ONE FC 11 “Total Domination” live results and updates


Main Event_Fernandes vs Kim Faceoff

One FC 11 “Total Domination” in Singapore on October 18, 2013 features the Bantamweight Title Unification bout between Kim SooChul and Bibiano Fernandes. Shinya Aoki makes his first drop to featherweight to take on Cody Stevens, and a Lightweight Title Contender bout sees Eddie Ng face Peter Davis.

October 18, 2013
Singapore Indoor Stadium

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#10 – Bantamweight Championship Unification Match
Bibiano Fernandes (14 – 3 – 0) AMC Pankration
Kim SooChul (7 – 4 – 0) Team FORCE

Kim with a Bibi looks to shoot and gets it down. Kim forced to work off his back as Bibi looks to pass. Bib with a choke attempt but has to release it. Bibi to side control. Back up for the final stretch and Kim gets it against the cage. Round 2 and Bibi takes it down again. Kim gets guard, strikes from the bottom from Kim. Yuji stands it up. Bibi shoots and Kim stuffs but Bibi gets it against the cage. Separated. A little striking exchange ensues. Bibi with a td again. Third round. Bibi td, Kim defends it. Comes out swinging. Now it’s Kim with two trips. Kim forces it against the cage and lands inside strikes. Bibi gets it back down and Kim briefly scrambles out but Bibi’s back inside 1/2 guard. 4th. Kim defends td again. Bibi gets it down again though. Open and upkicks from Kim. Kim nice elbow! Kim with a td and landing kicks. Yuji stands it. Kim stops a td. Nice fluury by Kim! Kim looks at his watch! And reverses Bibi against the cage then throws a flurry. Five! Flurries from Bibi now, and a nutshot to Kim stops it. Bibi shoots and Kim stuffs for the final stretch. A very tough fight five rounder goes the distance. Bibiano scores with tds and ground control throughout much of the fight, Kim finds a pace and defends well in the next, and hi offence picks up greatly. Kim weeps when he loses the decision.

Bibiano Fernandes defeats Kim SooChul by Unanimous Decision








#9 – Co-Main Event Featherweight Bout
Shinya Aoki (33 – 6 – 0) Evolve MMA
Cody Stevens (11 – 5 – 1) Tiger Muay Thai and MMA

A nutshot early forces a 5 minute rest for Aoki who comes back with two beautiful trips. Cody gets a great sweep. Shinya looks very skinny at this weight and is not getting the dominant subs as he needs. In the second, Cody stuffs a td and delivers a nice knee on the way up. Shinya with a good trip to top again. Cody looking for subs from the bottom and throwing up elbows. Shinya keeps working to flatten him and control his legs. Cody keeps closing and opening guard. The round ends and Cody’s getting up and landing elbows to Shinya’s ribs on the back. Serizawa gives him a yellow card for strikes to the spine. In the third, Shinya goes for the td against the cage and gets it. Cody gets a brief choke from the bottom. Cody throwing up elbows. He wall walks and Shinya gets underhooks to an inside leg trip to put him back down again. Shinya going for no submissions whatsoever as Cody defends. Final 30 seconds and Shinya gets the back. Cody just works on slamming.

Shinya Aoki defeats Cody Stevens by Unanimous Decision





#8 – Lightweight Contender Bout
Eddie Ng (6 – 1 – 0) Evolve MMA
Peter Davis (6 – 2 – 0) Muayfit

Ng knocks down Davis quickly but he’s able to flip Ng on his back. ¬†Ng eventually ¬†sweeps to mount. Stream goes down. Returns with a replay of Ng snapping on an arm bar and going face down, with Davis verbally tapping.

Eddie Ng defeats Peter Davis by Submission, Armbar, rd 1




#7 – Middleweight
Tatsuya Mizuno (11 – 9 – 0) Tribe Tokyo MMA
Rafael Silva (39 – 13 – 0)

Silva comes out strong and Mizuno weathers it. Silva with a single leg td and Mizuno grabs an arm for a spin over kimura defense! Silva with the suplex! Twice Mizuno defends the single with a Kimura take! Mizuno eating punches by Silva big time. Round 2 and Silva has opened up Mizuno’s eye with a headbutt and which is heavily cut and the doctor looks at it. Restart and Silva keeps up the punches. Third td that Mizuno defends by grabbing a kimura. Mizuno with a nice high kick and Silva returns punches. Mizuno’s low hands not good. Silva now dropping his and Mizuno goes for punches and knees. Mizuno with knees that Silva tries to defend by grabbing for a single. Onto the third. An amazing round by Mizuno with huge kicks and soccer kicks that put Silva on his back with nothing to deal with Mizuno.

Tatsuya Mizuno defeats Rafael Silva by Unanimous Decision






#6 – Light Heavyweight
Sylvain Potard (5-3) Free Fight Academy
Jake Butler (3-0) Evolve MMA

Jake comes out testing with lots of strikes. Sylvain waits and shoots. Jake handles it with underhook power. Jake takes the clinch and lands knees. Jake takes the back. Potard almost reverses Jake’s slip of back control, but Jake’s able to get up and out, landing knees. Round 2. Sylvain lands a nice left hook that drops Jake and he follows it up until Shimada steps in.

Sylvain Potard defeats Jake Butler by KO, rd 2




#5 – Featherweight
Mitch Chilson (4 – 1 – 0)
Shannon Wiratchai (2 – 1 – 0)

Chilson goes for the quick shoot. He pressures Cai against the cage but Cai defends the TD attempts well. Chilson releases his clinch for a spinning elbow and Cai capitalizes with a left hook and elbow that floors Chilson. He follows up with two soccer kicks in a row and as Chilson’s head flattens on the canvas, the ref stops it.

Shannon Wiratchai defeats Mitch Chilson by TKO, rd 1, 1:52





#4 – Flyweight
Rene Catalan (0 – 1 – 0)
Khim Dima (0 – 0 – 0)

Catalan with nice throws in the first and goes for an early arm bar. Dima has nothing for his jiujitsu but is able to scramble out. Catalan still dominates with the takedowns. Into the second, Dima comes out with kicks and Catalan with inside boxing on his taller opponent. Another td. He shoots and Dima starts landing punches and elbows to the back of the head. Legal and illegal shots being thrown as Catalan hangs onto a single that he should have easily been able to get until the ref stops it.

Khim Dima defeats Rene Catalan by TKO, rd 2






#3 – Female Strawweight
Sherilyn Lim (0 – 0 – 0)
Ann Osman (0 – 0 – 0)

Osman with the takedown and pass to side, but Lim works it back up and the two clinch and throw knees against the cage, with Osman edging the dominant position. Lim gets some nice knees at the end of the round. In the second, more clinch and knees from both with Lim delivering more that land. Osman with the lazy td and Lim grabs guard. Osman passes but Lim gets guard again. Osman shoots, Lim sprawls, Lim on top and landing punches and elbows. Into 3rd, Osman shoots now and Lim’s on the bottom. Osman to full mount and Yuji Shimada calls for her to finish. Osman with a few elbows and Lim sweeps! At 3 minutes left, Lim starts landing the GnP. Nice work by Lim and then Osman sweeps to mount. Osman works a little and Shimada stands them up for the final action-packed stand up at the end of the fight.

Sherilyn Lim defeats Ann Osman by Split Decision




#2 – Welterweight
Alex Lim (1 – 2 – 0)
Juan Wen Jie (2 – 0 – 0)

Catchweight of 72kgs as Alex did not make weight. Juan looks much bigger, fitter and sharper. Alex stands and takes leg kicks from Juan, then motions that he wants more. Juan with knees in the clinch and elbows that cut Alex. Juan modestly active but not much to write home about in the first. Into the 2nd, a quick left hook to the cut of Alex’s eye puts him down and he covers until the ref takes Juan off of him.

Juan Wen Jie defeats Alex Lim by TKO, rd 2




#1 – Bantamweight
Marc Marcellinus (0 – 0 – 0) vs Stephen Langdown (0 – 0 – 0)

The fights promptly begin at 7pm SG time with these two regional MMA debutants. Commentators are playing up the difference in backgrounds with Marcellinus being raised in tribal Borneo and Langdown a Singaporean. Kenichi Serizawa refs. Fighters come out calmly, taller Stephen bouncing and Marc circling. Kicks traded. Marc slips down in a kick clash, scrambles up, and is backed against the cage. A knee from Stephen possibly is a groin shot, and Marc goes down. Stephen quickly follows him with unanswered GnP as Marc holds his groin.

Stephen Langdown defeats Marc Marcellinus by TKO, rd 1