PANCRASE279 Results: Fights of KING of PANCRASE fighters.




Place:Differ Ariake
Start 15:00 / End 20:40
UFC Fight pass:



PANCRASE279 took place on 24th July 2016 at FULL HOUSE of Differ Ariake.
With Maxium attendance here! (announced by CEO Sakai-san!)


Current Bantam Weight KING of PANCRASE Ishiwatari took TUF 12-Winner Jonathan Brookins as title match. Ishiwatari fought with Brookins a year and 9 months ago here [Differ Ariake] and Ishiwatari lost. So This fight was a REVENGE fight for him. (For Jonathan, he missed his weight-making (+0.9kg) for this fight.)

Ishiwatari could prove his strength and capability with this fight (to the world) and after his winning Ishiwatari said the strong desire to fight at UFC. It’s time!

“Dancing MMA” Yasunaga…he won over to “Brazilian Tower” Rildeci Lima Dias with his MMA 4 months ago… and former SHOOTO champion “SAMURAI” Miki fought for being 3rd Fly Weight KING of PANCRASE. For almost all rounds Miki chased quick-moving Yasunaga and Miki won by decision. There are 2 Key words. The balance and the strategy to “the game” (to go and NOT to go).

With 12 years absence Yushin “Thunder” Okami returned to PANCRASE and took Current Welter-Weight King of PANCRASE from ALLIANCE Shingo Suzuki. And Okami won by rear-choke with his strong confidence of his strength. Just strong.

For years PANCRASE has invited foreign fighters and arranged fights with [Japanese fighters VS foreign fighters] aggressively. And these effort makes Japanese fighters “LEVEL-UP” to be able to compete to world’s MMA like UFC. And obviously this is the strong and good PATH to world’s MMA for Japanese fighters.



Main Event (Bantam Weight KING of PANCRASE Title Match:5min x 5R)
Shintaro Ishiwatari(CAVE) VS Jonathan Brookins(Tristar)
Ishiwatari won by 3-0/Decision.
*Ishiwatari got ¥1,100,000- as KING-of-PANCRASE-WIN-BONUS and WIN-BONUS with International-Fight!

14-1 OK

14-2 OK

14-3 OK

14-4 OK

14-5 OK

14-6 OK

14-7 OK

14-8 OK

14-9 OK

14-10 OK

14-11 OK

14-12 OK

14-13 OK

14-14 OK

14-15 OK

14-16 OK


13th Fight (Fly Weight KING of PANCRASE Title Match:5min x 5R)
Yuki Yasunaga(Tokyo Yellow-manz) VS Ryuichi Miki(CAVE)
Miki won by 3-0/Decision.

13-0 PANCRASE279 Title Match OK

13-1 OK

13-2 OK

13-3 OK

13-4 OK

13-5 OK

13-6 OK

13-7 OK

13-8 OK

13-9 OK

13-10 OK

13-11 OK

13-12 OK


12th Fight (Welter Weight:5min x 3R)
Shingo Suzuki(ALLIANCE) VS Yushin Okami(Wajyutsu Keishu-kai Tokyo)
Okami won by Rear Choke at 1R 2’06”.

12-1 OK

12-2 OK

12-3 OK

12-4 OK

12-5 OK

12-6 OK

12-7 OK

12-8 OK


11th Fight (Bantam Weight:5min x 3R)
Masakatsu Ueda(PARAESTRA Tokyo) VS Rafael Silva(ASTRA FIGHT TEAM)
Rafael Silva won 3-0/Decision.

11-1 OK

11-2 OK

11-3 OK

11-4 OK

11-5 OK

11-6 OK

11-7 OK

11-8 OK


10th Fight (Fly Weight:5min x 3R)
Rin Nakai won TKO at 3R 2’43”.
*Nakai changed her class to Fly Weight.
*Nakai got ¥150,000- as KING-of-PANCRASE-Fight and WIN-BONUS!

10-1 OK

10-2 OK

10-3 OK

10-4 OK

10-5 OK

10-6 OK

10-7 OK

10-9 OK


9th Fight (Fly Weight:3min x 3R)
Convoy Masumizu(MASUMIZU-Gumi) VS SHIAN(PARAESTRA Osaka)
Masumizu won by TKO at 2R 0’41”.

9-1 OK

9-2 OK

9-3 OK

9-4 OK

9-5 OK



8th Fight (Light Weight:5min x 3R)
AKIRA(Free) VS Hiroki Nagaoka(Sougo Kakutogi Dojo DOBUITA)
AKIRA won by 3-0/Decision.

8-1 OK

8-2 OK

8-3 OK

8-4 OK

8-5 OK


7th Fight (Straw Weight:5min x 3R)
SHURI(VOS GYM) VS Nicole “ANGEL” Caliari(Thai Brasil)
SHURI won by 3-0/Decision.
*SHURI got ¥100,000- as WIN-BONUS with International-Fight!

7-1 OK

7-2 OK

7-3 OK

7-4 OK

7-5 OK

7-6 OK


6th Fight (Welter Weight:3min x 3R)
Yukisora(ALIVE) VS Akihiro Takanabe(GUTSMAN)
Takanabe won 3-0/Decision.

6-1 OK

6-2 OK

6-3 OK

6-4 OK

6-5 OK


5th Fight (Welter Weight:3min x 3R)
Kenta Takagi(Reversal Gym Kawaguchi REDIPS) VS Hiroyuki Tetsuka(Hybrid Wrestling Yamada Dojo)
Takagi won TKO at 2R 0’25”.(Doctor Stop)

5-1 OK

5-2 OK

5-3 OK

5-4 OK

5-5 OK

5-6 OK

5-7 OK


4th Fight (Light Weight:3min x 3R)
Kenichiro Togashi(PARAESTRA Hiroshima) VS Joao Batista Yoshimura(TS GYM)
Yoshimura won by TKO at 2R 2’12”.

4-1 OK

4-2 OK

4-3 OK

4-4 OK

4-5 OK


3rd Fight (Feather Weight:3min x 3R)
Guy Delumeau(GUTSMAN) VS Satoshi Inaba(Akimoto-Dojo jungle junction)
Guy Delumeau won by Give-up/Twister! at 1R 1’40”.

3-1 OK

3-2 OK

3-3 OK

3-4 OK

3-5 OK


2nd Fight (Bantam Weight:3min x 3R)
Hulk Oshiro(VOS GYM) VS Kenta Sakuma(PARAESTRA Kashiwa)
Sakuma won KO at 2R 1’50”.

2-1 OK

2-2 OK

2-3 OK

2-4 OK

2-5 OK


1st Fight (Fly Weight:3min x 3R)
Hiroaki Ijima(GUTSMAN) VS Yuki Uejima(Brave)
Ijima won by 3-0/Decision.

1-1 OK

1-2 OK

1-3 OK

1-4 OK

1-5 OK