One Championship: Battle for the Heavens live results


ONE Championship: Battle for the Heavens took place on 7 July, 2018 in Guangzhou, China. A total of seven MMA matches here held, with three Super Series kickboxing matches thrown in.

The MMA portion was topped off with DEEP flyweight champ Tatsumitsu Wada’s promotional debut against Reece McLaren. The main event was the Super Series Women’s Atomweight Championship between Yodcherry Sityodtong and Kai Ting Chuang. Here are the live results from the event.

#7 Flyweight (9th bout)
Tatsumitsu Wada vs. Reece McLaren

Both men opened the bout by testing the waters with rushing strikes and clinchwork until Wada took an early knee to the groin. They rushed right back into the clinch, threw knees, and Wada won the takedown battle. From his back, McLaren threw up his legs for submission attempts and tried to position, while Wada threw down some hard shots and elbows. With a minute left, they popped up and went back into the clinch, with McLaren throwing an elbow on the way out.

The second round saw Wada darting in and out with strikes, then McLaren got the shoot and put Wada on his back. Wada defended well, and McLaren was really forced to tie him up, but in a scramble, McLaren was able to take the back. McLaren locked in a choke but Wada was patient with it, until McLaren switched to an armbar and he was really forced to keep his grip. Wada was finally able to jump over to defend it, and finally McLaren was forced to give it up. They popped back up and McLaren got a takedown to end the round.

The final round opened with the same techniques of darting shots until Wada got the first takedown. Wada put on the pressure, but McLaren returned octopus arms and legs from the bottom to preserve himself. Wada got to half guard and threw mean elbows to McLaren’s face. The ref stood them and Wada rushed back in for the clinch, being very strong with it, but McLaren was able to land an elbow and get a trip to top control. McLaren fought to pass but Wada was active against it, with elbows to the head interspersed with sub attempts. Suddenly McLaren got the back, forced Wada to turn in, and ended with an arm in his possession.

Reece McLaren def Tatsumitsu Wada by Split Decision.

#6 Bantamweight (7th bout)
Changxin Fu vs. Rustem Yensebayev

Fu delivered a beautiful round against Yensebayev that showed off his wrestling, striking and ground control skills to deliver a devastating finish by ground and pound.

Changxin Fu def Rustem Yensebayev by TKO, R1 4:32

#5 Catchweight 68kg
Zhikang Zhao vs. Ma Xu Dong

Zhao throws and shoots for a big takedown right from the opening bell. They both stood and traded, Zhao got back inside for a guillotine, and Ma executed a huge throw to get himself out of it. The ref briefly stopped to warn for illegal knees to the back of the head by Ma. In a clash, they stood and banged until Zhao took an accidental knee. Zhao landed another takedown and Ma went for the guillotine, but soon they popped up and Ma delivered another accidental knee to the groin which earned him a yellow card and gave Zhao a 5 minute recovery period. Zhao came back with a huge head kick, elbow, and take down to side control. Zhao got mount, went for an armbar, and the bell sounded.

In the second round, Zhao went for the shoot again, landed in side control and began dropping bombs. Ma was able to scramble to his feet, where Zhao started picking him apart with clean punches. In the third round, from a takedown, Zhao was able to secure a guillotine from the bottom and put Ma to sleep.

Zhikang Zhao def Ma Xu Dong by Submission, Guillotine, R3 1:01

#4 Women’s Strawweight
Istela Nunes vs. Gina Iniong

To open round one, Nunes landed a nice knee to the chin of Iniong off an initial clinch. Nunes took the center of the ring and looked for big kicks, and Iniong followed with her own attempts. Iniong scored with a knockdown close to the bell. In the second, they stayed within kicking distance for a good part of the round with sporadic action. Nunes claimed a nice right hand which woke up Iniong who opened up with combinations. The final round opened with Nunes landing a knee out of a clinch, and she continued to press the action with kicks that landed, and bloodied Iniong with a big roundhouse at the end.

Istela Nunes def Gina Iniong by Unanimous Decision

#3 Bantamweight
Shuya Kamikubo vs. Sunoto Peringkat

In the first round, Sunoto got the fast takedown and got the back of Kamikubo, but he popped up and they engaged in the clinch until the ref separated them. Kamikubo got the second takedown, inched his way up sunoto’s legs while pressing him down, and worked for position to the bell. Kamikubo got it to the canvas quickly, made side control, and Sunoto made it back up. But not for long. Kamikubo got mount and rained down bombs until the ref stopped it.

Shuya Kamikubo def Sunoto Peringkat by TKO, R2

#2 Flyweight
Xuewen Peng vs. Eddey Kalai

After a few testing out shots between the two, Peng throws a big and fast right hand and follows up with punches for the TKO.

Xuewen Peng def Eddey Kalai by TKO, R1 0:57

#1 Strawweight
Adrian Matheis vs. Robin Catalan

In the first, Catalan went for a big lift and slam, and when Matheis scrambled out, he got his back taken. Matheis got out, but earned a repeat slam for it, andatalan dropped elbows and kept control. Matheis got a last second reversal at the bell. In the second, Catalan went straight for the takedown, and started attempting submissions. He went for the leg, and as Matheis scrambled away, Catalan got a submission with the heel hook.

Robin Catalan def Adrian Matheis by Submission, heel hook, R2

One Championship Guangzhou
One Championship: Battle for the Heavens


#3 Women’s Atomweight Championship (10th bout)
Yodcherry Sityodtong vs Kai Ting Chuang

Kai was very aggressive from the opening of the first round, brining the fight to Yobcherry, and backing her into the corner. Kai continued on the offense with teeps and punches that put Yodcherry against the ropes. At the end of the round, Yodcherry was able get a clinch and good knees, but Kai came back with a huge barrage.

In the second round, Yodcherry got the clinch and knees early and started utilising her kicks. Kai found a way in and landed punches against the ropes. They traded right hands androundhouses. Kai landed huge straights to Yodcherry’s face at the close of the round.

The third round and Kai turned on the heat with a combination that tore through Yodcherry’s defense. Yodcherry looked for her moment for a big kick and in the clinch landed knees, then she landed a roundhouse to score. Kai continued her aggressive offense, stalking down Yodcherry into the clinch.

The champion rounds started with Kai being aggressive but Yodcherry finally starting to land hard knees, punches, kicks. Kai walked through it all and kept up with her combinations snapping back Yodcherry’s head at the ropes. Yodcherry went for leg kicks, but every time Kai countered over the top.

The final round showed the women drawing even in aggression and landing shots. Kai kept walking in, but finally Yodcherry wasn’t being backed up by it. Yodcherry threw kicks, Kai countered over the top, and they clinched and threw knees. Kai ended strong by putting Yodcherry back in the corner.

Kai Ting Chuang def Yodcherry Sityodtong by Unanimous Decision

#2 Catchweight 105kg (8th bout)
Andre Meunier vs Ibrahim el Bouni

Andre came out aggressive, throwing punches and kicks and darting quickly out again. Ibrahim patiently turned the tide in middle of the round, and dropped Andre for the first count. As Andre stood, Ibrahim knew he was still out and sent out a right hook to the chin that put him back to the canvas.

Ibrahim el Bouni def Andre Meunier by KO, R1 1:31

#1 (6th bout)
Deividas Danyla vs Saempetch Fairtex

In the first round, both men gave a display of beautiful back and forth action, with Fairtex hurting the legs and Danyla switching stance to compensate. Fairtex ended the round by delivering a left kick, left hook, and left elbow, getting him the first knockdown of the fight. The second round, Fairtex came out with brutal combinations and kicks to the body. Danyla pressed forward, but his body was visibly devastated with welts from rib and thigh kicks. In the final round, Fairtex swept Danyla, who got up and came in with renewed vengeance. In switching back to southpaw, Danyla finally started landing his punches. Fairtex kept his jab out while being pressured, and avoided most of the pain to the bell.

Saemapetch Fairtex def Deividas Danyla by Unanimous Decision