ONE FC 9: Live play-by-play and results


ONE FC Manila

ONE FC 9 “Rise to Power”
May 31, 2013
MOA Arena
Manila, Philippines

#10 – Featherweight Championship Defence
Honorio Banario (Lakay MMA) (8-1) vs Koji Oishi (Pancraseism) (23 -9-10)

A very cautious four minutes leads to one minute of pain when Koji knock the champ down then follows it up, and Honorio regains his composure and returns the favor in spades, sitting Koji on his butt and trying to end it. The bell rings

Round 2 starts slow, with Honorio trying to herd Oishi, but the second he makes a move in, Koji throws a picture perfect right hook that flips his head around and it’s all over.

 Koji Oishi defeats Honorio Banario by KO, 1:45, rd 2

#9 – Interim Bantamweight Championship
Bibiano Fernandes (AMC Pankration) (13-3) vs Koetsu Okazaki (Nakanoshima MMA Academy) (8-2-1)

In our interview, Bibiano said he feels like a complete mixed martial artist now. He proved his point by coming out with two high kicks and a trip to take Koetsu down. He works to his back and locks on a body lock then a tight RNC. Koetsu weathers it. The rest of the round he spends inside that lock, warding off a few choke attempts.

Bibi wastes no time in going for the shoot.  Bibiano swarms Koetsu and takes his back standing. Koetsu gets out eventually, only to have the same gameplan applied again. Bibiano gets another take down into Koetsu’s guard but he can’t do much with it.  The round ends with Bibiano standing, throwing kicks to the legs of Koetsu.

Koetsu starts round three with a smarter plan of staying out of range of Bibiano’s take downs.  But he soon gets cornered against the cage and double legged.  Bibiano works to his back and puts on the seatbelt.  Koetsu is inactive until he finally reverses!  In guard he tries to GNP but armbar attempts and upkicks thwart him.

Round four sees Bibiani get Koetsu against the cage then down with an outside leg trip.  He mounts.  Koetsu rolls and gives up his back yet again.  Koetsu reverses but Bibno reverses him with a neck crank and takes the back again.  Bibano doesn’t look to finish and Koetsu is able to reverse into guard again.  Koetsu’s single dominant move is a kick attempt to Bibiano’s head as he tries to stand.  Bibiano pays him back with several strikes

Koetsu comes out with a flying knee.  During another TD attempt, Koetsu thinks he has a guillotine and jumps guard.  He ends up hitting the canvas where he works off his back with upkicks until Bibi gets down and dirty, taking his back.  And in yet another repeat, Koetsu is able to reverse up and out.

Bibiano Fernandes defeats Koetsu Okazaki by Unanimous Decision

#8-Bantamweight Grand Prix Final
Masakatsu Ueda (Paraestra Tokyo) (17-2-2) vs Kevin Belingon (Lakay MMA) (11-2)

After a minute of feeling out, Ueda shoots and Belingon stuffs it, tries to land kicks.  Another minutes and Ueda shoots, this time he gets it down and is inside Kevin’s guard.  He keeps the pressure and gets one leg out.  Ueda in side control now, good strong pressure and tight game from Ueda.  He lands lots of knees to the body.  Kevin traps a leg and tries to reverse but can’t. Ueda goes for  a kimura but gives it up and tries more knees.  Kevin finds a hole int he pressure and sneaks out, they stand up the last ten seconds of the round.

Kevin kicks and eats a right, then Ueda shoots and misses, giving his back.  Kevin tries to take advantage but Ueda’s ground game is far superior and he regains the position on top.  Ueda takes an arm but can’t lock it and Kevin weathers the pain.  Kevin gets it back to standing and Ueda turns into a sloppy shoot game that keeps giving Kevin and advantage to take his back.  the round ends with Ueda receiving an accidental groin kick.

Round two opens with a nice right from Ueda to Belingon’s face. Ueda sloppy shoots and eats a huge knee!!!  Belingon punishes him for it, battering him with everything he has and bloodies Ueda completely!  Scrambles on the ground and Ueda is able to gain mount and end the last 30 seconds on top and pulverizing Kevin in turn.

Masakatsu Ueda defeats Kevin Belingon by Unanimous Decision

#7 – Flyweight
Yasuhiro Urushitani (Tribe MMA) (19-6-6) vs Rey Docyogen (Lakay MMA) (10-1)

A wonderful back and forth stand up round from the UFC vet and the sanda stand out.  Rey’s side kicks and unorthodox stance are entertaining and he uses them with nice counters.  Urushitani is looking to punch and take down, but can’t be dominant in either.

A fierce round 2 ensues, and Rey uses kicks to set up a right that blasts Urushitani!  He pays him back wih a standing guillotine and some knees. Rey pops out and away. Rey is landing kick after kick to Urushitani’s legs.  Urishitani thinks he’s found his distance, but Rey is uncannily evasive and lands kicks as counters!  Rey ducks a left hook and lands an overhand right counter!  Another action-packed round.

Round three and Rey starts using some very fancy foot work that turns into a run away from the action. He’s gushing blood from his nose so the doctor is taking a look. At the restart, Urushitani runs at Rey who flying kicks him. Rey starts landing all kinds of kicks and a nice right, then Urushitani sets him on his butt with his own!  Rey’s running is not looking nice, but those in and out kicks are doing the deed.

Yasuhiro Urushitani defeats Rey Docyogen by Split Decision

#6 – Welterweight
Phil Baroni (AKA) (15-16) vs Nobutatsu Suzuki (Bushinjuku) (9-1-2)

Phil walks out in a full length silver striped robe (at least it’s not just his underwear). They open the round trading back and forth, Suzuki keeping Baroni away with front kicks. But Phil rocks him with a right and follows up with a tack down. Suzuki quickly works back up. A combination and knees and a 1-2-3 floor the Badass.  Suzuki follows him him down and after several shots to Phil’s head before Serizawa jumps in to stop it. Turns out, Phil’s ankle is badly broken and that’s why he went down.

Nobutatsu Suzuki defeats Phil Baroni by KO,  4:17, rd 1

#5 – Lightweight
Eduard Folayang (Lakay MMA) (12-3) vs Kamal Shalorus (American Combat Association) (7-3-2)

The boys want to bang. Shalorus gets a trip to a single leg and takes down Folayang to side control,  Folayang finally bridges and twists his way out. A stand up trade ensues, with high kicks and spinning backfists. Kamal catches a spinning back kick with a high crotch takedown. Again, Folayang, against the fence, is able to work it back up. The round ends with a nice side kick from Folayang.

Round two and Kamal’s looking for the takedown again.  Eduard is stuffing them but leaving his back open.  Back to standing and Folayang lands a huge right to bust open Kamal’s right eye.  Kamal takes him back down for it.  Folaya resists an arm triangle and recovers guard, only to lose it to half, and eat a lot of elbows in the process.  Kamal goes for an arm triangle and mounts, but the position doesn’t give him any leverage and Folayang waits it out until he can get bak his arm.  The bell starts it over again for  a third.

Round three looks to start a bit more cautious but Eduard’s just going headhunting.  At first, he seems to have gaged a way to  stay outside the td, but gets a little too close and is single legged again.  This time he jumps guard and tried for a guillotine.  Kamal pops out and wrestles to side control but Eduard cage walks up again.  A single leg by Kamal may have sealed it in his favor at the last ten seconds.

Kamal Shalorus defeats Eduard Folayang by Unanimous Decision

#4 – Flyweight
Andrew Leone (Phuket Top Team) (5-2) vs Geje Eustaquio (Lakay MMA) (4-1)

Geje comes out and looks for the TD!  Andrew gets a nice trip from the clinch and works to back where he forces Geje to survive several minutes of backchoke attempts.  Geje does more than survive, he fends off numerous chokes and punches Andrew over and over, forcing him to  defend until the bell rings!

In the second, Leone is forced to get a throw from the back where he sits Geje down. For the next three minutes, Geje fights off chokes and gives the thumbs up, finally reversing, getting out and landing two kicsk to Leone’s head.  Leone is up and for the last minute, the two showboat a little friendly taunting to the delight of the fans.

Geje wobbles Andrew with a right. Andrew pays him back with a single leg and lands in guard where Geje starts with the elbows.  Andrew works to the side and delivers some knees, and finally to north south. A tiring Geje fends off chokes by bridging. The battle ends this way. What a fight.

 Andrew Leone defeats Geje Eustaquio by Unanimous decision

#3 – Bantamweight
Ryan Diaz (Tiger Muay Thai) (13-13) vs Yusup Saadulaev (Top Team Fight Club) (9-3)

Ryan comes out looking to strike fast and hard, and ends up throwing Ysup down.  From there he gets a mounted crucifix that amazingly Yusup gets out of.  However, the remaining minutes are full of kicks, knees and punches from Diaz. Again Diaz comes on strong. Yusup bides his time and finally gets an inside trip from the clinch.  Yusup transitions from back to side to full mount.  He gets Diaz neck and works around to a tight tight Darce.

Yusup Saadulaev defeats Ryan Diaz by submission,  Darce choke, 2:57, rd 2

#2 – Lightweight
Lowen Tynanes (808 Fight Factory/Powerhouse MMA) (4-0) vs Felipe Enomoto (Enomoto Dojo) (6-5)

Lowen punches Enomoto, takes him down and from a crucifix and side control, lands two minutes worth of elbows and punches until Yuji Shimada stops it.

Lowen Tynanes defeats Felipe Enomoto by TKO, ref stoppage due to strikes, 2:41, rd 1

#1 – Heavyweight
Tim Sylvia (Team Extreme/Champions Gym) (31-8) vs Tony Johnson (AKA/SUCO) (6-1)

Tim weighed in over so this first heavy becomes a catchweight. Tim looks to bang, Tony gets a single leg and takes him down. Against the cage, Tim’s able to work his way back up. The next couplee of minutes see the men wrestling up against the cage until Kenichi Serizawa breaks it. Tony starts working combos and changing levels, then shoots, but Tim stuffs it. The stand up sees Tim lands some nice shots until Tony gets it down for the end of the round.

Tony hits a single right from the bell and manhandles Tim on the mat. Tim works his way to guard, and then Tony’s reach only allows him to land some elbows from inside. One and a half minutes it’s stood up. Tony shoots and Tim sprawls and is able to land a couple of knees. Serizawa stands them up again. Tim finds his mark but the bell rings.

Round three is a repeat with Tim figuring out the shoot. Another couple of minutes against the cage and finally they are pulled apart. Tim finds his mark in the clinch and starts landing rights and huge knees. Tony’s rocked, and is fortunate to knock him off balance. And lands an elbow that splits Sylvia’s brow wide open.

Tony Johnson defeats Tim Sylvia by Doctor Stoppage, 3:25, rd 3