ONE FC 21 live updates and results from Marat Gafurov vs Rob Lisita in Malaysia

ONE FC 21 Marat Gafurov vs Rob Lisita
ONE FC 21 Marat Gafurov vs Rob Lisita

ONE FC 21 took place at Stadium Putra on Friday, October 17. Here are the results and play by play from tonight’s event.


October 17, 2014
Stadium Putra
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#9 – Featherweight bout:

Marat Gafurov (65.8 kg /145 lbs) VS Rob Lisita (65.7 kg /145 lbs)

Gafurov with a head kick that drops Lisita! Gafurov goes for the back choke. He puts Lisita face down, and Lisita taps!

Marat Gafurov defeats Rob Lisita by Submission, RNC, rd 1, 1:08

Gafurov defeats Lisita
Gafurov defeats Lisita
Gafurov defeats Lisita
Gafurov defeats Lisita

#8 – Lightweight bout:
Vaughn Donayre (70.0 kg /154 lbs) VS Peter Davis (70.3 kg /155 lbs)

Donayre with nice counters to Davis’ immediate attack. Doynare catches kick and lands a right on the chin. Davis’ nose already bloody. Davis with the takedown, Donayre comes out the back, but gets caught in the guillotine. Donayre slowly looks to pass to side and out. He makes it out, into half guard, looks for an americana. Davis recovers guard. As Donayre steps out, Davis lands up kicks. Davis tries for a guillotine, Davis ankle picks and sweeps to mount! He pounds out Donayre with elbows!

Peter Davis defeats Vaughn Donayre by TKO, rd 1, 4:50

Davis defeats Donayre
Davis defeats Donayre

#7 – Featherweight bout:
Edward Kelly (65.0 kg /143 lbs) VS Ev Ting (65.8 kg /145 lbs)

Ting shoots it against the cage. Kelly has a headlock, Ting waits and finds a takedown, Kelly keeps the head and undercooks. Kelly cakewalks up, maintaining the head and underhooks. Ting gets another takedown an this time gets out of the headlock. Ref breaks. Ting ducks and barrels in. Kelly crisply counters. Ting with a right, Kelly with a head kick! Kelly with a nice left and right body ice, this time he gets Ting against the cage.

Round 2. Ting opens with a body kick and shoot to the cage. Ting tries for the throw. Ting throws an elbow as he backs off. Ting kicks out Kelly’s leg, Kelly counters with a right. Ting with a knee and audible punches! Kelly has the underhooks and head again with his back against the cage. Ref breaks. Ting goes in with another wallop and cage force. Ref breaks. Ting goes in with punches, Kelly misses a head kick. Ting with another nice left body kick. Kelly still looking for that head kick. Ting gets the head kick KO!

Ev Ting defeats Edward Kelly by KO, head kick, rd 2, 4:28

Ting defeats Kelly
Ting defeats Kelly


#6 – Women’s Flyweight bout:
Aya Saeid Saber (56.5 kg /125 lbs) VS Ann Osman (56.4 kg /124 lbs)

Osman and Saber ping in the center of the cage. Osman strikes frequently, Saber looks for her distance and counters. Osman brings Saber down and takes side control, lands knees and hammerfists. Osman takes mount, rapidly fires off punches. Saber tries to bridge but Osman is way too active with here strikes. Osman lands consecutive elbows to get the referee stoppage.

Ann Osman defeats Aya Saeid Saber by TKO, rd 1, 3:15

Osman defeats Saber
Osman defeats Saber


#5 – Featherweight bout:
Tanaphong KhunhanKaew (65.7 kg /145 lbs) VS Bashir Ahmad (65.8 kg /145 lbs)

Ahmad assauts and Khun is forced to get in and clinch to recover. Khun abandons a back take in favor of a standing kimura. Ahmad puts him onto the canvas and transitions out of it. Sporadic poundage from Ahmad. Khun’s looking for and omoplata but Ahmad transitions to north south and then looks for a guillotine! Ahmad gets mount! Ahmad throw some punches and Khun opts to turn into it. Ahmad continues his ground and pound. Ahmad looks for a choke towards the final minute. Khun fights it, Ahmad softens him with punches. Ahmad gets the tap!

Bashir Ahmad defeats Tanaphong KhunhanKaew by Submission, RNC, rd 1, 4:38

Ahmad defeats KhunhanKaew
Ahmad defeats KhunhanKaew


#4 – Flyweight bout:
Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke (56.4 kg /124 lbs) VS Saiful Merican (56.6 kg/125 lbs)

Feinting by both. Merican goes for the takedown and gets it, Choke recovers guard, slips legs up for triangle attempts. Merican pressures, gets stood. Choke kicks, Merican with TD again, creative single leg trip. Choke defends but ends on his back again, grabbing guard. Another stand up. Merican shoots, Choke lands a knee as he fails, gets up. Choke gets the drag down, both stood. Choke getting out some kicks now. They start to trade, Choke lands hard kicks, Merican returns one down the shoot. Merican ends the round with a takedown.

Round 2. Merican takes some big kicks, slips a huge head kick by scrambling down! Choke follows him down with pounding. They stand and trade, Merican puts Choke down with a push kicks and follows him down, but a scramble sees Merican lose a heel hook attempt and Choke works around to an arm bar.

Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke defeats Saiful Merican by Submission, armbar, rd 2, 2:12

Amnuaysirichoke defeats Merican
Amnuaysirichoke defeats Merican


#3 – Bantamweight bout:
Stephen Langdown (60.9 kg /134 lbs) VS Raymond Tan (60.9 kg /134 lbs)

Raymond Tan rocks out with his BJJ blue belt draped around his neck. Tan takes the center and Langdown skirts. Tan bides his time to work a nice barrage of punches and kicks, all land. Tan controls the cage time. Langdown comes in and gets clipped. Tan grabs him again, rushes against the cage. Langdown works the elbows, Tan gets slowly dropped as he’s working for a takedown. Tan misses it, Langdown land a knee, Tan goes down, and Langdown finishes with a soccer kick.

Stephen Langdown defeats Raymond Tan by KO, rd 1, 2:28



#2 – Bantamweight bout:
Anatpong Bunrad (61.2 kg /135 lbs) VS Marc Marcellinus (61.2 kg /135 lbs)

Bunrad push kicks Marcellinus to the ground and finishes him with a soccer kick.

Anatpong Bunrad defeats Marc Marcellinus by KO, Soccer Kick, rd 1, 0:26


#1 – Welterweight bout:
Hisham Hiba (76.5 kg /169 lbs) VS Barbod (76.6 kg /169 lbs)

Barbod attempts his fancy kicks and lands big takedowns throughout the first round. However the tide rapidly turns in the second as Hiba nails a sweep and from the top pounds until he gets the TKO.

Hesham Hiba defeats Mohammad Sotounzadeh by TKO, rd 2, 1:02