ONE Championship 27: Shannon Wiratchai’s elbows get split decision over Amir Khan



ONE Championship 27 Shannon Wiratchai def Amir Khan
ONE Championship 27 Shannon Wiratchai def Amir Khan

ONE Championship 27 takes place on May 22, 2015 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore. Shannon Wiratchai weathered a tough first round of Amir Khan’s kicks to earn a split decision with big elbows in rounds 2 and 3.

ONE Championship 27
May 22, 2015

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Amir Khan vs Shannon Wiratchai

Rd 1. Chilson again pumping Evolve “we stacked it with world champions” for Amir. Khan starts off with the kicks. Cai not returning much, but shakes off a high kick.Khan rushes in with punches and Cai returns inside. Cai is eating ll the kicks and looking to come in with head shots. Khan lands a right punch. Cai grabs a kick but can’t get the take down, clinch to the cage. Cai with a few shots inside. Khan turns up the heat with punches and more big kicks. To the bell, Cai still looking to grab a kick or get inside with a big one, and he gets it at the bell.

Rd 2. Khan opens with a hard low kick. Cai catches a kick, then gets a nice inside thigh kick, assaults with knees to the clinch, short shots have cut Khan. Cai with nice shots inside, elbows coming out now. Spinning back elbow lands for Cai! Khan backs him off the cage with long punches. Cai catches 2 kicks in a row. Cai with a nice right that flips back Khan’s head, he responds. Khan shoots and gets the take down to side with a minute left, and Cai ties up arms and punches from the bottom. Khan tries to trap an arm, Cai rolls out and stands!

Rd 3. Cai slips and lands one of his own. Clinch and knees from Khan but Cai spins him. Ref breaks. Khan gets angry and comes in big! Cai’s bagua zhang comes out in his spinning footwork. Cai goes inside with more short elbows! Cai’s guard really good, Khan shoots, Cai defends, spins it back around. Cai’s corner shouts “elbows” and Cai lands three! Khan muscles for a takedown with a minute left! From side control Khan punches and the crowd gets wild.

Shannon Wiratchai def Amir Khan vs by Split Decision