One Pride FN 23 atomweight Aprianus Thomas delivers a highlight reel-worthy KO

OPFN23 Thomas Yarha
Aprianus Thomas aims for Imam Yarha at One Pride FN 23

One Pride FN 23 continued on 27 October with five ranking matches. Aprianus Thomas stunned with a highlight reel KO and Rustam Hutajulu executed an imposing back choke.

Atomweights Aprianus Thomas and Imam Yarha capped off the event with a crazy short brawl. Yarha came out running at Thomas while throwing everything in his arsenal. Thomas threw back and landed some viciously accurate punches that stunned Yarha and eventually dropped him to the canvas, giving Thomas a quick and exciting TKO victory.

Achmadi came out with a plan to knock out Sarif Saepudin, and although he landed repeatedly, he wasn’t able to get it in the first round. Saepudin blasted out the kicks in the second, forcing Achmadi to swing wildly and breaking his finger in the process. Therefore Seapudin got the TKO victory.

OPFN23 Maulana def Randa
Agung Maulana wins at One Pride FN 23

Agung Maulana exchanged kicks and punches from outside the pocket with Teuku Randa, and each of them landed some nice hard shots. Randa earned a yellow card for an eye poke so he started closing the distance in order to finish, and he almost got it with a gruesome americana. Sniper activity punctuated the final round, leaving the judges to determine that Maulana was the winner with a majority decision.

Andriawan Dharmita wasted no time in getting to the back of Boston Siagian, but it took much longer to finish the job. The two engaged in a lot of hand fighting and Siagian was defending well, but eventually Dharmita sunk the choke for the win.

Daniel Chandra made a good opening by taking Rustam Hutajulu down straight away. Unfortunately, Hutajulu’s skills there were much stronger. He was able to spin into guard, work his way to mount and finally take Rustam’s back. Hutajulu got the submission very quickly in the first round.

OPFN23 Andriawan def Siagian
Andriawan Dharmita submits Boston Siagian at One Pride FN 23

One Pride FN 23 10/27
27 October 2018
Jakarta, Indonesia

#5 Atomweight
Aprianus Thomas def Imam Yarha by TKO, R1

#4 Welterweight
Sarif Saepudin def Achmadi by TKO, injury, R2

#3 Welterweight
Agung Maulana def Teuku Randa by Split Decision

#2 Flyweight
Andriawan Dharmita def Boston Siagian by Submission, rnc, R1

#1 Flyweight
Rustam Hutajulu def Daniel Chandra by Submission, rnc, R1


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