Alfiandi opens the card with a 9-second flying knee KO at One Pride FN 22

One Pride 22 Lipin the Pancer
One Pride 22 Lipin the Pancer wins the main event

One Pride FN 22 on 29 September showcased atomweights and grappling, with Alfiandi earning top honors by a 9-second flying knee KO.

Lipin The Pancer took Fajar Maulana Rizky three rounds deep of PRIDE style antics like slams and hammer fists. Rizky hung on for dear life – literally – and Lipin couldn’t finish him. When the scores came in, Lipin earned the decision from all three judges.

Candra Iwan and Mardiono decided to roll around on the ground, reverse each other a few times, and grab for ankle locks. Mardiono didn’t really know how to get the better of any positions, so Iwan was able to position for the armbar and get the submission finish in the first round.

Hadi and Oktavianus Tailoe came out of their corners banging. Hadi landed a hip throw so big that he almost rolled himself back to the bottom. However, he was able to recover, and pass to side control where he wrapped up Tailoe’s left arm with his legs. Hadi grabbed for a neck crank as well, and Tailoe was forced to tap out.

Alex Batubara delivered a big slam to Rizal Zulmi in the first round, and then pressured him on the ground for the duration of the round. Zulmi tried, but he couldn’t keep his guard. When the second round opened, Zulmi couldn’t answer the bell and Batubara earned the TKO.

Sutikno and Ilham Rudiansyah traded leg kicks at first. Rudiansyah tagged Sutikno with a good straight and Sutikno decided that was enough on the feet. He got the takedown, banged around in mount for a while, then finally choked out Rudiansyah before the first bell.

The first fight of the night, in the atomweight tournament, Alfiandi showcased mad skills with an homage to KID Yamamoto by knocking out Harry Nugraga within seconds of the opening bell.

One Pride Fight Night 22 results
29 September 2018
Jakarta, Indonesia

#6 Atomweight Tournament
Lipin The Pancer def Fajar Maulana Rizky by Unanimous Decision

#5 Lightweight Ranking
Candra Iwan def Mardiono by Submission, armbar, R1

#4 Featherweight Ranking
Hadi def Oktavianus Tailoe by Submission, armbar/neck crank R1

#3 Bantamweight Ranking
Alex Batubara def Rizal Zulmi by TKO, R2 0:00

#2 Atomweight Tournament
Sutikno def Ilham Rudiansyah by Submission, rnc, R1

#1 Flyweight Ranking
Alfiandi def Muhammad Harry Nugraga by KO, R1 in seconds


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