At One Pride FN 23, Barabas finishes with a knee, Epraim Ginting gets the choke

Epraim Ginting wins at One Pride FN 23
Epraim Ginting wins at One Pride FN 23

Indonesia’s One Pride Fight Night 23 on 20 October showcased fighters who are climbing their way up the rankings matches.

Bantamweights Dede Barabas and Anton Kiki Sulistianang came out of their corners swinging with bad intentions. Sulistianang made it clear he wanted to go to the ground, so Barabas complied – with a big knee to the body and punches on the ground for the first round TKO.

Rudi Hartono and Jajak Sukarjak showed off some nice transitions when the fight hit the canvas, but it was soon clear that Hartono was superior. Hartono was able to sweep to top, work his leg out of half guard to mount, where he beat on Sukarjak until the referee stopped the punishment.

Rhizal Maikel Umboh negated all of Mardianto’s techniques by reversing takedowns and making his way to the top position. Finally Umboh was able to mount in round two, where he rained down punches until Mardianto turtled, then Umboh choked him to a tap.

Epraim Ginting let Ayub get off one good punch, then he slammed him to the ground and imposed his will. Ginting worked his way yo mount using punches and elbows, and as Ayub turtled, he quickly grabbed the choke and finished him.

Featherweights Anton Sugeng and Frismo Tumilar struggled with each other on the ground for two rounds. The third was definitive: Tumilar came out punching and Sugeng had nothing left with which to defend himself, so the referee did it for him.

One Pride FN 23 10/20
20 October 2018

#5 Bantamweight
Dede Barabas def Anton Kiki Sulistianang by TKO, knee to body and punches

#4 Strawweight
Rudi Hartono def Jajak Sukarjak by TKO, pounding, R1

#3 Featherweight
Rhizal Maikel Umboh def Mardianto by Submission, RNC, R2

#2 Featherweight
Epraim Ginting def Ayub by Submission, RNC, R1

#1 Lightweight
Frismo Tumilar def Anton Sugeng by TKO, R3


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