ONE FC 19 play by play for all non-title events on August 24, 2014 in Dubai



ONE FC 19 takes place in Dubai, UAE on August 29, 2014. Three title fights make for a stacked card for the Singapore-based promotion’s first Dubai foray.

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August 29, 2014
World Trade Centre
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Live broadcast on FOX Sports (check local listings)
Live stream at 18:00 DubaiST at


#9 – Lightweight Championship
Shinya Aoki vs Kamal Shalorus Live play by play here.


#8 – Welterweight Championship
Nobutatsu Suzuki vs Ben Askren
Live play by play here.


#7 – Featherweight Championship
Koji Oishi vs Jadamba Narantungalag
Live play by play here.


#6 – Lightweight
Roger Huerta vs Christian Holley

Huerta gets the kick and jockeys it down. Back to standing and the two trade, Holley gets a great double leg and Huearta beautifully muscles over and out of it to end in half guard. Great position and he throws knees. And Knees. And knees. Holley turtles. Huerta pounds, Yuji jumps in.

Result: Roger Huerta defeats Christian Holley by KO, rd 1


#5 – Light Heavyweight
James McSweeney vs Cristiano Kaminishi

Cautious start from the two big men. McSweeny assaults with a body fake and a right, Kaminishi stumbles down, Mcsweeny kicks hims in the head, KOing him.

Result: James McSweeney defeats Cristiano Kaminishi by KO, rd 1


#4 – Featherweight
Herbert Burns vs Hiroshige Tanaka

Rd 1. Testy opening. Burn goes in with kicks and punches, works Tanaka down against the cage. Tanaka gets back to standing but Burns keeps the undertook and pressure. Burns unloads an elbow. Tanaka turns him. Separated. Burns goes in with punches, gets a body lock and a trip. Burns Takes the back, gets body lock, tries for a choke and Tanaka pulls it off. Tanaka reverses to stand at the end of the round.

Rd 2. Tanaka lands a crisp left, Burns returns with a right and knocks down Tanaka! He recovers, turns Burns against the cage. Tight shots inside and Burns gets the best with elbows and knees. Burns gets a huge double leg. Burns keeps Tanaka motionless, Tanaka with his back against the cage tries to avoid going flat against the canvas. Burns stands out and lands a knee to the face, but Tanaka stands!

Rd 3. High kick by Burns opens it. Bunrs goes in with a flurry. They jockey against the cage. Tanaka sees Burns go down, but Yuji stands them quickly? Tanaka blasts with a one-two! But Burns walks forward. Tanaka smells blood and goes for a barrage! Burns is hurt and dives for a protective TD, gets it and muscles to mount. Tanaka stays against the cage and tries to work up. Burns stands out at the end of the round and throws knees.

Result: Herbert Burns defeats Hiroshige Tanaka by UD


#3 – Catchweight
Vaughn Donayre vs Mohamad Walid

Walid comes out on a tear, knocks down Donayre a few times, takes him down, mounts, and rips off an arm bar.

Result: Mohamad Walid defeats Vaughn Donayre by Submission, Armbar, rd 1


#2 – Flyweight
Ali Yaakub vs Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke

“Rong” is Sor Amnuaysirichoke’s team name. First round, beautiful striking from both, but Rong’s elbows and knees are nuts. He gets the takedown to mount, tries a little GnP, then goes for a choke when Ali give up his back.

Result: Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke defeats Ali Yaakub by Submission, RNC, rd 1


#1 – Women’s Flyweight
Ana Julaton vs Ann Osman

Osman takes the fight down. Osman attacks with an arm bar and Julaton is saved by the bell. Osman mounts in the second, earns herself another round. In the third, Julaton rocks Osman. Julaton in mount does good work. Julaton sweeps! From inside guard she looks for ground and pound. Osman tries to put on a triangle, but she’s too preoccupied with the pounding and doesn’t do anything with it.

Result: Ann Osman defeats Ana Julaton by Split Decision