ONE FC 19 play by play: Featherweight Championship Koji Oishi vs Jadamba Narantungalag

ONE FC 19 FM title Koji Oishi vs Jadamba Narantungalag
ONE FC 19 FM title Koji Oishi vs Jadamba Narantungalag

ONE FC 19 takes place in Dubai, UAE on August 29, 2014. Three title fights make for a stacked card for the Singapore-based promotion’s first Dubai foray.

At Featherweight, the Championship will be contested by two-time defending Koji Oishi against former Legend FC Champ Jadamba Narantungalag.

Round 1: Jadamba takes the center and edges in. Oishi skirts. They literally mirror each other. Jadamba tests distance with kicks, comes in with a noncommittal double. Oishi with a nice left hook. Jadamba rushes the clinch to the cage, huge tie up and he throws Oishi down, but Oishi recovers quickly. Jadamba has back control but Oishi not letting him secure it. Jadamba picks for a sweep, tries a drag down. Oishi smartly facing the cage. Oishi turns into Jadamba. Jadamba reverses him. Round ends.

Round 2: Faster-paced footwork indicates something is going to explode. Jadamba edges in, finally Oishi comes to the center after being warned. Jadamba still the busier with punches. Jadambas rock em sock em comes in and Oishi counters but goes down, he turles and defends, Jadamba throws knees to the head! Oishi works his way up and Jadamba takes his back. A WTF moment, now Oishi’s on top, in guard. Jadamba goes for subs from the bottom, looks to sweep, gets to half guard. Round ends.

Round 3: Same game, Jadamba looking to strike a bit earlier now that he’s closed up Oishi’s left eye. Jadamba comes in with the combos but Oishi happy to bob and weave, throwing nothing back. Huge overhand right by Oishi goes nowhere. Oishi with a kick. He has thrown absolutely nothing through th first half of the 3rd round. Oishi’s overhand nails Jadamba! Gets him on the run! Oishi comes in, Jadamba returns a knee! Jadamba working outside combos, head kick! Spinning back kick!

Round 4. Jadamba shoots! Underhooks Oishi and gets a high crotch single but nothing comes of it. Jadamba does back in with combos, lands the double, tightens down on Oishi to take the back again. But Oishi cage walks! Separated. Clashes and both land with jabs and singles. Oishi’s left hook finds a home, Jadamba’s uppercut does too. Jadamba with the clinch to cage. Separated. Jadamba low kick, Oishi returns a hook.

Round 5. Jadamba goes in and Oishi reruns pinpoint accuracy! Jadamba lands a straight right. Trading back and forth. Jadamba shoots! Oishi turtles? Jadamba gets the back! Goes for a headlock! Punches from side control. Oishi does nothing to defend the punches. Works to back control! Jadamba explodes and spins back! Oishi turtles and Jadamba throws knees to finish the round.

Jadamba Narantungalag defeats Koji Oishi by UD

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