PANCRASE 248 live results and updates


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June 30, 2013
Differ Ariake Arena
Tokyo, Japan

Live play by play from MMA-in-ASIA Correspondent Joshua Robinson

Main Card

Co Main ▼フェザー級 5分3R/Featherweight, (5 minutes, 3 rounds)
内村洋次郎(イングラム/フェザー級1位)vs ガイ・デルモ(アメリカ/GUTSMAN/フェザー級8位、修斗世界ライト級1位)
Yoichiro Uchimura (11-5-2) (Ingram, featherweight no. 1) vs Guy Delumeau (16-8-3) (US/Gutsman/ featherweight no. 8, Shooto World lightweight no. 1)

Round 1- started out fast with Uchimura being the head hunter. Guy tried to keep taking Uchimura down but was unable. Most of the round it was both fighters trading punches until the end of the round, when both fighters were bleeding from the face.

Round 2- Uchimura gets a low blow by Guy. After a time stop they go again throwing strikes. Guy gets Uchimura in the corner, gets mount and chokes him with a front choke.

Guy Delumeau defeats Yoichiro Uchimura by Submission, front choke, rd 2

Co Main ▼フライ級次期タイトル挑戦者決定戦 5分3R/Flyweight Title Elimination bout (5 minutes, 3 rounds)
阿部博之(ドラゴンテイルジム/フライ級1位) vs 田原しんぺー(K‐PLACE埼玉格闘技道場/フライ級3位)
Hiroyuki Abe (9-5) (Dragontail Gym/Flyweight no.1) vs Noboru Tahara (11-6-1) (K-Place MMA/Flyweight no. 3)

Round 1- fight ends with a straight sending Abe down and Tahara jumping on him as the ref stops it.

Noboru Tahara defeats Hiroyuki Abe by TKO, ref stoppage, rd 1, :40

#10 – ▼ウェルター級 5分3R/Welterweight (5 minutes, 3 rounds)
近藤有己(パンクラスism/ウェルター級5位)vs 村山暁洋(GUTSMAN/修斗第4代環太平洋王者、ウェルター級6位)
Yuki Kondo (55-27-8) (Pancraseism/Welterweight no. 5) vs Akihiro Murayama (13-5-8) (Gutsman/Fourth Shooto Pacific Rim Champion/welterweight no. 6)

Round 1- round starts out with both fighters feeling each other out and picking their punches. Both fighters trading strikes until Murayama tries a takedown but is not able to complete it. Kondo is keeping patient picking his strikes. At end of the round Kondo kicks but it is caught by Murayama.

Round 2- as the round starts they go from strikes to a clinch until the ref separates them. Murayama keeps looking for a takedown but has no luck. Kondo soon has him pressed in the corner. Kondo is the aggressor as Murayama circles. The round ends with both fighters trading kicks; no significant strikes landed in that round.

Round 3- Murayama catches Kondo and he goes down. Murayama gets on top and starts landing punches waiting for ref to stop it, but Kondo survives and gets to his feet. And Kondo lands his own strike that sends Murayama onto his ass. Soon they separate and start going blow for blow. Round ends with Kondo pressing Murayama in corner.

Akihiro Murayama defeats Yuki Kondo by decision

#9 – ▼フェザー級 パンクラシスト対TEAMシーザー・グレイシー 5分3R/Featherweight, Pancrase vs Team Cesar Gracie (5 minutes, 3 rounds)
鹿又智成(パラエストラ八王子)vs Daniel Swain (ブラジル/シーザー・グレイシー)※初参戦
Tomonari Kanomata (19-7-6) (Paraestra Hachioji) vs Daniel Swain (9-2-0) (Cesar Gracie)

Round 1- fight starts out both trading fists then Swain gets ahold of Kanomata and suplexes him. Swain is quick to get mount position and starts landing strikes. Kanomata is able to escape and tries a takedown but is stuffed. Swain is controlling as he knees Kanomata in the face. Then Swain stands up and kicks him in the face. Last 30 seconds Swain on top using ground and pound.

Round 2- starts out great, Swain stuffs a takedown and gets dominate control. His corner calls for him to stand up for soccer kick. But Swain decides to take Kanomata’s back and go for a rear naked. Then he switches to mount and starts pounding Kanomata at will until ref stops.

Daniel Swain defeats Tomonari Kanomata by TKO, referee stoppage, rd 2

#8 – ▼バンタム級 パンクラシスト対TEAMシーザー・グレイシー 5分3R/Bantanweight, Pancrase vs Team Cesar Gracie (5 minutes, 3 rounds)
花レメ紋次郎TK(総合格闘技道場コブラ会/バンタム級6位)vs Ryan Hayes(アメリカ/シーザー・グレイシー)
Yuki Kosaka (12-5-2) (Cobra Kai MMA) vs Ryan Hayes (5-2) (Cesar Gracie)

Into the second, Kosaka starts having his way because Hayes had an adrenalin dump and can barely stand. Last 30 seconds they are in corner and Hayes gets Kosaka’s back as round ends.

Round 3- Kosaka comes out swinging but Hayes is able to get his back. Kosaka soon escapes and starts landing punches at will. But Hayes continues standing and trading even though he can barely stand. Round ends with Hayes having Kosaka’s back again.

Yuki Kosaka defeats Ryan Hayes by Decision

BREAK Announcements
Announced for Pancrase’ 20th Anniversary event on September 29, 2013 – Shinsho Anzai versus Will Nolan to decide the Challenger for King of Pancrase Middleweight.

高橋義生 Yoshiki Takahashi will challenge Ryo Kawamura for his retirement match, he asked for the strongest opponent. If Kawamura loses, he says it will be his retirement bout.

金井一朗 Ichiro Kanai and 鳥生将大 Masahiro Toryu will face each other in a dual-Retirement match.


#7 – ▼ウェルター級 5分3R/Welterweight, (5 minutes, 3 rounds)
石川英司(GRABAKA/ウェルター級2位)vs 山崎昭博(SUBMIT静岡/ウェルター級4位)
Eiji Ishikawa (24-18-3) (Grabaka/welterweight no. 2) vs Akihiro Yamazaki (13-7-1) (Submit Fukuoka/welterweight no. 4)

Round 1- both come out feeling each other out with jabs. Soon Ishikawa is able to geta takedown. Yamasaki is able to sweep him and both fighters get to their feet. But Yamasaki is taken down again and Ishikawa starts landing strikes. As the round ends both fighters are scrambling for position.

Round 2- Ishikawa gets a takedown but Yamasaki works for a submission. Time stop, it looks like Ishikawa’s ear exploded, doctor check. As time starts Ishikawa is quickly looking for takedown until he gets it. Round ends with Ishikawa having the back of Yamasaki.

Round 3- Ishikawa comes out and shoots for a takedown. Both fighters trade position from top to bottom. Round ends with Ishikawa on top pounding Yamazaki.

Eiji Ishikawa defeats Akihiro Yamazaki by decision

#6 – ▼フライ級 5分2R/Flyweight (5 minutes, 2 rounds)
宇津木正和(パラエストラ古河/フライ級2位) vs 木内崇雅 (和術慧舟會GODS)
Masakazu Utsugi (5-4-2) (Paraestra Furukawa/Flyweight no. 2) vs Takamasa Kiuchi (5-4-2) (Wayjutsu Keishukai, GODS, flyweight no. 5)

Round 1- well, starts out slow, fighters get a warning for no action. Finally they come out swinging but it’s Utsugi hunting Kiuchi. Time stop, low blow to Utsugi who is winning the striking game. When time starts a few strikes are thrown, then it’s the end of round.

Round 2- round much better, a lot of action back and forth until Utsugi is caught again with low blow. As the time starts both fighters come out swinging. Both fighters end the round swinging.

Masakazu Utsugi defeats Takamasa Kiuchi by Decision

#5 – ▼ライト級 5分2R/Lightweight/ (5 minutes, 2 rounds)
長岡弘樹(総合格闘技道場DOBUITA/ライト級6位)vs 田中達憲(和術慧舟會 兵庫支部)
Hiroki Nagaoka (18-18-12) (Dobuita MMA dojo/lightweight no. 6) vs Tatsunori Tanaka (6-5-0) (Wajutsu Keishukai)

Round 1- round starts feeling each other out until Tanaka gets the takedown. While Tanaka is trying for better positioning Nagaoka is landing strikes from the bottom. They are soon to their feet clinching then trading strikes. They both are standing trading punch after punch. They soon clinch start trading punches and knees. At end of the round Nagaoka gets a takedown.

Round 2- they both come out with punches flying. Nagaoka is dominating the striking game. He soons gets a takedown and switches to mount. Starts his ground and pound until the ref stops it.

Hiroki Nagaoka defeats Tatsunori Tanaka by TKO, referee stoppage, rd 2

#4 – ▼ウェルター級 5分2R/Welterweight (5 minutes, 2 rounds)
窪田幸生(坂口道場 一族)vs 草・MAX(TEAM CLIMB)
Kosei Kubota (26-37-16) (Sakaguchi Dojo) vs Shigeaki Kusayanagi (6-4-4) (Team Climb)

Round 1- both fighters go back and forth landing strikes. Both look evenly matched. They soon get in the clinch but are separated by the ref. Kubato gets a take down and goes for a heel hook. After no action the ref stands them up. They both stand trading strikes until the bell.

Round 2- both fighters come out strong. During the trade Kubato is caught with low blow, time stop. When time starts they both cone out swinging. Then Kubato shoots but Kusa defends. Then Kubato catches one of Kusa’s kicks and takes him down. Soon they are back to their feet. The round is coming to end and it’s pretty even. Both fighters swinging until the bell.

Kosei Kubota versus Shigeaki Kusayanagi – DRAW

#3 – ▼ライト級 5分2R/ Lightweight (5 minutes, 2 rounds)
クリスMAN(パラエストラ八王子)vs アキラ(久我山ラスカルジム)
Keigo Hirajama (16-12-7) (Paraestra Hachioji) vs Akira Okada (5-3-2) (Kugayama Rascal Gym)

Round 1- Both come out swinging then Akira gets takedown. Hirijama is able to get up but eats strikes to face. Akira soon takes him down again. As soon as Hirijama is able to stand he gets strikes to face witch knocks him down and Akira jumps on him landing strikes.

Akira Okada defeats Keigo Hirajama by TKO, rd 1, 4:48

#2 – ▼ライト級 5分2R/Lightweight (5 minutes, 2 rounds)
三浦忍 (和術慧舟會横浜道場) vs 松岡崇志(STBjapan)
Shinobu Miura (2-5-5) (WAJUTSU KEISHUKAI TIGER PLACE) vs Takashi Matsuoka (STB Japan)

Round 1- quickly they trade strikes but Matsuoka gets the better end. He lands a straight and Miura goes down and Matsuoka finishes with ground and pound.

Takashi Matsuoka defeats Shinobu Miura by TKO, rd 1, :35

#1 – ▼ バンタム級 5分2ラウンド
齊藤曜 (和術慧舟會トイカツ道場) vs  三ツ塚勇介 (クラブバーバリアン)
Yo Saito (10-8-3) (WAJUTSU KEISHUKAI TOIKATSU) vs Yusuke Mitsuzuka (4-2) (CLUB BARBARIAN)

Round 1- They start out with a clinch game until Saito gets a takedown. Saito soon gets mount and starts going for a choke. Saito stands up and then puts on a guilotine choke and it’s over.

Yo Saito defeats Yusuke Mitsuzuka by Submission, Guillotine Choke, rd 1


First round▽Undercard

#6 – ▼フェザー級 5分2R/Featherweight (5 minutes, 2 rounds)
宮路智之(和術慧舟會 東京道場) vs 櫻井明大(BLUE DOG GYM)
Motoshi Miyagi (7-7) (Wajutsu Keishukai, Tokyo dojo) vs Akihiro Sakurai (5-4-1) (Blue Dog Gym)

Round 1- As round starts both fighters come out with strikes. Soon Miyagi picks Sakuri up and slams him and quickly gets side control. Sakuri fights to escape but is not successful . Miyagi holds him is side and lands strikes at will till ref stops.

Motoshi Miyagi defeats Akihiro Sakurai by TKO, rd 1, 4:48

#5 – ▼フェザー級 5分2R/Featherweight (5 minutes/2 rounds)
MIKE(AACC)vs 杉山和史(TURNING POINT MMA/ハイブリッドファイター)
Munehiro Kin (6-4-1) (AACC) vs Kazushi Sugiyama (5-1-1) (Turning Point MMA/Hybrid Fighter)

Round 1- they both came out feeling each other out trading a few strikes until Kin got a finger in the eye so the ref stopped time while doctors are checking his eye out. As they start back up Kin is determined and lands some good strikes. Kin gets a takedown and Sugiyama fights to stand up then slips in a triangle on Kin. Soon Kin is able to escape and they both stand. Then Sugiyama starts being the aggressor and lands punches in bunches until the bell.

Round 2- They both come out punching but Kin gets the takedown and starts to work. His ground strikes are on point. As Sugiyama tries to stand Kin is able to get his back. And finishes with rear naked.

Munehiro Kin defeats Kazushi Sugiyama by Submission, RNC, rd 2

Courtesy Satoshi Toda
Courtesy Satoshi Toda

#4 – ▼バンタム級 5分2R/Bantamweight (5 minutes, 2 rounds)
Naohiro Takaoka (5-3) (Wajutsu Keishukai HEARTS) vs Ryo Takagi (2-3) (Purebred Kawaguchi Redips)

Takaoka came out with the takedown and held trying to gain dominate position. Finally Takagi got to his feet and they started traded punches. But again Takaoka got the takedown and worked most of round one in half guard.

Round 2- Again Takaoka came out got takedown and worked from half guard. All Takagi could do was try to protect himself. Takaoka soon got mount position and started his ground and pound. Takaoka switched to back control and stretched Takagi looking for a rear naked choke. But Takagi survived and regained guard. Soon Takaoka was in mount again as round ended.

Naohiro Takaoka defeats Ryo Takagi by Unanimous decision

#3 – ▼バンタム級 5分2R/Bantamweight (5 minutes, 2 rounds)

阪中カツヒロ(LOTUS世田谷)vs 井関 遼(GRABAKA)
Katsuhiro Sakanaka (2-2-1) (Lotus Setagaya) vs Ryo Iseki (3-4-1) (Grabaka)

Katsuhiro Sakanaka defeats Ryo Iseki by Unanimous Decision

#2 – ▼スーパーフライ級 5分2R/Super Flyweight (5 minutes, 2 rounds)
上嶋佑紀(BRAVE)vs 島崎 巧(レッスルウィン)
Yuji Uejima (7-5-5) (Brave) vs Takumi Shimazaki (8-9-3) (Wrestlewin)

Yuji Uejima defeats Takumi Shimazaki by Unanimous decision

#1 – ▼フライ級 5分2R/Flyweight (5 minutes, 2 rounds)
ゲン・イケダ(クラブ・バーバリアン)vs 大津ヒロノブ(和術慧舟會GODS)※初参戦
Ken Ikeda (Club Barbarian) vs Hironobu Otsu (Wajutsu Keishukai GODS, debut)

Ken Ikeda defeats Hironobu Otsu by Submission, front choke, rd 1, 4:04

Courtesy Brittany Decker
Courtesy Brittany Decker

Opening fights パンクラスゲート

#2 –  バンタム級 5分2ラウンド
土田達也 (総合格闘技道場DOBUITA) vs 弥益聡志 (WIZARD MMA GYM)
Tatsuya Tsuchida (5-7-1) vs Satoshi Yamasu (0-0)
Tatsuya Tsuchida defeats Satoshi Yamasu by decision

#1 –  スーパーフライ級 5分2ラウンド
廣中克至 (RBアカデミー) vs 将軍 (BIBLE GYM)
Katsuyuki Hironaka (0-0) vs Shogun Shogun (0-1)


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