ONE FC 20 live results and updates from Cambodia

ONE FC Flyweight champ Adriano Moraes
ONE FC Flyweight champ Adriano Moraes

ONE FC 20 takes place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on September 12, 2014. Here are the live results from the event which features the inaugural Flyweight Championship between Adriano Moraes and Geje Eustaquio.

September 17, 2014
Koh Pich Theatre
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

#10 – Flyweight Championship
Adriano Moraes vs. Geje Eustaquio

Eustaquio has a strong contingent of Filipinos supporting here at this fight. He walked in aplomb.

Round 1 – Moraes used his reach to advantage by starting off with roundhouse kicks and punches, putting Eustaquio on the defensive. Eustaquio was guarded with his moves and was clearly timing his chances with Moraes. Moraes tried to takedown Eustaquio but the latter defended and delivered a series of knees.

Round 2 – Again Moraes displayed more aggressiveness with his kicks and punches while Eustaquio defended the blows to time his chances. The opportunity did come when Eustaquio threw a series of left and right hooks at Moraes which caught him by surprise. While Moraes responded with some low kicks, Eustaquio delivered high push kicks. Moraes saw it as an opportunity to takedown Eustaquio and won the Flyweight belt in the second round through a quickly implemented guillotine chokes.

Moraes’ said of the battle, “Its the most amazing moment of my life.”

Adriano Moraes defeats Geje Eustaquio by Submission, guillotine, rd 2

#9 – Lightweight
Caros Fodor vs. Vincent Latoel

Caros started the fight calmed and composed, timing his chances with Vincent Latoel who served a eerie of aggressive kicks as expected with his KI champion’s background.

True to Caros’ wrestling strength, he took Vincent to the ground and pinned him then threw a series of punches. Vincent quickly regained dominance when he reversed Caros. However, Caros would not relent and got Vincent back into position beneath him and ended round 1 with blows to Vincent’s head.

In round 2, Vincent again demonstrated his K-1 with his aggressive kicks and punches. He then attempted to takedown Caros but Caros denied him and delivered a series of right hooks before himself taking the fight to the ground. Caros put his wrestling skills to good use and dominated the entire 2nd round by pinning Vincent to the canvas and alternating with punches. With 30 seconds left in the second, Caros finally slapped on a choke.

Caros Fodor defeats Vincent Latoel by Submission, RNC, rd 2

#8 – Featherweight Grand Prix Final
Prak Chansin vs Sam Ang Dun

Chan Rothana started the fight with a flying kick but Sam Ang Dun took that as an open invitation for a takedown. Most of round 1 was played on the ground as Chan Rothana attempted to show that he was just as strong a grappler in addition to his striking skills. From a stand up, Chan Rothana rushed Sam and got him down, then landed an illegal stomp to Sam’s face forcing the referee to stop the fight.

A red card was given to Chan Rothana, so Sam Ang Dun was crowned the Featherweight Grand Prix champion by disqualification.

After they exited the cage fight almost ensued offstage between the cornermen.

Sam Ang Dun defeats Chan Rothana by DQ, illegal stomp, rd 1

#7 – Lightweight
Suasday Chau vs. Arnaud Lepont

Wow… the Cambodian crowd gave Suasday Chau a standing ovation during his walkout.

The announcer did not announce Suasday as Australian… but as “from Cambodia”. When the announcer introduced Arnaud, a big section of the crowd booed him – nationalistic pride.

Suasday tried to take Arnaud down but Arnaud remained firm and took Suasday down instead, stomping Suasday in the head after raining kicks and punches at him, and causing an uproar amongst the crowd. The referee stopped the fight at that point. Suasday came back to the fight after a temporary reprieve, and the referee served Arnaud a yellow card.

Arnaud took Suasday down again and rained a series of punches at him, and won through a KO within the first round.

Arnaud Lepont defeats Suasday Chau by TKO, rd 1

#6 – Bantamweight
Radeem Rahman vs. Sung Ming Yen

Radeem’s quote “ This fight is going to be mine, not his. I will want to finish in the first round”

Sung’s quote “ I am just going to do my best and if there is a KO, that’s how I want to finish”

Sung Ming Yen seemed to be the stronger fighter and demonstrated aggressive striking skills which put Radeem on the defensive. Radeem took Sung to the ground but Sung turned the position around to his favour, managing to fight to standing again. Radeem tried to take him down for the second time before the bell rang to end round 1.

In round 2, Sung still dominated with his punches and round house kicks, even causing Radeem to trip backwards. Radeem then forced the game to the ground but Sung was quick to make it a stand up fight again. Throughout the 2nd round, it was obvious Sung was fighting for points, taking every opportunity to deliver knees, kicks and punches.

In round 3, the fight pretty much looked to be a striking war but Sung forced Radeem down to the ground twice, then cheekily beckoned him to stand up knowing that the latter was losing steam. Sung proved that he could also pay a ground game well by taking Radeem down again and dominating him throughout the rest of the fight through his change in game plan.

Sung Ming Yen defeats Radeem Rahman by Unanimous Decision.

#5 – Featherweight
Meas Meu vs. Chan Heng

Meas Meau is a Kun Khmer expert, therefore a striking specialist. Heng earned his reputation as submission specialist.

Although Chan Heng is known for his grappling, it was Meau that brought the game to the ground and dominated throughout the first round. Meau rained a series of knees and punches against his opponent and cut him above the right brow and then earned a KO.

Meas Meu defeats Chan Heng by KO, rd 1

#4 – Featherweight
Amir Khan vs. Jian Kai Chee

Jian Kai Chee is famous for his lightning fast left hooks. Amir Khan is making his debut with ONE FC.

Amir Khan’s strong striking surprised Jiian Kai Chee and stumbled him backwards. Amir was quick to follow up with a takedown and landed a series of punches. Chee escaped but not for long before Amir sent him back to the ground with a powerful knee and then choked him out.

Amir Khan vdefeats Jian Kai Chee by TKO, rd 1

#3 -Featherweight Grand Prix Semi-finals
Chin Heng vs Sam Ang Dun

Chin Heng started the fight with clearly the stronger grappling skills. He got Sam Ang Dun with a takedown right from the start, but Sam Ang Dun reversed to the top and tried to work for an arm bar, then changed to rain down punches down at him and the ref jumped in.

Sam Ang Dun defeats Chin Heng by TKO, rd 1

#2 – Featherweight Grand Prix Semi-finals
Chan Rothana vs. Prak Chansin

Chan Rothana is a Yutakhon Khom expert. His quote was, “I want to win because I want the world to see what Yutakun Khom is.”

Prak Chansin is a Kun Khmer expert who has very strong grappling skills.

Prak Chansin got Chan Rothana down at the start of the fight after deflecting Chan Rothana’s kicks. When Chan Rothana scrambled to his feet, he rendered a swiss of flying kicks at Prak Chansin and in turn took the latter to the ground, raining punches on him.

Chan Rothana defeats Prak Chansin by TKO, first round

#1 – Women’s Catchweight
Tharoth Sam vs. Vy Srey Chai

Srey Chai started off fight with a kick demonstrating her striking skills, but Tharoth Sam took her down within 5 seconds and landed ground and pound.

Tharoth Sam defeats Vy Srey Chai by submission to strikes, rd 1