tries to sink a choke, Suire defends well. But Striegl sinks it again! Suire is forced to tap!

Mark Striegl defeats Casey Suire by Submission to RNC, rd 1, 3:48

Mark Striegl wins by RNC
Mark Striegl wins by RNC

#6 – Flyweight
Anatpong Bunrad  vs.  Geje Eustaquio

Both flyweight bounce then slow and look for the kick. Eustaquio gets a nice midsection, Bunrad looking to counter with punches over the top. He wants the TKO. Bunrad with a nice low kick. Bunrad with a huge hip toss! Bunrad rag dolls Eustaquio down, but he’s up and out. Eustaquio swings, Bunrad dodges. Eustaquio low kick, Bunrad goes high. Bunrad huge thigh kick. Bunrad seems to have his distance on the punches. Eustaquio still knows where to put his body kicks. Eustaquio with flurries at the bell.

Round 2. A minute of bouncing and sporadic trading. Nice clash. A push kick from Eustaquio puts Bunrad back! More trading as Eustaquio looks for the wushu kicks and Bunrad throws everything behind his. Nice leg kick by Bunrad!Eustaquio starts throwing the leather. Bunrad stars landing counters over the top, but Eustaquio is the more active and accurate.

Round 3. Now Bunrad goes on the offense but Eustaquio punches right through. Eustaquio ramps up his frequency big time. Break for a nut shot to Bunrad, quick restart. Bunrad tries to come back aggressively, Eustaquio is more composed and takes what comes. Eustaquio putting on the pressure, and Bunrad starts to come alive with the counters again, then he gets a reversal on a takedown for his own! Eustaquio momentarily has guard and smacks with open palms, then spins out to reverse to mount! A scramble and Eustaquio is off, and stands. Throwing leather to the bell.

Anatpong Bunrad defeats Geje Eustaquio by Split Decision

Anatpong Bunrad with the Split Decision
Anatpong Bunrad with the Split Decision

#5 – Flyweight
Eugene Toquero  vs.  Brianata Rosadhi

Rosadhi tries to shoot, Toquero reverses it on the way down, lands in mount and starts banging. Toquero stands and throws an elbow down. Rosadhi tries to get out, turtles, Toquero just repositions on his back and tries for a choke. Rosadhi turns out of it, but Toquero still keeps top position. Finally Rosadhi pushes off the cage but Toquero gets the back again. Toquero just keeps on the pressure, and then starts slaughtering Rosadhi with punches and big big elbows.

Eugene Toquero defeats Brianata Rosadhi by TKO, rd 1, 3:41

Eugene Toquero by TKO
Eugene Toquero by TKO

#4 – Featherweight
Jimmy Yabo  vs.  Edward Kelly

Yabo looks composed, Kelly with his Lakay stance. Kelly low kicks, Yabo low kicks, Kelly sidekicks. Both kickers are definitely looking for kicking distance. Kelly starts to find his distance and lands his first punches and kicks. Yab’s elusive though. Kelly with a nice jab. Yabo tries to grab a kick, ends up with his back against the cage. Kelly tries for the throw, Yabo defends. Kelly gets underhook, tries for the trip, then gets the throw. Yabo turns and Kelly jumps on him, goes for the choke, gets it!

Edward Kelly defeats Jimmy Yabo by Submission, RNC, 4:05

Edward Kelly with the Submission
Edward Kelly with the Submission

#3 – Featherweight
Bashir Ahmad  vs.  Amir Khan

Ahmad on the offense, Khan clinches, huge knees, and Ahmad goes down, Khan in side control, Ahmad tries to recover guard, gets half guard. Khan patient and looking to position and pass, throws a few elbows down. Khan steps out, lets Ahmad up. Ahmad with a big right hand and clinch on the cage. Khan with big knees again, Ahmad returns them too, and holds Khan against the cage. Ref separates. Khan assaulting, Ahmad backpedals but returns punches, Khan clinches and more knees. Ahmad has it against the cage again, underhooks, but Khan gets the trip and lands into half guard. Khan holds him down, then finally tries to pass. Ahmad defends. Khan finally stands out. Bell.

Round 2. Stream died? Back in halfway through the round, Ahmad with Khan against the cage. Ahmad with double underhooks. Khan turns him and lands knees. Ahmad reverses again. Ref breaks. Khan with a nice jab, and he shoots to put Ahmad on his back. Ahmad grabs guard, punches from the bottom. Khan stalls, ref stands. Ahmad comes in again, but Khan takes him down, Ahmad gets half guard. Bell. Ahmad is cut below the eye – maybe a head clash?

Round 3. Ahmad goes in, Khan with the clinch and trip down. Ahmad reverses to mount! Khan goes for a heel hook! Ahmad stands up! Ref checks a cut from the last round. Ahmad swings for the fences and puts Khan on the fence again. Stop for a cut check again. Restart and Ahmad slams it in with a huge right, but slips and Khan’s on top again. In guard, Khan throws elbows. Time stop for the cut again. Doc calls it.

Amir Khan defeats Bashir Ahmad by TKO to doctor stoppage, rd 3, 3:20

Amir Khan wins by TKO
Amir Khan wins by TKO

#2 – Bantamweight
Liu Xiaoyang vs. Nicholas Lee

Lui smacks out the side kick! Liu follows him down, tried for the guillotine. Lee gets up, Liu throws him. Clinching against the cage, Lee finally steps back. Lui with an overhand right KO!

Liu Xiaoyang defeats Nicholas Lee by KO, rd 1

Liu Xiaoyang by KO
Liu Xiaoyang by KO

#1 – Featherweight
Sunoto  vs.  Ya Wei Wang

Sunoto throws the first light combo. Sunoto with a low kick. A minute in and Sunoto with another light combo. Wang goes in with a one-two, and a kick, Sunoto grabs it for a takedown attempt. Wang’s out, shoots across the cage. Sunoto defends, but ends against the cage, can’t maneuver enough for a while, then finally recovers guard. Wang not doing anything but pressure down. Sunoto looking to creep his legs up for a triangle, then arm bar, Wang slams him and stands out. Wang dives back in, tries to pass, can’t. Sunoto keeping the head and trying to position. Lepiten stands them up with a minute left. Sunoto throws a jab and it stumbles Wang! But then Sunoto slips after a high kick so Wang follows him down. Sunoto back up at the bell.

Round 2. Tentative start again. Wang slips while backpedaling, Sunoto tries to grab a guillotine. Another minute of no action. Wang shoots, half-hearted. Lepiten warns them for non-action. Sunoto with a stiff map that puts Wang to his knees, but no follow up. Wang shoots, gets it. Sunoto tries for a kimura but eventually Wang steps out. Sunoto holding on with a modified twister but the position is wrong, and Wang passes to side. Wang passes to mount. Wang with the ground and pound to the bell.

Round 3. Sunoto looks for his jab. Wang shoots, gets it, easily gets to mount. After unanswered punches, ref stops it.

Wang Yawei defeats Sunoto by TKO, rd 3, 1:21

Wang Yawei by TKO
Wang Yawei by TKO


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