Takashi Sato puts away Matt Vaile at Pancrase 300

Pancrase 300 Sato def Vaile
Takashi Sato takes down Matt Vaile at Pancrase 300. Photo by Ryuto.

Pancrase 300 delivered a new lightweight challenger in Takashi Sato, a grinding win by Kyle Aguon, and the anticlimactic return of “Bancho”.

Takashi Sato and Matt Vaile put on a fantastic main event fight. They shot for violent takedowns, had knockdowns each, and brilliant recoveries each from dangerous close calls. The action got more fierce as the seconds ticked on. Sato became the lucky one to the finish when he was able to get mount for the first time and land huge elbows and punches for the TKO.

Kyle Aguon and “Hanzo” Tanaka had exactly a round each with a bout that was showcasing the wrestling acumen of both fighters. The third looked to be almost too close to call as they traded more takedowns, grinding and cage reversals. The judges gave the final round to Aguon thus giving him the split decision win.

In his 3 years comeback fight, “Bancho” Takahashi was down two rounds against Lucio Abreu due to the Brazilian’s positional dominance on the ground. Bancho knew he had to do something in the third. That something was a big right elbow that – while it did not drop Abreu – opened up a cut that the doctor called too big to continue. Bancho was given the anticlimactic TKO victory.

Pancrase 300 Bancho def Abreu
Bancho Takahashi elbows Lucio Abreu at Pancrase 300. Photo by Ryuto.

Shohei Masumizu and Taiki Akiba created movement and clashes in three rounds with Masumiziu controlling the cage with fast and pressuring footwork. While the clips came from both men, Masumizu was nonstop and deservedly won the fight on the scorecards of all three judges.

Former DEEP featherweight champ Hiroto Uesako finally made his debut at lightweight in Pancrase against Kenichiro Togashi. It wasn’t the most eventful of fights, but Uesako was en route to a decision win when he opened up a cut on Togashi’s forehead and the doctor stopped it.

Wizened veteran Yuta Nakamura wouldn’t let rookie Takaaki Nara have any advantage, and hung on to an armbar to get the tap with just ten seconds left on the clock in the first round.

Alan Yamaniya was able to time though Kintaro’s big knock out attempts through two rounds and land numerous takedowns at will. But all Kintaro needed was to land one, and that’s what he did in the final round, to get the referee stoppage after pounding on a turtled Yamaniya.

Pancrase 300 Kintaro def Yamamiya
Kintaro taunts Alan Yamamiya at Pancrase 300. Photo by Ryuto.

Noriyoshi Wada fought through a back and forth round with Kohei Kuraoka, then came out and starched him with a huge right in just 14 seconds of the second round.

Preliminary fights

Katsushi Kojima’s striking was on point, but when a shoot from Ang Shin allowed him to scramble to the back, Kojima was able to get the win with a very quick tap to a back choke from Shin.

Toshihiro Taguchi didn’t seem to want to engage for almost an entire round, but when the ten second clapper went off, so did he, with a one punch KO that made Takuya Saito faceplant.

Junichi Hirata and Hiroki Otani did some back and forth smothering from the top and defensive posturing from the bottom, and is was Hirata who eeked out the split decision win.

Tsuyoshi Kosaka’s student Yohei Misawa did good work from the top position against excellent grappler Kento Mizutani to earn the unanimous decision.

Krazy Bee’s newest prospect Tatsuki Okano delivered a beautiful spinning heel kick to KO Katsuyuki Hironaka in the second round.

Kazuki Shibuya and Keisuke Tachibana grappled back and forth for almost three rounds when Shibuya was able to get the last second kneebar submission.

Satoshi Miyokawa earned a decision over takedown hunter Yuta Miyazawa.

Pancrase 300 Aguon def Hanzo
Kyle Aguon evades Hanzo’s punch at Pancrase 300. Photo by Ryuto.

21 October 2018
Tokyo, Japan

#9 Welterweight
Takashi Sato def Matt Vaile by TKO, R2 3:37

#8 Featherweight
Kyle Aguon def Hiroshige Tanaka by Split Decision

#7 Lightweight
Yoshiaki Takahashi def Lucio Abreu by TKO, cut by elbow, R3

#6 Flyweight
Shohei Masumizu def Taiki Akiba by Unanimous Decision

#5 First REBELS kickboxing match 3×3
Shogo Kuriaki def Kazuki Odano by Split Decision

#4 Lightweight
Hiroto Uesako def Kenichiro Togashi by TKO, cut, R3 3:46

#3 Welterweight 3×3
Yuta Nakamura def Takaaki Nara by Submission, armbar, R1 2:50

#2 Bantamweight
“Kintaro” Yuto Hokamura def Alan Yamaniya by TKO, R3 1:54

#1 Flyweight 3×3
Noriyoshi Wada def Kohei Kuraoka by KO, R2 0:14


#7 Featherweight 3×3
Katsushi Kojima def Ang Shin by Submission, RNC, R2

#6 Featherweight 3×3
Toshihiro Taguchi def Takuya Saito by KO, R1 2:52

#5 Bantamweight 3×3
Junichi Hirata def Hiroki Otani by Split Decision
* Yuma Kitamura out to injury

#4 Flyweight 3×3
Yohei Misawa def Kento Mizutani by Unanimous Decision

#3 Flyweight 3×3
Tatsuki Okano def Katsuyuki Hironaka by KO, spinning back kick, R2

#2 Flyweight 3×3
Kazuki Shibuya def Keisuke Tachibana by Submission, kneebar, R3

#1 Strawweight 3×3
Satoshi Miyokawa def Yuta Miyazawa by Unanimous Decision


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