Pancrase 265 results: Kitaoka wins the World Slam, Tokudome KOs Koyama



Satoru Kitaoka, Pancrase World Slam Tournament winner
Satoru Kitaoka, Pancrase World Slam Tournament winner

Pancrase 265 took place on March 15, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. In the World Slam Lightweight Tournament Finale Satoru Kitaoka earned a Unanimous Decision over Akira Okada.

DEEP Champ Kitaoka used a game of relentless takedowns to frustrate Okada for three rounds. With the win, Kitaoka earns a shot at King ISAO’s belt – eventually. Kitaoka spoke his mind about how great DEEP is, so let’s see how quick he gets an offer.

Kazuki Tokudome put himself firmly back in the rankings in his first bout post-UFC at home in Japan. He overwhelmed and outclassed Yoshiro Koyama with strikes and nailed a brutal first round KO.

Andy Main became the first person to finish Japanese prospect Hulk Oshiro. He did so in a minute by locking up a triangle. Main called out for a title shot against Nam Phan after the win. He’s ranked fourth in Pancrase featherweights right now, behind fallen former King Takumi and number one contender Guy Delumeau.

King Mitsuhisa Sunabe knocked out Seiji Ozuka in the second round. Yusuke Ogikubo barely eked by on the scorecards against “Shian”. Yuki Baba ran into more bad luck named Lenny Wheeler who knocked him out in 18 seconds. Canadian fighters from the television series Fight Xchange went two out of three in their matches.

March 15, 2015
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

#14 – World Slam Lightweight Finals
Satoru Kitaoka def Akira Okada by Unanimous Decision, 30-27、30-27、29-27

#13 – Lightweight
Kazuki Tokudome def Yoshihiro Koyama by KO, rd 1, 1:38

#12 – Welterweight
Shingo Suzuki def Yuki Kondo by KO, rd 1, 4:56

#11 – Featherweight
Andy Main def Hiroyuki Oshiro by Submission, triangle, rd 1, 1:57

#10 – Flyweight
Mitsuhisa Sunabe def Seiji Ozuka by KO, rd 2, 1:39

#9 – Flyweight
Yusuke Ogikubo def Hiroki Yamashita by Split Decision

#8 – Featherweight
Lenny Wheeler def Yuki Baba by KO, rd 1, :18

#7 – Featherweight
Juntaro Ushiku def Takashi Matsuoka by UD

#6 – Lightweight
Yuki Yamasaki def Shunpei Ota by Submission, armbar, rd 1, 2:22

#5 – Bantamweight
Kosuke Terashima def Masato Sannai by Split Decision

#4 – Lightweight
Takafumi Ito def Koji Takeuchi by UD

#3 – Pancrase vs Canada on Fight Xchange Welterweight
Takashi Sato def Vyron Phillips by UD

#2 – Pancrase vs Canada on Fight Xchange Women’s 120lb
Lindsay Garbatt def Shiori Hori by KO, rd 1, 1:01

#1 – Pancrase vs Canada on Fight Xchange Featherweight
TJ Laramie def Koshi Obata by TKO, rd 1, 2:33


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