One Pride FN 23: Aditya Ginting drops a knee, Lorensius Andi moves into 52kg finals

One Pride atomweight tournament finalist Lorensius Andi
One Pride atomweight tournament finalist Lorensius Andi

One Pride FN 23 continued on 13 October with a violent win by Aditya Ginting, and a grappling display by Lorensius Andi that got him into the atomweight tournament finals.

Aditya Ginting showed why one punch can change the course of a fight when he faced wrestler Muhamad Irfan Saputra. Saputra’s shoots and takedowns were on point and he repeatedly nailed Ginting over and over. Ginting got quicker in the second round and when he finally stuffed a shoot, he went for the KO. Saputra was knocked down but not out, so Ginting rained punches, then stood up and dropped a knee to his skull – twice – earning the impressively violent TKO.

In the second semifinal match of the Atomweight Tournament, Lorensius Andi and Alin Anggrianto met in a highly anticipated fight. Andi made it clear he was going to use his Fransino Tirta-inspired BJJ with a big single leg takedown and relentless guillotine attacks until he finally got Anggrianto to tap.

Nizardur Rohman armbars Syarjan Sadik at One Pride FN 23
Nizardur Rohman armbars Syarjan Sadik at One Pride FN 23

Michael Mataheru knew he didn’t want to stand in front of Alfred Sendjaja so he went for the takedown and spent most of the time grinding from the top, trying for an armlock. Mataheru tried the same plan in the second, but Sendjaja was able to get the top position on the ground, and he rained down elbows and punches until Mataheru gave up.

BJJ proponent Wulandari met Wushu fighter Nur Hadijah in a women’s strawweight match. Wulandari moved in for the throw but Hadijah reversed it and landed in side control. Wulandari was crafty and was able to work her way to almost get an armbar but Hadijah said nope and stood out. Hadijah unleashed her punches and landed a throw, and the referee stopped the fight when he saw Wulandari’s nose was smashed, giving Hadijah the TKO victory.

Nizardur Rohman and Syarjan Sadik spent their entire match literally rolling around on the canvas the sweeps were so many and fast. Rohman slapped on the armbars and triangles, Sadik punched, twisted out and reversed. Sadik jumped for guillotines, Rohman positioned and worked his way out. On a score card that must have taken a supercomputer to calculate, Rohman tallied up the UD victory.

Nur Hadijah wins by TKO at One Pride FN 23
Nur Hadijah wins by TKO at One Pride FN 23

One Pride FN 23
13 October 2018
Jakarta, Indonesia

Flyweight Ranking
Aditya Ginting def Muhamad Irfan Saputra by TKO, R2

Atomweight Tournament Semifinal Match
Lorensius Andi def Alin Anggrianto by Submission, guillotine, R1

Lightweight Ranking
Alfred Sendjaja def Michael Mataheru by TKO, R1

Women’s Strawweight Ranking
Nur Hadijah def Wulandari by TKO, R1

Atomweight Ranking
Nizardur Rohman def Syarjan Sadik by Unanimous Decision


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