Nsang triumphs, Imanari returns and lethwei rules at ONE: Pursuit of Greatness

ONE Nsang punches Karaki
Aug La Nsang knocks down Mohammad Karaki at ONE Myanmar

ONE Championship: Pursuit of Greatness in Myanmar on 26 October witnessed Aung La Nsang’s triumphant second defense of his middleweight belt, Imanari’s return to glory, and a beautifully brutal battle between Lethwei champions Ye Thway Ne and Mite Yine.

Middleweight champ Aung La Nsang’s second title defense against promotional newcomer Mohammad Karaki, a two-divisional champ in Desert Force, couldn’t have gone any better for the Myanmar native. As usual, there was a thunderous welcome for his walk out, and a cacophony to his finish. Karaki made it clear he was going for the jiujitsu war, but Nsang did not care, and sent him sprawling backwards with a huge right hand that he followed up with lefts in ground and pound, for the first round TKO.

Myanmar standout Phoe Thaw faced Malaysian prospect Keanu Subba and it was a race to see who could end the fight in their field: Thaw’s stand up or Subba’s grappling. Subba won. He got Thaw down, controlled him, and finally sunk in a guillotine choke.

ONE Subba chokes Thaw
Keanu Subba chokes Phoe Thaw at ONE Myanmar

Leglock master Imanari’s sudden appearance on the card against Singapore’s Radeem Rahman dimmed the prospect’s brightness when he instigated a grappling foray with his signature “Imanari roll”. Within a few short set ups, he had the armbar and Rahman was forced to tap.

Lethwei champions Ye Thway Ne and Mite Yine delivered an absolutely brutal and technical striking contest. While there wasn’t a hint of groundwork or takedown attempts to indicate it was an MMA match, both men proved their striking is on a high level. Yine’s kicks and knees were textbook. Ne’s combinations, body work, jabs and counters were beautiful, and they earned him the Unanimous Decision.

ONE Ne punches Yine
Ye Thway Ne punches Mite Yine at ONE Myanmar

Brazilian warhorse Luis Sapo Santos only needed three kicks and 33 seconds to spoil the debut of former Pancrase champ and UFC veteran Daichi Abe. The third kick to the liver put Abe to his knees, and the referee gave the TKO to Sapo.

Ahmad Qais Jasoor has his legs hammered by Xu Dong Ma’s low kicks throughout round one. In the second, Jasoor got his timing and slid three sharp lefts through Ma’s guard to put him on his butt at the cage and give the Afghani the TKO win.

Rudy Agustian landed an easy one-two to Kaji Ebin’s face as his hands were down. After the blitz, Agustian slammed is way into side control and finally slapped on an americana for the tap at just over four minutes of the first round.

ONE Sapo kicks Abe
Sapo kicks Daichi Abe at ONE Myanmar

ONE Championship: Pursuit of Greatness
26 October 2018
Yangon, Myanmar

#10 Middleweight Title Match
Aung La Nsang (23-10, ONE 8-1) vs Mohammad Karaki (9-0, ONE debut)
Aung La Nsang def Mohammad Karaki by TKO, punches, R1 2:21

#9 Featherweight
Phoe Thaw (6-0, ONE 6-0) vs Keanu Subba (6-3, ONE 5-2)
Keanu Subba def Phoe Thaw by Submission, guillotine, R1 2:47

#8 Kickboxing Light Heavyweight
Tarik Khbabez def Ibrahim El Bouni by TKO, R3, 2:26

#7 67kg Catchweight
Radeem Rahman (3-1, ONE 3-1) vs Masakazu Imanari (36-18-2, ONE 1-3)
Masakazu Imanari def Radeem Rahman by Submission, armbar, R1

#6 Kickboxing Bantamweight
Han Zi Hao def Ryan Jakiri by KO, R1

#5 Flyweight (changed from Strawweight)
Ye Thway Ne (3-1, ONE 3-1) vs Mite Yine (1-0, ONE 1-0)
Ye Thway Ne def Mite Yine by Unanimous Decision

#4 Welterweight
Luis Santos (64-11-1, ONE 4-2-0-1) vs Daichi Abe (6-2, ONE debut)
Luis Santos def Daichi Abe by KO, body kick, R1 0:33

#3 Kickboxing Flyweight
Josh Tonna def Joseph Lasiri by Unanimous Decision

#2 Bantamweight
Xu Dong Ma (1-1, ONE 0-1) vs Ahmad Qais Jasoor (4-1-1, ONE 0-1)
Ahmad Qais Jasoor def Xu Dong Ma by TKO, punches, R2 2:16

#1 Flyweight (MMA, changed from kickboxing)
Rudy Agustian (4-2, ONE debut) vs Kaji Ebin (2-1, ONE 0-1)
Rudy Agustian def Kaji Ebin by Submission, americana, R1 4:01

ONE Imanari subs Rahman
Imanari submits Radeem Rahman at ONE Myanmar


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