ONE Championship 27 weigh ins: both title fights green lit, 10 of 11 matches set to go



ONE FC 27 Lightweight title Shinya Aoki vs Koji Ando
ONE FC 27 Lightweight title Shinya Aoki vs Koji Ando, by David Ash,

ONE Championship: Warrior’s Quest will take place on 22 May, 2015 in Singapore. The weigh ins were held on 21 May and both title matches passed within the required limits.

ONE Lightweight Champion Shinya Aoki will face number one contender Koji Ando. For the inaugural Strawweight Championship, Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke and Roy Doliguez are also green lit.

Only one fight was pulled from the card.  First it appeared that Rob Lisita did not make weight within the required time.  However, the official final given was that he was medically not cleared for his match with Timofey Natyukhin.

Here are some quotes from the fighters from before and during the weigh ins.

Ev Ting:
“I have been feeling good, and well pleased with the amount of training I have been putting in to prepare for my fight, so I am ready to go. Many people have told me that my opponent is tough, but who said I don’t enjoy a tough challenge? I just need to keep focused and stay ahead of him at all times in the cage.”

Stephen Langdown:
“I am super excited to be fighting in Singapore again, and I love fighting here in front of my home crowd. I am as prepared as I can be for my fight tomorrow and I believe that while my opponent has really good wrestling, that’s about it. I have been working on my overall game but knowing that about my opponent, I have also been working my wrestling a lot so I’m well- prepared for him.

Amir Khan:
“I am ready for tomorrow and gamed to garner another win. Been in National Service for 2 weeks, training continuously still, in preparation for this fight.”

Shannon Wiratchai:
“I was out of the cage for a year and a half but I am so happy to come back to fight again. I feel confident about my fight tomorrow. In spite of my previous injuries which is healed by now, I have a lot of faith that I can put up a good fight. Other than my coaches, I have got my personal therapist with me on this trip to Singapore too. So that helps a lot. Amir is a good striker and technical fighter, and I’m similar so I’m not worried about him. I’m also not worried about the takedown or ground game right now and am quite sure I can stop him in any aspect of the game. ”

Waqar Umar, by Bashir Ahmad:
“Waqar is most prepared physically and technically as he has ever been for this fight. He has been kicking my ass at training.”

Eddie Ng:
“This is my 6th fight and Singapore has the best fans. I am not Singaporean but you treat me like one. I love it.”

Ariel Sexton:

“Tomorrow is my moment. I am going out there and make it my moment. I don’t think about my opponent and I don’t care who he is how how prepared he is. I can bring much more to this fight because I know deep inside me my best is enough. This is my job, I have to face one of the toughest fighters but I hope he is prepared for an even tougher fight.”

Benedict Ang:
He received an overwhelming reaction from the Singapore fans.
“I have been training for a very long time and just looking forward to having fun tomorrow”

Angela Lee:
“I am grateful for the opportunity to fight here. It’s a homecoming for me.”

All photos by David Ash,

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21 MAY, 2015

Lightweight Championship
Shinya Aoki (Japan, 37-6-0) – 70.1kg
Koji Ando ( Japan, 11-3-2) – 70.2kg

Strawweight Championship
Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke (Thailand, 4-0) -51.8kg
Roy Doliguez (Filipino, 6-1, professional boxer with 40 bouts) – 51.6kg

Ev Ting ( Malaysia/New Zealand, 9-2) – 65.8kg
Marat Gafurov (Russia, 10-0) – 65.8kg

Lowen Tynanes (USA, 6-0) – 69.7kg
Kuat Khamitov (Kazahkstan, 18-3-1) – 70.3kg

Featherweight – Cancelled
Robert Lisita (Australia, 14-7) – not presented, failed to make weight *Official: did not clear medical check
Timofey Natyukhin (Russia, 8-1 ) – not presented

Eddie Ng (Hong Kong, 7-2) – 70.3kg
Ariel Sexton (Costa Rica, 9-3) – 70.2kg

Amir Khan (Singapore, 3-1) – 65.5kg
Shannon Wiratchai (Thailand, 3-1) – 65.8kg

Stephen Langdown (Singapore, 2-1) – 61.2kg
HeiLi Alateng (Mongolia, 3-3) – 61.2kg

Benedict Ang (Singapore, pro debut) – 65.3kg
Umar Waqar (Pakistan, 3-2) – 65.6kg

Angela Lee (Singapore, pro debut) – 51.8kg
Aya Saeid Saber (Egypt, 3-5) – 51.7kg

Ali Yaakub (Malaysia, 0-1) – 55.3kg
Jianbing Yang (China, 3-0) – 56.7kg