PANCRASE 258: Decagon live updates and full results



Pancrase 258 will take place on May 11, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan in a new cage with new rules. King Ishiwatari and Queen Nakai are featured, with the opening round of the 2014 NeoBlood Tournament.

Pancrase 258
May 11, 2014
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

#16 – NeoBlood Tournament Welterweight Opening round
Takashi Sato (2-0) 佐藤天 (TRIBETOKYO M.M.A)
Makoto ‘Mako Dragon’ Kawawa (4-9-3) 川和真/デビュー戦 (禅道会 新宿道場)

#15 – NeoBlood Tournament Lightweight Opening round
Hiroshi ‘Chantamo’ Hayashi (4-0) チャンタモ (ハニートラップ)
Andrew Robert (0-0) アンドリュー・ロバート/デビュー戦 (総合格闘技津田沼道場)

#14 – NeoBlood Tournament Featherweight Opening round
Yutaka Shimamura (4-5-2) 島村裕 (宇留野道場/ハイブリッドファイター)
Kaneaki Watanabe (0-0)渡辺謙明/デビュー戦 (パラエストラ東京)

#13 – NeoBlood Tournament Featherweight Opening round
Juntaro Ushiku (6-2-1) 牛久絢太郎 (和術慧舟會TLIVE)
Gaku Hirayama (0-0) 平山学/デビュー戦 (フリー)

#12 – NeoBlood Tournament Bantamweight Opening round
Akihisa Fukuyama (1-1-2) 福山晄久 (総合格闘技津田沼道場)
Shohei ‘Convoy’ Masumizu (0-1) コンボイ升水 (マルワジム横浜)

#11 – NeoBlood Tournament Flyweight Opening round
Kento Kanabe (3-0) 神部建斗 (ALLIANCE)
Hironobu Otsu (1-1) 大津ヒロノブ (和術慧舟會GODS)

#10 Bantamweight Main Event
Shintaro Ishiwatari (17-5-4) 石渡伸太郎 (CAVE)
Trevor Ward (4-0) トレバー・ワード/初参戦 (Team Warrior Concepts)

Ward B VS Ishiwatari R
R is lefty
B has much longer reach.
B shows back spin kick.
B kicks head and body.
B hits left knee to his head.
R gets damage.
B rushes and kicks body and head.

B clinches with muy Thai.
R takes down.
But b crawls up.

B uses his reach well.
B throw huge right cross and slips down.
R holds him on the bottom.
He keeps the top and pounding.
B catches in a triangle and elbows to his head.

R gets this round.

Towel is thrown from b corner.
The match is ended.

Ishiwatari wins

#9 – Women’s Bantamweight
Rin Nakai (15-0-1) 中井りん (パンクラスヴィーナス)
Sarah ‘The Monster’ D’Alelio (7-5) サラ・ダレリオ/初参戦 (Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy)

Nakai R VS Sarah B

R gets leg kick,but R tries takes down.but she fails.
She clinches and judo throw.
She gets side and cathches her arm as kimla.
B is struggling to free,it looks almost got.
R sneezing almost one min.
B escapes and back away.

B takes down and tries knee bar.
B changes to ankle.
R kicks hip and crawls up.

B has longer reach.
B uses good jabs.
R tries double and passes.
R catches her arm and jarking.
But B isn’t forced to tap out.
B survives.

R looks tired.
She circling and keep far.
B throws huge right hook.
R tackles with double.
B catches in a triangle.
But R escapes and passes.
R catches her arm as the same before .
B frees her arm.
R keeps her position in north south.
R keeps side.

Rin Nakai wins

#8 – Lightweight Shooto vs Pancrase
Akitoshi ‘Ironman’ Tamura (17-14-2) 初参戦/田村彰敏 (総合格闘技津田沼道場)
Motoshi Miyaji (9-7) 宮路智之 (パラエストラ松戸)

Tambura r VS miyaji b
B is lefty.
R looks very relax and shows huge hooks.
After throwing huge hook,he clinches and push to the cage.
R flips B to the ground.
R almost sweeps ,but B keeps the top.
B crawls up.
Each other throws small punches, clinching on the cage.

B misses r’s leg kick and clinches.
B pushes him to the cage.
Each other eat some knees.
R’s right eye bleeding.
R kicks body and clinches.
R pushes to the cage and throw elbows.

R kicks front leg a few times.
B looks get damage.

R clinches with muy Thai and push to the cage.
R stamps his foot many times.

B turns and pulls him off the fence.
B takes down.
R tries omoplatta from the bottom.
B reverses to inside and pounding.

3-0 winner. Akitoshi ‘Ironman’ Tamura

#7 – Lightweight
Takafumi Ito (38-33-13) 伊藤崇文 (パンクラスism)
Ryuki Ueyama (11-14-5) 上山龍紀 (U-SPIRIT JAPAN町田)

Ueyama B VS Ito R
Both are lefty.
B catches front kick and punches.
After B releases
R pushes to the cage ,but b defends with opening his legs.
B backs away.

B throws jabs,R is circling.
R tries double and pushes him to the cage.

R tries double but B defends.
R pushes him and backs away.

B takes down with double.
R crawls up soon.
B backs away.

R tries double but B defends and pounding.
R crawls up.
They exchange jabs.
B’s striking is better.

B throws jabs and keeps center.
R tries single and gets to the back.
B catches his arm and squeeze.
But the arm is released.

R backs away.

They exchange jabs and B knees against his tackle.
B keeps standing.

Takafumi Ito wins.

#6 – Lightweight
Koji Nakamura (12-8-3) 中村晃司 (パンクラス大阪稲垣組)
Yoshihiro Koyama (17-7-2) 児山佳宏/初参戦 (パラエストラ松戸)

Koyama b VS nakamura r
R is lefty
R kicks head against b’s single.
B gets damage but not stop going forward and taking down.
R hits many pouches against b takes down
B pushing him to the cage.
R defends sitting and holds his neck.

B tries single.
R kicks against it.
But b successes take down.
B pounding to the top.
R crawls up.
B catches his leg and moves high.
R punches his face,but B takes down with foot sweep.

R crawls up to the fence.
He eats some knees.

B takes down with single.
R catches him with full guard.
R tries to crawl up but B keeps his grand position.
R crawls up but B pushes him to the cage, throwing small punches.

Koyama wins

#5 – Super Flyweight
#3 Daichi Kitakata (9-5-1) 北方大地 (パンクラス大阪稲垣組)
#4 Yuki Yasunaga (9-8-1) 安永有希 (東京イエローマンズ)

Kitakata R VS Yasunaga B
B tries single and pushes to the fence.
R crawls up with the fence and changes position.
They keep away.

R gets law blow with left kick.
Referry stops a match.
Refry cautions to B.

B is circling against striking and tries single.
B pushes to the fence and hits body shot a few times.
They keep away.

They circling and R tackles with double and takes down.

R shows left head kick.
They exchange jabs.
R kicks body with left.
B tries single and pushes him to the fence.
R eats some knees on the fence.
They keep away.
They exchange jabs.

R is in the center.
B is circling.
They both steps good and keep the distance well.

B tris single and pushes to the fence.
He tries to slam.
He lifts but R keeps stand.

They keep away and exchange jabs and straights.
Yasunaga wins

#4 – Flyweight
#5 Masakazu Utsugi (6-6-2) 宇都木正和 (パラエストラ古河)
#8 Yukitaka Musashi (4-1-1) 武蔵幸孝 (K-PLACE埼玉格闘技道場)

Utsugi red corner VS musashi blue corner
R is lefty
B tries single and pushes him to the fence.
B pulls him off to the fence.
R crawls up with the fence.
B gets his back and tries choke.
R holds and waits buzzer.

R throw punches.
B tackles and takes down.
R crawls up,but takes down again soon.
R crawls up and pushes him to the fence.
B changes his position.
They break and exchange punches.

B tries single a few times.
R defends but he is taken down last one and he finishes this round on the ground.
B takes down with single.
R crawls up,but b gets his back and tries choke.
R defends choke. B pounding from the back.

3-0 Yukitaka Musashi
B win

#3 – Welterweight
#8 Gota ‘Let’s Gota’ Yamashita (7-2) レッツ豪太 (総合格闘技道場コブラ会)
Kenta Takagi (10-7) 高木健太 (リバーサルジム川口REDIPS)

Gota vs Takagi
Both are lefty.
Takagi shows leg kicks.
Gota circling.
Gota tackles and pushes to the fence.
Gota is damaged Takagis leg kick.

Takagi shows jamping knee.
Gota misses and takes down to the floor.
Gota keeps on the top and pounding.
He passes and side.
He continues pounding.
They going to the center quickly.
Exchanges huge punches.
Goats right hook hits and takagis knee down.
Gota pounding but Takagi catches full guard and rest.
Takagi crawls up with the fence.

Takagi goes inside punching.
Exchanges huge hooks.


Takagi kicks leg and head.
Takagis leg kick hits five times.
Gota can’t defend leg kicks.
Takagi shows back hand.
Gota circling ,Takagi follows and kicks.
Gota targets right hook against his leg kicks,but fails.


#2 – Bantamweight
#8 Yo ‘The Guillotine’ Saito (13-9-3) 齊藤曜 (和術慧舟會トイカツ道場)
2013 Neoblood winner Nobuki Fujii (10-4-3) 藤井伸樹 (ALLIANCE)

Saito is aggressive striking.
Fuji is circling against punches.
Saito clinches and move to the center and takes down.
Saito pounding.
Fuji crawls up,but he is gotten his back.
Saito pushes him to the fence and squeezes his neck.

They show jabs and straights.
Fuji shows jamping knee.
Saito misses it and takes down.
Fuji crawls up. And good jab hits to Saito.
Saito hates standing and tackles.
Fuji stands a little but finally taken down.

Saito pounding and Fuji stands up.

Saito tackles with double.
Fuji defends.
Saito tackles again and gets takedown.
Scrumble and Saito tries front choke.
Fuji escapes ans stands up.
Saito tackles but Fuji defends.
Saito again and success.
Saito cathes with front choke.
Fuji escapes with rolling and stands up.
Saito takes down again and pounding.

Saito win

#1 – Featherweight
#7 Shunpei Ota (5-1) 太田駿平 (ドン・キホーテ)
Yutaka Kobayashi (6-16-4) 小林裕 (U-FILE CAMP)

Kobayashi VS Ota
Both are lefty.
Ota takes down with double. He keeps inside.
Kobayashi crawls up but Ota pull up and takes down.
Kobayashi crawls up with the fence. Ota pushes him to the fence.
Ota pulls him off to the fence and takes down.
Ota inside guard and pounding.

Both exchange jabs.
Ota tackles against left cross.
Kobayashi is taken down. He keeps inside guard and pounding.
Kobayashi moves to the fence little by little.
Kobayashi crawls up with the fence.
But Ota forces him to grand.
Ota gets half mount and pounding.
Kobayashi returns to inside guard.

Both exchanges jabs.
Kobayashi misses huge head kick and slips down.
Ota pushes him to the ground.
Ota pounding and passing guard.
Kobayashi crawls up with the fence.
Oat gets his back.
Kobayashi catches his arm and squeezes like Sakuraba.
Ota escapes and clinch underfook.
Kobayashi crawls up.
Ota pushes him to the fence.