ONE FC 12 live updates and results


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November 15, 2013
Putra Indoor Stadium
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Adriano Moraes (9-0) vs Yusup Saadulaev (10-3-1)

Very nice scramble and activity from both with Maoraes going for a triangle, then Yusup reversing a trip to land on top. Moraes just holds on so Yuji stands them up. Then they decide to stand and strike! Moraes gets the better of the exchange. Round 2. They decide to face off in the center again. Yusup looks for the clinch to throw. Moraes with a flying knee that Yusup puts him on his back with. Yusup snags a Darce and spins around but Moraes scrambles up and out. Again Yusup eats a kick for a takedown. More scrambling over one each other as they jockey for positions, as agile as cats. Moraes gets top position and scores with some direct bombs! Round 3. Moraes opens up with a right and a low kick. Moraes tries for the body lock and duplex! Yusup spins away from the back take to grab guard. Moraes stands out, then dives back in. They again scramble to stand, and Yusup tries a front duplex, misses, and gets mounted. Yusup goes out the back and tries for an ankle! Moraes north south with knee to the head! Yusup out and has side control! Moraes gets half guard! Yusup ends the fight in top position.

Yusup Saadulaev defeats Adriano Moraes by Split Decision

Bryan Rafiq (8-2) vs Leandro Ataides (5-0)

Ataides with the takedown. Inside half guard, he throws elbows and pressures Rafiq for the first half of the round. Rafiq works out to standing. Ataides has nice distance on his striking. And he has a great couple of temple shots that plant Rafiq face down. He generously declines to follow up on the prone fighter.

Leandro Ataides defeats Bryan Rafiq by KO, rd 1

Chris Lokteff (11-1) vs Tony Johnson (7-1)

Big right hand from Lokteff that floors Johnson. He recovers for a nice shoot and double leg. Nice stand up action. Johnson using punches to set up clinch and takedowns but he can only pressure against the cage. Round 2. Same opening, Lokteff goes in with a combo and Johnson hits the double, but this time securely in top position. The big men are fighting a technical match on the ground, with speed and davy. Johnson looks to pass and pounds, Lokteff snags butterfly guard and tries to reposition. Johnson tries to get up and out and gives up his back, Johnson gets a hook and tries for a choke and Lokteff fights hard to defend. Johnson finally has to release and flips out. He stands and starts throwing soccer kicks at Johnson’s head to end the round! Round 3. Johnson shoots, Lokteff stuffs, stands and soccer kicks. It misses. Touch gloves as a sign of respect. Lokteff hits a combo. Johnson goes for his bread and butter shoots but Lokteff’s got his number now. Lokteff kicks Johnson in the face while he’s down, and probably broke his nose, but Johnson just stands up! Clinch and knees to end the round.

Chris Lokteff defeats Tony Johnson by Unanimous Decision

Peter Davis (6-3) vs Alaa ‘The Flash’ Mazloum (1-0)

Wasting no time at the touch gloves they engage, clinch and knee. Mazloum taps Davis who stumbles back and down, and narrowly misses swinging punches. Davis off his back holds tight in defense. Mazloum gets free and Davis is able to reverse him back and down. Davis has an arm in triangle but Mazloum rolls to top position. Davis looks for an arm as Mazloum uses a forearm defense. Yuji stands them Davis nails the takedown to mount and gets another arm triangle. Again Mazloum rolls to top, but the choke is tight. Saved by the bell. Round 2. Very tentative start. Davis shoots, misses. Mazloum grabs for a guillotine, Davis pops out and scrambles around to take the back standing. He jumps for hooks, pulls down Mazloum, and gets the tap by RNC.

Peter Davis defeats Alaa Mazloum by Submission, RNC, rd 2

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Gianni Subba (2-0) vs Yun Ting Chen (1-0)

Both start of the round toe to toe circling and then clinch. Subba hits a big high crotch lift and slam. After some shots from standing, he goes to ground and looks to pass. He decides he’s got enough leverage from the top and begins to throw bombs as Chen covers up from the assault.

Gianni Subba defeats Yun Ting Chen by TKO, rd 1

#5 – Malaysia National Featherweight Championship
Melvin ‘Overkill’ Yeoh (7-1) vs A.J. ‘Pyro’ Lias Mansor (1-3)

Yeoh is gauging distance and Mansor is throwing what he can from outside. Yeoh starts coming in a little closer with kicks, Mansor stays busy but not much connecting from either. One minute to go and Mansor hits a double leg. Yeoh grabs guard and holds on to the bell. Round 2. Yeoh comes out much more aggressively. Mansor catches a kick and Yeoh pulls guard, creeping up his legs for a sub attempts. Ref stands them up. Mansor lands spinning backlist that lands but doesn’t phase Yeoh. Mansor shoots across the cage, Yeoh grabs for a guillotine defense, then works to guard. Mansor stands up and out, ref stands them both. Mansor shoots across the cage again, Yeoh defends, ends the round on his back but with a tight guillotine. Round 3. Mansor with a right hook and a single leg hook and shoot. Finally a big double leg from Mansor and he tries to pound on Yeoh, who tries to hit subs. Mansor passes to side and starts landing knees to Yeoh’s head, then elbows.

In his win speech, AJ donates his entire fight winnings to the typhoon relief effort in the Philippines.

A.J. Lias Mansor defeats Melvin Yeoh by Unanimous Decision

Saiful ‘The Vampire’ Merican (1-1) vs Tok Sophon (1-0)

Saiful comes out wanting to engage and Sophon obliges. Merican gets a nice hip throw and pressures Tok on the ground and he surprisingly handles himself to get out, to standing , and mount at one point. Merican gets a takedown but lands underneath so goes for an arm bar and Tok slams him. They stand and swing. Round 2. Both trade standing, and clinch and elbows. Tok with a hip throw and he works to mount again, but Saiful slips out the back. Nice standing work from both, and Tok has some surprising control of different situations. Merican impressed with his last MMA fight with some much improved ground defense, but Tok is negating anything he has. Round 3. Merican counters with a nice right that lands. Tok shoots and throws, but Merican lands mounted. Now he knows Tok has some defense so he’s keeping tight. Tok tries to bridge but it doesn’t work, and Merican opens up a little to throw short elbows. Time stop for a cut from one of those elbows. Merican hits the takedown on the restart and Tok grabs an arm bar. Merican rolls out and they stand again. Merican one-two’s against the cage at the final second.

Saiful Merican defeats Tok Sophon by Unanimous Decision

Samir Mrabet (2-0) vs Steven Durr (1-1)

Samir Mrabet defeats Steven Durr by Unanimous Decision

Nik ‘The Bloodhound’ Harris (4-2) vs Zuli ‘The Shark’ Silawanto (6-6)

Nik Harris defeated Zuli Silawanto by Submission, rd 2


Casey Suire (3-0) vs Raymond Tan (2-0)

Casey Suire defeats Raymond Tan by Submission, Guillotine


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