ONE FC 25 live play by play and results



ONE FC 25 results
ONE FC 25 results

ONE FC 25 takes place on March 13, 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Here are the live play by play and results for the event.

March 13, 2015
Stadium Putra
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Live stream: 8:00PM Malay time
10:30PM Malay time TV9 Di Hatiku

#8 – Lightweight
Peter Davis
Rajinder Singh Meena

Davis goes for the high kick and Meena sees it, grabs it for a single leg. But Davis easily transitions to the back. Meena rolls into it. Davis scoots under his underarms and Meena holds on for dear life as Davis tries to land elbows. Which he does and finally the ref calls it.

Peter Davis def Rajinder Singh Meena by TKO, rd 1, 2:41


#7 – Women’s Flyweight
Ann Osman
Walaa Abas

Abbas lands the first heavy flurry and Osman comes in to clinch. Another flurry by Abbas, so Osman puts her against the cage. Osman gets the double leg and mounts. Abbas turns and Osman gets her back. Osman stretches her out and gets the RNC tap.

Ann Osman def Walaa Abas by Submission, RNC, rd 1, 2:23

#6 – Flyweight Championship
Adriano Moraes
Asuka Mikami

Round 1. Mikami leaving his chin out. Moraes just trying to figure him out. Moraes lands a nice kick. Moraes with the big double leg, Mikami scrambles up, and Moraes takes his back. Mikami stands, and ref brakes it. Moraes with a flying knee. Mikami runs at Moraes who just drops and waits for the shoot to come to him, and works around to the back. Mikami grabs a foot to defend, turns and Moraes mounts, but Moraes able to work around again. Mikami twists and stands out! Moraes ducks under the punches.

Round 2. Mikami comes out stalking again. Moraes darts in with a punch. Moraes shoots, gets it against the cage, and lands a huge double. Mikami back up and standing. Whether it’s intentional or not, Moraes being forced to show his stand up. Moraes slips on a high kick, recovers. Against the cage, Mikami can’t get his underhooks but Moraes lets him off. Moraes tries for a shoot, fails and Mikami tries to beat him up, but Moraes recovers. Moraes switch from a single to a back take, Mikami defends by trying for a guillotine, ref breaks. Morase misses a kick and Mikami rushes him, Moraes tries to recover with a flurry, but it looks like he is wary of Mikami’s odd strikes.

Round 3. Moraes gets out low kicks and they work. Against the cage and Mikami again gives up his back. Back to standing bu Moraes with the single, Mikami up again. Moraes with the double leg and Mikami defends with a guillotine, some weird low blow call, now they’re standing again. Mikami looking for punches, Morase still shoots. Mikami with a left and Moraes returns a right, and another takedown. Moraes rag dolling Mikami, who just slips everything! Now Mikami makes it into guard! Mikami stands out and goes for a soccer kick! Bell.

Round 4. The two engage with sporadic strikes. Low blow by Mikami, quick restart. Moraes starting to strike, Mikami starting to figure out how to stuff the takedown. But Moraes gets the back again and Mikami turns again. Mikami back to stalking, Moraes evands. Mikami with a good 1-2. Moraes with a jump kick, grabs Mikami, and throws him down. Mikami is bleeding from a cut, and is still able to spin back in from a back take. Time stop to cut check at ten seconds. Resume and bell.

Round 5. Moraes back pedaling, low blow by Mikami, time stop. Quick time start. Glove tape check. Moraes scores a double leg, goes to the back, Mikami defends it again! Mikami now has side control in half guard! Mikami throws elbows, but lets Moraes stand! Moraes ends the round with a flashy cartwheel kick and push kick.

Adriano Moraes def Asuka Mikami by Decision



#5 – Featherweight
Ev Ting
Cary Bullos

Round 1. Ting takes the center, Bullos kicks hard and lands a left hook. Ting goes for the clinch, reverses Bullos against the cage. Bullos throws the left to push away. Ting with a head kick. These two are throwing bombs and counter bombs! Bullos gets Ting against the cage. Ref separates them. Bullos throwing heavy leather and Ting counters with a hard body kick. Ting trying to corner Bullos, Bullos with nice evasive footwork. Bell.

Round 2. Again they throw leather, Ting with a big bomb, misses a head kick and slips but goes for a takedown! Bullos defends well, but Ting with a great trip so big it puts Bullos on his head! Bullos stands and Ting grabs for a guillotine.

Ev Ting def Cary Bullos by Submission, guillotine, rd 2

#4 – Flyweight
Thanh Vu
Gianni Subba

Subba comes out with a kick. Vu comes in with strikes, and Subba lands the KO while backing up! But Vu attempts to get up so Subba soccer kicks! And continues on until the ref has to jump on top.

Gianni Subba def Thanh Vu by KO, rd 1, :20


#3 – Women’s Atomweight
Kirstie Gannaway
April Osenio

Round 1. Osenio comes out strong, Gannaway backs her to the cage, looks for a trip. Osenio grabs a head and ends up almost on top in side, but Gannaway works to the back. Ganaway sweeps over to land in mount and throws some GnP. Gannaway goes for the back again as Odsenio rolls, and looks for a choke. Osenio defends. Osenio turns into it and ends inside guard. Gannaway opens her guard and Osenio stands out, Gannaway gets up and Osenio lands a head kick! Gannaway recovers and goes in for th takedown to mount, quickly gets the back again. She softens with punches then goes for the choke. Osenio grabs an arm, Gannaway punches with the other. Osenio reverses into guard again! Gannaway throws up for the triangle and sweeps Osenio over for the arm bar! Bell!

Osenio comes out with nice aggressive striking. Gannaway just keeps coming in. Gannaway tries to grab the kicks but not finding success. Osenio tags her repeatedly. Nice kick and right finally land from Gannaway! Gannaway’s strikes are definitely starting to work. Again they clinch and Gannaway quickly gets the back and a quick choke earns the tap!

Kirstie Gannaway def April Osenio by Submission, RNC, rd 2, 2:50


#2 – Bantamweight
Chan Rothana
Ramon Gonzalez

Gonzalez tríes a spinning something or other, slips, and Rothana pounces. Gonzalez crafty with a reversal. Rothana tries for a submission from the bottom but Gonzalez is able to pass. Rothana able to work to standing and take a headlock. Gonzalez with a spinning back kick and slips again. Rothana jumps and pounds on him. Gonzalez tries for an Achiles lock but Rothana works out after eating an up kick. Rothana gets to mount and lands elbows and strikes for the ref stoppage.

Chan Rothana def Ramon Gonzalez by TKO, rd 1, 4:48

#1 – Catchweight 180lb
Agilan Thangalapani
Reant Febriza Rainir

This fight was not on the PPV Stream.

Agilan Thangalapani def Reant Febriza Rainir by TKO