Pancrase 263 results: Shungo Oyama’s final gong, Gota defeats Kondo to keep his Welterweight King status

Shungo Oyama retires, courtesy Maya Saito
Shungo Oyama retires, courtesy Maya Saito

PANCRASE 263 took place on December 7, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan, with Shungo Oyama’s retirement bout against Yuji Sakuragi and Gota Yamashita’s first Welterweight title defense successful against Yuki Kondo.


Shungo Oyama was a Sambo champion and judoka who jumped into MMA at the height of its popularity in Japan over a decade ago. He shot straight into PRIDE, took all fights offered, and while his record reflected the tough uphill battle he climbed, it also proved him to be one of the most courageous and determined fighters in Japan.

At the beginning of his career, Oyama stood toe to toe with the likes of Wanderlei Silva, Peter Aerts, Wallid Ismail, and Dan Henderson. But it wasn’t simple blind courage that drove him, as he gamely proved against a flustered Renzo Gracie at PRIDE 21. It was perseverance. It became his forte, as in being KOed yet coming back six months later to face the same “No Mercy” Melvin Manhoef, and in sustaining career-ending injuries that would have put many a man out of the game long before.

Belts and titles eluded him along the same parallel as did wins in the positive column. Then in 2011, Oyama began a climb in Korea that saw him achieve the highlight of his career. With a win over fellow PRIDE vet Denis Kang, he put himself in line for the first ROAD FC Middleweight Championship. He took that belt in a Grand Prix single night event, and for the first time in his life, his record came even.

After this long, remarkable career, Oyama had his last fight and now hangs up his gloves. His opponent, Sakuragi, is a veteran who knows a thing or two about uphill battles himself. Oyama and Sakuragi went toe to toe for two rounds, with Oyama unfortunately taking the brunt of it in his curtain call, and his corner called for the stoppage.

A tearful ceremony was held for the beloved fighter which saw a cage full of well wishers, fans, and family bid the final bell for Oyama.

Gota Yamashita had his first Welterweight title defense against number one challenger and legend Yuki Kondo. Other than his KO loss to Toshikazu Suzuki in the 2013 NeoBlood finals, “Let’s Gota” had never been finished. The up and coming Cobra Kai welterweight won his title by defeating highly experienced Akihiro Murayama, and although Kondo was his stiffest test to date, Gota held onto his belt with a well-rounded game of counters and takedowns to Kondo’s heavy punches.

In the World Slam Lightweight Tournament, Akira Okada took a contentious split decision from Taisuke Okuno and will meet Satoru Kitaoka in the Final match next year.


Pancrase 263
December 6, 2014
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

Oyama’s Retirement Match
Yuji Sakuragi defeats Shungo Oyama by KO, rd 2

Welterweight King of Pancrase
Gota Yamashita defeats Yuki Kondo by UD

World Slam Lightweight Tournament
Akira Okada defeats Taisuke Okuno by Slit Decision

Akihiro Murayama defeats Shingo Suzuki by KO, rd 3
Kazushi Sugiyama defeats Akito by Mitoma UD
Hikaru Hasumi defeats Takayuki Ijima by UD
Katsuhiro Sakanaka defeats Ryo Takagi by UD
Munetaka Ogawa defeats Nobuhisa Kudo by KO, rd 2
Yuichi Miyagi defeats Naoto Ayukawa by UD
Tomoya Tanaka defeats Takashi Ono by Submission, rd 1
Yasutaka Koga defeats Yusuke Kitago by UD
Yoshihiro Koyama defeats Shunpei Ota by UD
Juntaro Ushiku defeats Tadahiro Harada by UD
Seiji Ozuka defeats Yu Suda by KO rd 2
Hiroaki Ijima defeats Isao Hirose by Split Decision
Kosuke Terashima defeats Fumiya Sasaki by Submission, rd 3
Koji Obata vsKosaku Yanai Draw