ONE FC 17 live stream info, results and updates

Adriano Moraes vs Kosuke Suzuki, Fransino Tirta vs Sami Amin
Adriano Moraes vs Kosuke Suzuki, Fransino Tirta vs Sami Amin

ONE FC 17 takes place on June 14, 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Headlining will be Adriano Moraes versus Kosuke Suzuki, plus Fransino Tirta returns to MMA and fights in his own country.

June 14, 2014
Mata Elang International Stadium
Jakarta, Indonesia

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#9 – Adriano Moraes (10-1) vs Kosuke Suzuki (10-3-2)

Moraes shoots and Suzuki defends but Moraes still has him down against the cage. Suzuki looks for a kimura even though he’s on his back and Moraes keeps control of his hips. Moraes spins around out of it and Suzuki transitions to arm bar. Moraes inside half guard with one arm trapped in an arm triangle. Moraes makes it to mount but moves to side. Suzuki is busy and stands out. And nobody applauds. Suzuki locks a guillotine and More as fireman throws for a takedown. Moraes lets him out, Suzuki scrambles up and gets kicked in the face. Moraes with a double leg to mount and an instant arm triangle which he lets go of just as the bell rings. Fantastic first.

Rd 2. Cautious opening with Moraes backpedaling. More as flying knee fake to shoot. He gets a takedown but Suzuki reverses yet still ends on bottom position. Suzuki shoots and Moraes grabs for a guillotine. Suzuki tries to take the back with Moraes kneeling. More as slips out and spins to take Suzuki back into bottom position. Suzuki looks for the kimura. Now Suzuki does the reversal switch to stand out and pressure against the cage. Ref breaks. Moraes with the takedown yet again. Suzuki defends with guillotine, they get back to standing and Moraes lands knees.

Round 3. Moraes with a huge double. Suzuki ends the scramble once again with half guard. Moraes sinks the arm triangle.

Adriano Moraes defeats Kosuke Suzuki by Submission, arm triangle, rd 3


#8 – Fransino Tirta (15-0-1) vs Sami Amin (4-1)

Tirta rolls into the stadium 30 deep. The newly appointed blackbelt takes down and taps out a hapless kick boxer in a minute 10.

Fransino Tirta defeats Sami Amin by Submission, RNC, rd 1


#7 – Geje Eustaquio (5-2) vs Kentaro Watanabe (10-4)

Both fighters are tentative, there’s a flyweight contender opportunity riding on the outcome. Watanabe strikes first and with one punch wobbles Eustaquio. Watanabe follows up with a few more that hurt him. He lets him recover for another minute, then starts zeroing in on the Filipino again. Ref calls for action. Watanabe has good high guard, so Eustaquio tries kicks. More heavy hands from Watanabe. Watabe controls the distance for the remainder of the first.

Round 2. Eustaquio tries a flurry of his own, ducking. He lands low kicks and grows confidence. Watanabe still has his sights set on a KO. Accidental groin kick sets Watanabe on the sidelines for a take 5. Eustaquio starts to come alive with more kicks and single punches. Watanabe skirting, darting in and out. Watanabe has fast fast reflexes. Nice technical scrap by both.

Round 3. Eustaquio getting a little more frenetic and Watanabe looking to counter hard. Eustaqui starts picking it up a bit and he lands a big one! Watanabe seems more willing to get inside after that, strange reaction but maybe he smells a finish. At two minutes to go they start seining for each other, and the final minute heats up even more. Watanabe wants inside but now Eustaquio is not letting him. Watanabe tries a spinning backlist. Watanabe goes for a finish at the end but Eustaquio s slippery.

Geje Eustaquio defeats Kentaro Watanabe by UD


#6 – Mahmoud Salama (4-4) vs Aung La N Sang (14-9)

A patient NSang waits out Salama’s chunky barrage to land one that rocks him. NSang with the TD and surprisingly Salama reverses. Nsang undercooks and powers him back over, and in mount throws really hard punches that KO Salama.

Aung La N Sang defeats Mahmoud Salama by TKO, rd 1


#5 – Yohan Mulia Legowo (7-2) vs Ev Ting (6-2)

Ting controlling the center and looking for a Thai clinch for inside strikes. Ting kicks, Legowo takes his ankle. Legowo starts going on the offense. Ting kicks and Legowo takes him down. Legowo from side to mount but Ting gets half and scrambles up. Only to kick and fall back down. Ting undercooks against the cage, lifts and throws Legowo. Legowo head kicks off his back. Yuji lets him stand. Ting with a huge knee and follows it up with punches in bunches. Legowo is dazed. Legowo smells blood and as Legowo goes down he knees him in the face.

Ev Ting defeats Yohan Mulia Legowo by TKO, rd 1


#4 – Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke (0-0) vs Joseph Omana (0-0)

Holy chokes! “Rong” as the call him comes out blasting as if he’s in the final round of a Lumpini Championship. He lands a couple of heavy kicks and Omana does the right thing by shooting. Rong grabs guard, and then just ties up Oman’s arms. Yuji stands them. Omana shoots again, and gets a nice double by the ankles. Omana stands out and Rong gets up. Omana shoots again, holds on desperately for a single leg, and as Rong stands out, he goes for a soccer kick and misses. Rong defends the TD with elbows to the head. Omana goes down and tries to defend but eats everything Rong feeds him.

Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke defeats Joseph Omana by TKO, rd 1


#3 – Gianni Subba (3-1) vs Ruel Catalan (2-4)

Subba goes straight in for the body lock and throws Catalan, who gets up. But Subba throws him back down and lands in mount. Catalan hugs and tries to spin out, Subba sinks a choke. Catalan turtles and defends so SUbba rolls him over. Catalan twists into guard while Subba tries to stand, and he gets a takedown in the process. Subba goes for an arm bar. Subba gets a tight triangle. Catalan seems to think he can wait his way out of it. Subba ends the round with ground and pound.

Rd 2. Subba goes for the clinch. As he tries to take Catalan away from the cage, it’s Catalan who reverses for the throw. Subba cranks on the triangle again and Catalan punches back repeatedly. A few elbows and cranked on harder and Subba gets the tap.

Gianni Subba defeats Ruel Catalan by Submission, triangle, rd 2


#2 – Zuli Silawanto (6-7) vs Mohammad Sotounzadeh (0-0)

Barbod has fancy TKD footwork. He rocks Silawanto who drops and scrambles for a single leg. Barbod looks to take his back, sinks some choke attempts, Silawanto recovers guard and tries to climb up for a submission so Barbod lifts and slams him. Silowanto is out before Barbod can land two more punches to the face.

Mohammad Sotounzadeh defeats Zuli Silawanto by TKO, rd 1


#1 – Desi Rahayu (0-0) vs (0-1) Ella Tang (0-1)

Both women come out with tentative striking testing then engage. Rahayu with a nice judo throw and she uses the take down to work for several arm bar attempts. Tang kicks to the head and gets out and up. Again they engage and Rahayu with strikes, Tang counters with a rib kick and right down the shoot. Rahayu with another takedown to top mount and hammerfists to the end of the round.

Rd 2. Some slow and tired striking, Rahayu gets the hip throw again. She goes for the arm bar and hammerfists to sink it. But again Tang defends well and recovers to half guard. Rahayu escapes it and looks for an armlock. She opts for elbows to the face, moves to north-south then back to side control then to mount as the bell sounds.

Round 3. Tang backpedals and trips, Rahayu assaults and clinches. Rahayu has it down and is in top position again. Tang is covering up and Rahayu looks to pressure and land short shots to the ribs and elbows to the face. With one minute left, ref stands it and Rahayu clinches again. Rahayu drops for a double, gives it up and Tang goes for a half-hearted head kick.

Desi Rahayu defeats Ella Tang by UD


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