PANCRASE 247 Rookie King Tournament Finals
May 19, 2013
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

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#9 – ウェルター級 キング・オブ・パンクラス タイトルマッチ 5分3ラウンド
佐藤豪則 (TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A) Takenori Sato vs Shingo Suzuki ランキング1位 鈴木槙吾 (ALLIANCE)

Sato is early with the attack. He gets a TD and manouevers to the back but can’t get the choke and it’s up again. On the feet and Shingo rocks him with a right and goes in for the kill but Sato’s good to recover. Shingo goes in fo clinch and Sato hip throws him. That was a fast round.

Round two. Sato’s cautious of Shing’s hands now. Sato goes for a throw and they both land OUT OF THE RING AND ON THE CEMENT FLOOR! Shingo grabs his hip and his face. Shingo is slow to get back in the ring, and limping. The doctors are checking him out.

They agree to restart! 1:06 of the second. Sato goes for a TD and eats a HUGE knee! This time in a TD scramble, Sato can’t ground Shingo! Shingo is now definitely allergic to throws. Sato’s trying for hip throws and ending just with headlocks. Shingo gets Sato in the corner, after a restart, Shingo kicks, Sato takes him down, Shingo ends with an arm bar, Sato reverses it for his own! Then they are apart and standing at the end of the round!

Final round! Aggressive opening by both, Shingo seems to have more TD defense now. Shingo is picking shots at will while Sato’s looking to shoot again. Now Sato’s landing shots and Shingo’s on top during a scramble! Sato reverses, gets an arm and yanks it into a painful armlock.

Takenori Sato defeats Shingo Suzuki by submission, armlock, rd 3, 2:36

#8 – アテナルール バンタム級 5分3ラウンド
Queen 中井りん (パンクラスヴィーナス) Rin Nakai vs Brenda Gonzales ブレンダ・ゴンザレス/初参戦 (FIT NHB/ハイブリッドファイター)

Brenda has a gladiator on her shirt and Rin comes out as one. With wings. Rin just bounces around the ring for a minute. And another. And the ref stops them and warns them both. Brenda tries a spinning backfist and Rin takes her down. Brenda pops up but Rin’s on her back. Rin gets a nice throw, but Brenda gets up. Still, Rin stays on her back, and goes for the RNC which she gets.

Rin Nakai defeats Brenda Gonzales by submission, RNC, rd 1

#7 – バンタム級 5分3ラウンド
ランキング1位 手塚基伸 (総合格闘技道場コブラ会) Motonobu Tezuka vs Taichi Nakajima ランキング8位/2012年NBT同級優勝 中島太一 (パラエストラ東京)

Taichi is a crowd favorite and comes out to lots of cheering. Then Tezuka trumps him with an entourage that includes masked men and himself in a bull’s mask. Predictably, Tezuka looks for a takedown, which he gets by a big throw that lands him in Taichi’s guard. He puts really good pressure on and passes to the side, but Taichi recovers half very deftly. Taichi keeps looking to get full guard, and Tezuka just seems to jump out of it. A north south attempt gets a quick reversal from Taichi, with his head locked between Tezuka’s legs momentarily, then he ends the round in N/S.

Round 2, Taichi comes out with a stand up plan, but Tezuka stuffs it in the same way, with a big TD. He continues his smother game. It gets him to side and then mount. He doesn’t do anything with the position and Taichi finds a way to reverse! Now it’s Taichi with position and trying to find a way to sub Tezuka! The crowd is going absolutely nuts! Tezuka powers his way to side position and they scramble up at the bell.

Round three and Taichi comes out with knees and kicks with a vengeance! Tezuka still imposes his takedown on him. He’s also looking for better position now, and he gets the back. Seatbelt, but he’s not locking on a choke, just allowing Taichi no space. I can’t hear what people are shouting, but I hope it’s FINISH. Taichi stands out of it! Tezuka tries a TD again, but it’s Taichi on top with GNP at 30 seconds to the end, trying to rip an arm bar!

Taichi leaves the ring crying. Tezuka asks for a title shot maybe, and says it might be his retirement match.

Motonobu Tezuka defeats Taichi Nakajima by unanimous decision

#6 – バンタム級 5分3ラウンド
ランキング4位 清水俊一 (宇留野道場/ハイブリッドファイター) Shunichi Shimizu vs Yuki Baba ランキング6位 馬場勇気 (ロデオスタイル)

Shimizu comes out with his brother and his special belt! For the first minute of the bout, they feel for distance on the feet. Shimizu tries kick and shoot, ends on the wrong side of the ground game. Baba’s in his half guard and trying to pass, stands out of it. Standing, Shimizu looks to press in, Baba’s jab distances. Shimizu tries some kicks. Shimizu tags Baba in the mouth and he stumbles back! Shimizu kicks and shoots in but Baba’s not phase and gets his neck, Shimizu waits it out to the bell.

Round two. Baba finds a home for his southpaw left and circles out. Shimizu is bouncy and looking for a way in again. The round goes on with neither being aggressive and they are stopped and warned for it. Shimizu’s kick and shoot combo isn’t working there are definitely not enough of them. The ref breaks it again, and they are both warned again for no action – this time with a yellow card. It’s a match for ranking, but they’re being way too cautious to make it even close to entertaining. Final 30 seconds and Shimizu turns it on with a flying knee, kick, and a TD that finally lands him in mount and flurryingly punching at a clenched Baba’s head.

Round 3 – Shimizu attacks, shoots getting Baba against the corner, works to drag him down and takes his back, is in perfect RNC position, but switches to a surprising arm bar and gets it!

Shunichi Shimizu defeats Yuki Baba by submission, armbar, rd 3, 1:20

Shimizu’s brother comes out with flowers and they sing Happy Birthday to Pancrase CEO Masakazu Sakai and give him flowers!

#5 – アテナルール ライトフライ級 5分3ラウンド 特攻天女
藤野恵実 (和術慧舟會GODS) Emi Fujino vs Amber Brown アンバー・ブラウン (FIT NHB/ハイブリッドファイター)

Amber Brown gets her own Pancrase flag bearers as she makes her entrance to death metal. Emi Fujino smiles to a tribal beat. Emi comes out looking to clinch for the takedown. AFter a minute of the clinch she gets it, but doesn’t amount to anything, both are back up clinching again. Ref separates them, and they still go back to the clinch. 4 minutes in and Emi gets another trip with Amber in 1/2 guard. It’s up again for the end of the round, finally throwing some punches.

Round 2 sees Amber shoot for a TD and Emi gets her neck on the way down. Ambers out and starts to land some GNP! But Emi gets a nice reversal and she’s feeding her own. Amber’s climbing her legs up and throws a leg over for an armbar attempt but it’s not tight, she’s just trapping a glove. A quick reversal to the back by Emi! SHe locks on a choke! Amber fights it hard but has to tap!

Emi Fujino defeats Amber Brown by submission, RNC, rd 2

BREAK. This break sees an announcement of Pancrase partnering with Yokohama FC in a Hybrid Athlete campaign, a recap of the matches, a look at those to come, an it’s generally too long.

Shintaro Ishiwatari, ranked #2 comes out to speak.

#4 – ミドル級 5分2ラウンド
安西信昌 (TEAM CLIMB) Shinsho Anzai vs Yuji Hisamatsu 久松勇二 (和術慧舟會横浜道場)

And we have semi-naked men in pink silk undies and tiger masks escorting Yuji. Anzai in white Jaco VT shorts. it’s down quickly with Anzai on top and looking to beat on Yuji, while he’s just holding on for life. Yuji’s half-hearted sweep attempts do nothing. Second round starts off with a quick TD by Anzai into guard again, and Pink Typhoon trying to sit up out of it. Anzai stands up and looks to jump on him, or KO him. Anzai manages to get side control, The Strongest Referee Wada-san stands them up and yellow cards Yuji for using the rope tactic to escape the fight. Fight ends with much the same going on throughout.

Shinsho Anzai defeats Yuji Hisamatsu by unanimous decision

#3 – スーパーフライ級 5分2ラウンド
ランキング2位 安永有希 (東京イエローマンズ) Yuki Yasunaga vs Yasutaka Koga 2012年NBT同級優勝 古賀靖隆 (Lotus世田谷)

We have a cheesy ’60s beach theme – Austin Powers! And Yuki’s wearing the Pancrase homage black shorty-shorts. They don’t give him the power as Koga engages in a rapid flurry that sees a right snap Yuki’s head around and face down on the beautiful Pancrase canvas.

Yasutaka Koga defeats Yuki Yasunaga by KO, rd 1, :36

#2 – フェザー級 5分2ラウンド
ランキング7位 高藤正和 (高田道場) Masakazu Takafuji vs Shunpei Ota 太田駿平 (D-ONEジム)

Ota comes out to Japanese rap, and Takafuji comes out to “All I Do is Win”! Takafuji goes for a high kick, Ota single legs him down, but Takafuji recovers butterfly guard. Ota works to a dominant 1/2 guard and traps Takafuji in the corner. He tries to scramble out and Ota takes his back. Ota keeps getting chokes, but Takafuji pulls them off. He scrambles and Ota slips off, and they are back to standing for the final 30 seconds.

Round 2 sees Ota with a first half repeat of round one, but it’s Takafuji turning on the heat with flying knees in the latter half. Ota’s dominance through most of the match gives him the judges’ favor. They exit to ooooold Van Halen

Shunpei Ota defeats Masakazu Takafuji by decision

#1 – 〜ROAD TO 植松直哉〜最終戦 キャッチレスリングルール 67kg以下契約 5分2ラウンド
植松直哉 (ネクサセンス) Naoma Uematsu vs Takashi Hasegawa 長谷川孝司 (パンクラス稲垣組)

The live stream begins and we are treated to a catch wrestling rules match that sees Naoma Uematsu deliver a strong performance to end with getting a tap to an arm bar.

Rookie King Tournament

▼スーパーフライ級1回戦 Super Flyweights Round 1
石田 源(闇愚羅) Gen Ishida vs Penny Shimizu ペニー清水(坂口道場一族)

#18 – ▼ウェルター級1回戦 Welterweight Round 1
上原広誉(ハイブリッドレスリング鹿児島)Hirotaka Uehara vs KAZZ(GRABAKA)鈴木“PJ”敏和からKAZZにリングネームを変更

First live stream of the event! Uehara comes out looking to shoot, Kazz slips him, undercooks, and tosses him on his back, where he spends several minutes smashing him down. Eventually, Uehara is pounded into helplessness, flips on his stomach, and the ref calls it.

KAZZ defeats Hirotaka Uehara by TKO, rd 1, 3:27

#17 – ▼ウェルター級1回戦 Welterweight Round 1
レッツ豪太(総合格闘技道場コブラ会)Let’s Gota vs Tamotsu Kitada 北田 有 (和術慧舟會富山支部S.P.O)

Let’s Gota defeats Tamotsu Kitada by KO, rd 2, 4:01

#16 – ▼ライト級1回戦 Lightweight Round 1
竹川光一郎(和術慧舟會 トイカツ道場)Koichiro Takekawa vs Akihito Hara 原 昭仁(坂口道場一族)

Akihito Hara defeats Koichiro Takekawa by KO, rd 1, 2:19

#15 – ▼ライト級1回戦 Lightweight Round 1
林 源平 (HEAT) Genpei Hayashi vs Ben Buchan ベン・ブッカン(総合格闘技津田沼道場)

Ben Buchan defeats Genpei Hayashi by submission RNC, rd 1, 1:14

#14 – ▼フェザー級準決勝 Featherweight Semi-finals
ハルク大城(ボスジム)Hulk Oshiro vs Kohei Tokeshi 渡慶次 孝平(P’sLAB吉祥寺)

Hulk Oshiro defeats Kohei Tokeshi by KO, rd 2, 4:01

#13 – ▼フェザー級準決勝 Featherweight Semi-finals
稲葉 聡(秋本道場 jungle junction)Satoshi Inaba vs Daiki Shimizu 清水ダイキ(アカデミア・アーザ水道橋)

Satoshi Inaba defeats Daiki Shimizu by unanimous decision

#12 – ▼バンタム級準決勝 Bantamweight Semi-finals
藤井伸樹 (Alliance) Nobuki Fujii vs Gaku Suwazono 諏訪園 岳(AACC)

Nobuki Fujii defeats Gaku Suwazono by submission, RNC, rd 2, 3:32

#11 – ▼バンタム級準決勝 Bantamweight Semi-finals
CORO (和術慧舟會 TLIVE) vs Sho Nonaka 藤井 伸樹(ALLIANCE)

Sho Nonaka defeats Coro by split decision

#10 – ▼スーパーフライ級1回戦 Super Flyweights Round 1
石田 源(闇愚羅) Gen Ishida vs Penny Shimizu ペニー清水(坂口道場一族)

#9 – ▼スーパーフライ級1回戦 Super Flyweights Round 1
中山ハルキ(GRABAKA)Haruki Nakayama vs Masatatsu Ueda 上田将竜(緒方道場)

Masatatsu Ueda defeats Haruki Nakayama by unanimous decision


#8 – 試合はミドル級(83.9kg)5分2R。
禅道会新宿道場・川和真 vs NOVAUNIAO・タカタ・ルシアノ

川和真 defeats タカタ・ルシアノ by KO, rd 1, 2:37

#7 – 試合はミドル級(83.9kg)5分2R。
星野シバター勘太郎が欠場の代役、和術慧舟會TLIVE・マルコム・ヘンドリックス vs 総合格闘技道場DOBUITA・ジョシュア・エディ

ジョシュア・エディ defeats マルコム・ヘンドリックス by KO, rd 2, 3:35

#6 – 試合はミドル級(83.9kg)5分2R。
natural9・谷部翔太郎 vs NOVAUNIAO・エリック・マイケル・フォート


#5 – 試合はウェルター級(77.1kg)5分2R。
ハニートラップ・林完 vs WIZARDMMAGYM・柴田和伸

林完 defeats 柴田和伸 by KO, rd 1

#4 – 4試合はライト級(70.3kg)5分2R。
アカデミアアーザ水道橋・左禅丸 vs ロデオスタイル・ロバート・カン

ロバート・カン defeats 左禅丸 by submission, arm bar, rd 1, 4:34

#3 – 試合はフェザー級(65.8kg)級5分2R。

深澤駿 defeats 小畑公史 by KO, rd 2, 1:25

#2 – 試合はフェザー級(65.8kg)5分2R。
和術慧舟會TLIVE・牛久絢太郎 vs M-16ムエタイスタイル・柳井康


#1 – 試合はバンタム級(61.2kg)5分2R

山本哲也 defeats 平丸勝基 by submission, RNC, rd 1, :34