ONE FC 18 “War of Dragons” in Taiwan full coverage


ONE FC 18 – War of Dragons takes place in Taipei, Taiwan on July 11, 2014. Fan favorite Eric Kelly and finishing artist Rob Lisita top the card.

Legend FC Lightweight belt holder Koji Ando will face undefeated Rafael Nunes. Massively talented grappler Yusup Saadulaev is back to face former ONE FC title challenger Koetsu Okazaki. Taiwanese Paul Cheng gets to fight in his native country against Mahmoud Hassan.

Plus, wrestling sensation Jake Butler takes on very tough Cage Warriors fighter Mohamed Ali. Also giants Chi Lewis Parry and Alain Ngalani will get back in the cage to finish what they started before an accidental groin shot.

Three more Taiwanese fighters grace the card as Ming Yen Sung takes on Singapore’s Nick Lee, Zhang Zheng Jie faces Rayner Kinsiong, and Jeff Huang meets kick boxer Bala Shetty.

Live PPV for $9.99USD at Livesport.

July 11, 2014
National Taiwan University Sports Center
Taipei, Taiwan

PLAY BY PLAY and RESULTS for each mach linked below:

#10 – Eric Kelly (10-1) vs Rob ‘Ruthless’ Lisita (14-5)

Lisita opens up with punches, Kelly clinches with knees. Lisita looks for the single, Kelly defends and eats a knee. Lisita is looking for the head control. Kelly tries to shoot and Lisita holds the head, lets go, stands. Kelly rises for a throw, back to standing. Lisita underhooks him over to his back. Kelly looks for a triangle, Lisita kicks at his downed opponent. A scramble and they stand, Lisita goes in, gets a groin shot. Time stop. Restart, Lisita with the single leg. Lisita goes back for a heel hook. Kelly goes 50/50, postures up and punches Lisita! Lisita recovers inside guard. Kelly goes for the back at a minute left! He goes for a choke, no arms in, and Lisita stands out of it. The two clinch and trade on the inside, Lisita with dirty boxing and lands rights.

Round 2. Kelly lands first, but Lisita counters over the top. Kelly tries to drop low, Lisita stuffs and takes the back. Kelly’s nose is pouring blood now. Lisita slips off the top and Kelly goes for the back! Ref time stops for the doc to look at Kelly’s nose. Lisita stays in the center, expecting a restart there? Yes! Lisita powers out and gets a head kick! Kelly gets the outside leg trip. Kelly with another take down but risks the bottom and Lisita ends in side control. Lisita has underhooks and throws knees to the face. Kelly rolls and Lisita has the back again, but slippery and Kelly gets out to mount! Lisita turns out of it, and Kelly also scrambles to the back, takes the choke! Lisita taps!

Eric Kelly defeats Rob Lisita by Submission, rd 2, 3:42





#9 – Koji ‘The Commander’ Ando (8-3-2) vs Rafael ‘Indio’ Nunes (10-0)

Ando takes the center of the cage, Nunes threatens with a level change. Nunes with a high kick, Ando cuts the ring. Nunes shoots, Ando drops onto the back, looks for a kimura. Ando gets the choke!

Koji Ando defeats Rafael Nunes by Submission, RNC, rd 1, 1:41




#8 – Koetsu Okazaki (9-3) vs Yusup ‘Maestro’ Saadulaev (12-3-1)

Saadulaev opens with kicks. He goes in with punches and Okazaki gets undercooks but it’s Saadulaev with the takedown. Okazaki looks to throw up a sub but Saadulaev transitions to north south then back to side. Okazaki recovers half guard and walks up the cage to separate! Okazaki with the right that lands. Saadulaev shoots but Okazaki slips it to take half guard from behind, twister style. Saadulaev pops out to side control. Okazaki recovers deep half so Saadulaev stands out of it. Okazaki grabs for a heel! Saadulaev works back around and Okazaki maintains deep half. Saadulaev grabs for an arm triangle! Okazaki positions out of it. Saadulaev ends the round pressuring from the top.

Round 2. Okazaki opens up ith punches, stuffs a takedown, but can’t stave off the inevitable. Okazaki in deep half and Saadulaev turns and gives up his back, but grabs a kimura. Okazaki gets mount, steps out of the kimura. Okazaki stands, Saadulaev with ankle grab takedown. Okazauki stands, lands punches to Saadulaev’s face! Saadulaev is dazed, but grabs up for an inverted triangle! Okazaki grabs for his own triangle! Saadulaev rolls out! But he gives up his back! Okazaki takes the back and starts to punch. ANd the ref finally steps in when Saadulaev is flattened!

Koetsu Okazaki defeats Yusup Saadulaev by TKO, rd 2 4:21




#7 – Jake Butler (3-1) vs Mohamed ‘Felx’ Ali (9-6)

Butler takes the center of the cage. Throws a jab. Ali with a left that almost plants Butler, Butler shoots, Ali with the knee. Ali stuffs the shoot again. Third time’s the charm and Butler gets it to the canvas. Ali with the guillotine and Butler is in side control. Ali recovers half guard. Butler throws some short elbows. Ali returns with punches from the bottom. Butler keeps the pressure, alternates with posturing up and punching. Butler opens up with more cutting elbows at the end of the round.

Round 2. Ali’s cheek is cut. Butler with a teep. Butler shoots long and Ali grabs the head while attempting to defend. Butler has side control and lands elbows even in the guillotine, then pops out. Ali throwing knees from the bottom. Butler using more sharp elbows, huge pressure on top. He keeps up the elbows and knees to the bell.

Round 3. Butler shoots, gets it down, mounts and starts throwing punches. Ali is defending well for about a minute, but the ref calls it.

Jake Butler defeats Mohamed Ali by TKO, rd 3, 1:21





#6 – Paul ‘Typhoon’ Cheng (4-1) vs Mahmoud ‘Hellboy’ Hassan (1-3)

Both men race in to exchange and Cheng takes three to the chin. He puts Hassan on the canvas, and Hassan grabs his head in defense. From half guard Cheng tries to punch his way out. Then he pries Hassan’s hand off. Cheng passes to side. Cheng repeatedly warned for fingers in the face. From side Cheng punches, starts throwing knees. Hassan just looks to hang on. Cheng doesn’t take advantage of any of the positions Hassan gives up, until he finally turns his back. Cheng punches as Hassan covers. Cheng punches right to the bell.

Cheng’s eye is completely shut but they still let it continue into the second round. Hassan knocks Cheng down and tries a knee, Cheng tries to counter for a take down but, Hassan studs it. Ref calls the doc for Hassan, but not Cheng? Fight is resumed. Cheng falls in for a double and is able to flip Hassan over. Hassan grabs Cheng’s head in defense again. Cheng pulls out. Cheng has side control and puts the forearm on Hassan’s face. He gets mount and rains down limp slow punches. Hassan gives up plenty of arms but Cheng takes none of them.

Hassan can’t stand and the ref calls it.

Paul Cheng defeats Mahmoud Hassan by retirement, rd 2


#5 – Chi Lewis ‘Chopper’ Parry (5-0) vs Alain ‘The Panther’ Ngalani (1-1)

Good respectful entrance by both. A clash is loud and Ngalani throws out the kicks. Parry comes in with a combo. They push out of the clinch. Parry looks to throw but Ngalani beats him with an inside leg trip and he mounts! Parry holds on and Ngalani pounds on him anyway. Ngalanai then looks for a choke, but he only has one arm in and Parry reverses him. Now Gnalani with the clinch and Parry working the body. Ngalani tries to sit up but Parry pressures. Ngalani sits up and goes for a guillotine by Parry won’t let him. Parry works body and head, then lands an elbow for the KO.

Chi Lewis Parry defeats Alain Ngalani by KO, rd 1, 4:11




#4 – Ming Yen ‘Sam’ Sung (2-1) vs Nick ‘Diaz’ Lee (2-1)

Immediate clinch and Sung does an immediate thrilling head toss toss. Stuffs Lee over again and works to mount. Sung gets the guillotine and Lee taps.

Ming Yen Sung defeats Nick Lee by Submission, guillotine, rd 1, 1:10





#3 – Jeff Huang (3-1) vs Bala Shetty (0-0)

Shetty opens with leg kicks. He finds his distance and goes in with a combo. Shetty clinches and gets a headlock on Huang and takes him down. Huang waits it out to take the back, but he lets Shetty up. Shetty stands, starts in again, and gets the drag down from clinch. Off his back, Huang up kicks. Shetty tries to go down and ends up giving a foot to Huang. Shetty tries for his own heel hook, Huang recovers to take the back. They stand, Huang lands a shot that drops Shetty, he follows him down and pounds on body and head until the ref jumps in.

Jeff Huang defeats Bala Shetty by TKO, rd 1, 3:20





#2 – Eliot Corley (1-2) vs Rayner ‘King Karabaw’ Kinsiong (2-0)

Corley comes out with nice knees. Kinsiong gauging distance. Kinsiong catches a kick and lands a right over the top. Corley continues with the kicks and goes in, Kinsiong is wobbled, Corley continues the onslaught to get the finish by a right elbow on the nose.

Eliot Corley defeats Rayner Kinsiong by TKO, rd 1, 1:37




#1 – Nathan Ng (0-0) vs Florian Garel (2-3)

Ng has a kung fu and BJJ background, while Garel is a karate black belt.

Ng takes the center, and Garel opens up with a kick. Ng goes in and rocks Garel with a one-two, sitting him on his butt. Ng goes for a headlock, follows Garel down and passes guard to get a choke from north-south.

Nathan Ng defeats Florian Garel by Submission, rd 1