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ONE FC 15: Rise of Heroes
May 2, 2014
MOA Arena
Manila, Philippines

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Bantamweight Championship
Bibiano Fernnades (15-3) vs. Masakatsu Ueda (18-2-2)

Fernandes vs. Ueda

Rd 1 – As expected, the opening round was a feeling-out round from the champion and the challenger. Nothing much happend except for Bibiano’s takedowns and control of Ueda on the ground in the last couple minutes of the opening frame.

Rd. 3 – Bibiano continues his onslought in the third round by connecting variety of strikes against Ueda. Bibiano is clearly the much fresher fighter in this round. Bibiano working on a rear naked choke at the closing seconds of the

Rd. 4 – A very composed Bibiano came out in the fourth round. Ueda suddenly became the aggressor connecting straight punches to the champ’s face. A huge mouse forming into the champ’s left eye. Ueda is coming out strong in the last minute of the fourth round. Fernandes scored another huge double seconds before the fourth round ends.
Round 5 – Bibiano’s left eye is completely shut heading to the last and final round. Ueda is starting to connect against Bibiano. The Brazilian champion took Ueda yet again but the challenger managed to get back up quickly. After a series of exchanges, Biniano took Ueda down with a perfectly timed double leg take down staight to the full mount. Round ended with the champion controlling Ueda’s back.

Kotetsu ‘No Face’ Boku (21-9-2) vs Eduard ‘Landslide’ Folayang (13-4)
Boku vs. Folayang

1st rd. – Boku and Folayang were very cautious in the first minute of the fight. Boku connects a sharp one-two that staggered Folayang. The Filipino countered with his own jab-leg kick combo. Folayang scored a well-timed doube leg take down, but did not do enough to maintain his position. Boku reversed Folayang when he tried for a hip throw. Round endes with Folayang attempting an armbar against Boku.

Rd. 2 – Both fighters pickes up where they left off as Boku and Folayang stayed in the pocket trading blows. Round endes with Folayang connected a spinning kick.

Rd. 3 – Folayang looking agressive in the last and final round stalking Boku with his punches and variety of kicks. Boku countered very well with his right hand. Eduard’s wrestling has really improved as he scored another take down against the former One FC lightweight champion. It was all about Folayang in the last round.

Folayang def. Boku via UD

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Kotetsu ‘No Face’ Boku (21-9-2) vs Eduard ‘Landslide’ Folayang (13-4)

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Rey ‘The Punisher’ Docyogen (10-2) vs Josh ‘Chest Presley’ Alvarez (12-6)

Alvarez vs. Docyogen
Rd. 1 – Both fighters spent most of the time on the ground battling for dominant position. It was Team Lakay’s Docyogen who dominates in the last two minutes using his much-improved wrestling to take Alvarez down amd controlled him until the end of the first round.

Rd. 2 – A very entertaining second round from both warriors. Docyogen and Alvarez are leaving it all out inside the cage by trying to knock each other out with their explosive striking game.

Rd. 3 – Docyogen connected a solid one-two combination then followed it by leg kick. Alvarez came back connecting hard lefr hook to Docyogen’s face. Docyogen unintentionally connects a left uppercut to Alvarez’ groin area. Fight resumes after two minutes. Docyogen pretty much controlled the last two minutes with some deadly ground and pound from the top. Alvarez is a tough kid. After absorbing cracking punches from Docyogen, he still managed to survived until the last second of the fight. The third round ended with Docyogen throwing bombs from the top.

Docyogen def. Alvarez via UD

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Rob Lisita (13-5) vs. Yusuke Kawanago (13-3-2)

Lisita vs Kawanago
Rd 1 – The much-awaited rematch has come between Australia’s Lisita and Japan’s Kawanago.
Lisita came out swinging connecting pinpoint punches that drops Kawanago. Lisita wasted no time and finished Kawanago with his deadly ground and pound in the opening round!

Lisita def. Kawanago via 1st rd. TKO

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James Mcsweeny (12-11) vs. Chris Lokteff (12-1)

Mcsweeney vs Lokteff

Rd 1 – early back and forth action from both fighters, firing at each other with their striking techniques. Mcsweeney rocks Lokteff with headkick and followed it up with a nasty flying knee to the Aussie’s jaw. Mcsweeney knock Lokteff out cold in the first round!

Mcsweeney def. Lokteff via KO 1st rd.

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Tatsuya Mizuno (12-9) vs Leandro Ataides (6-0)

Ataides vs. Mizuno

Rd. 1 – Ataides came out guns blazing in the first round stalking Mizuno with wild punches. Ataides caught Mizuno with a left hook while he was back pedalling. Ataides smells blood and ended the fight with vicious ground and pound to his downed opppnent. Ataides finished the fightt 47 seconds of the first round!

Ataides def. Mizuno via TKO 1st rd.

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Aya Saeid ‘Sheklesa’ Saber (2-3) vs Ana ‘The Hurricane’ Julaton (0-0)

Saber vs Julaton
Rd 1 – Julaton started strong in the first minute of the fight, stalking Saber with her world-class boxing. Saber momentarily took control of Julaton on the ground but Julaton managed to get back into his feet. It was a close fight for both fighters as they scored several takedowns and had a very good scramble on the ground. Round ends with Julaton inside Saber’a guard throwing punches.

Rd. 2 – The second round was more of the same as the first. Both fighters showing their grappling techniques. Saber caught Julaton with a tight guillotine choke but the former world boxing champion fought through it and managed to escape. The second round ended with Julaton on top of Saber unleashing heavy punches.

Rd. 3 – Both fighters were very cautious in the start of the last and final round. Saber scored another take down but there was not enough activity from her. Referee Oliver Coste resets them on their feet. Saber immediately went for the take down and and got it but Julaton exploded and got the reversal straight to the full mount position. Crowd went nuts as the Filipina warrior unleashes heavy shots from the top. Saber failed to intelligently protect herself from Julaton’s ground and pound that made the referee to stop the fight.

Julaton def. Saber via 3rd rd. TKO
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Gianni Subba (3-0) vs. Eugene Toquero (4-1)

Subba vs Toquero – It was a feeling out process for both fighters in the first couple minutes until Toquero accidentally kicked Subba in the groin area. Referee gave Subba enought time to recover. It was Toquero:s striking that made the difference in the first round.

2nd Rd. – Subba came out strong in the second round as he scored a take down and unleashed nasty elbows from the top. Two min. Left when Toquero scored a reversal and and connected his own ground and pound before the second rd. Ends.

Rd 3 – Toquero stayed aggressive in the last round throwing leg kicks after another. Subba fought hard until the end but it was Toquero’s striking that gave him the huge edge over the 21 year old Subba.

Toquero wins via UD.

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Jujeath ‘Bad Girl’ Nagaowa (0-0) vs. Jeet Toshi (2-1)

Jujeath Nagaowa vs. Jeet Toshi:
Rd 1 – Nagoawa and Toshi started the night with good exchanges on the feet but the Baguio native Nagaowa seemed to get the early lead after scoring two taked downs ans controlled Toshi on her back throwing heavy punches from the top.

Rd. 2 – The second round was all about Nagaowa’s boxing. She bombards Toshi’s body and face with powerful punches. After a minute anfld thirty seconds, referee Oliver Coste decided to stop the bout as Toshi failed to protect herself from Nagaowa’s onslought.

Nagaowa def. Toshi via 2nd Rd. TKO

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