Pacific Xtreme Combat hosts their 37th outing in Manila at the Ynares Sports Arena on May 18, 2013.  The bouts commence at 7pm and will be live streamed, with a tertiary broadcast on AKTV.  The Main Event features the Bantamweight Championship defense by Crisanto Pitpitunge against Michinori Tanaka.

A four-man tournament for the PXC Featherweight Championship was determined with Mark Streigl versys Yusuke Yachi and Nate Thorell and Kim JangYong.  Streigl versus Yachi is delayed from this card due to both fighters suffering injuries, but Thorell versus Kim will commence.

#8 – Bantamweight Title Defense
Crisanto Pitpitunge (4-1) (Lakay MMA) vs Michinori Tanaka (7-0) (Groundslam)

First round sees Michinori go for a nice trip and taking mount, trying for a guillotine from the top. Cris pops up! They stand and Cris throws nice kicks. Michinori goes for a td and Cris scrambles to the back, gets back, with one of Michinori’s arms tied inside a body triangle. He lasts out a RNC for 30 seconds! Round two sees the first half with no action. Michinori fakes an overhead right and goes for the single leg, gets Cris down and beats on him until the bell. Round three, Michinori gets rocked by a right, but automatically shoots and beats on Cris again for several minutes. Tanaka goes for a sub, slips off, and momentarily Cris gains top position. Michinori reverses and it’s back to the same. He tries to lock on a choke, but Cris is strong and stands up and almost out of it.

Round four! Another completely dominant round by Tanaka who takes elbows to the skull but still gets a huge double leg. Round five! Again, all Tanaka. He throws knees a minute to the end, and Cris sees the opportunity so snake out and reverse it, to get and keep Tanaka in side control until the end.

Michinori Tanaka defeats Crisanto Pitpitunge by decision, 48-46

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#7 – Featherweight Tournament Semifinal Match 1
Jang Yong Kim (5-5-1) (Korean Top Team) vs Nate Quiniola Thorell (4-1) (808 Fight Factory)

Into the first round, Nate is getting the best of the stand up game. He gets a TD and Kim reverses it, and grabs an arm, spinning Nate over for a tap!

Jang Yong Kim defeats Nate Quiniola Thorell by submission, kimura, rd 1

During the break, boxer Gretchen Abagiel is announced to fight on the next PXC card.

#6 – Bantamweight
Troy Bantiag (5-1) (Lakay MMA) vs Trevin Jones (2-2) (Underworld Extreme)

A takedown by Treving. But then a kick got Trevin on the ground. Bantiag attempted a leg triangle 10 seconds Before round 1 ended. Trevins taking the fight on the ground, Trevin knew Bantiag is not good at ground games. Trevin’s always on top and Bantiag’s struggling to get out from it. Trevin played a very smart game and came out with the win.

Trevin Jones defeats Troy Bantiag by decision, 29-28, 30-27, 29-28

#5 – Lightweight
Reno Remigio (1-1) vs Seung Chan Hong (2-0) (Korean Top Team)

Rounds one and two are a battle of game plans with Hong wanting to go to the ground after some mixing it up on the feet, but unable to be dominant with his TDs because of Reno’s long legs. The fight goes into the third, with a tough chin by Hong making people wonder if he can be KOed or if he’s going to last and get one. So many knees elbows and punches by Reno! A crisp right lands on Hong’s china and knocks him down, Reno follows it up with punches until the Korean turtles and the ref steps in.

Reno Remigio defeats Seung Chan Hong, rd 3, 2:09

#4 – Flyweight
Jerome Wanawan (3-1) (Lakay MMA) vs Ernesto Montilla (1-1)

A very nice and technical stand up game between these two in the first round. Wanawan locks up a tight arm bar, but Montilla gets out! Montilla rocks Wanawan with a right, but doesn’t go in for the kill. Round two sees Montilla stalking, and using a great jab, Wanawawan shooting. Wanawan rocks Montilla! But he does nothing to follow up. Montilla sets up a huge right that topples Wanawan, follows up while he’s on all fours, and the ref waives it off.

Ernesto Montilla defeats Jerome Wanawan by TKO, rd 2, 3:25

#3 – Lightweight
Syafiq Abdul Bin Samad (1-0) (Juggernaut) vs Wesley Machado (0-0)

Syafiq with the TD and on top trying a rear naked choke, but Machado escapes, and he’s bleeding. Syafiq’s controling the game, pushing machado against the cage through the first round. Round two, Machado’s bleeding from somewhere, possibly the eyes. Again to the ground and Syafiq grounds and pounds Machado, elbows are flying. Machado gets guard and throws punches onto Syafiq’s nose, and gets a reversal for some GNP of his own. But Syafiq slaps on an armbar and Machado taps!

Syafiq Abdul Bin Samad defeats Wesley Machado by submission, armbar, rd 2

#2 – Featherweight
Takumi Nakayama (17-13-6) (Paraestra) vs Jonathan Pecyna (0-0)

Pecyna came out looking to be dominant but Takumi opted for the clinch game, took the wrestler down. Takumi secured a very quick kimura, and they had a little bit of a scramble but that kimura was tight. Pecyna wasn’t able to get away from it and eventually tapped.

Takumi Nakayama defeats Jonathan Pecyna by submission, kimura, rd 1

#1 – Featherweight
Rolando Gabriel Dy Navarette (2-2) (FC!) vs Arex Montalban (2-0)

It was a very intense round, both fighters were aggressive. But as Dy took it to the ground early, his ground game was a big factor. He worked to north-south, landed elbows from the top, and finally slapped on the arm bar.

Rolando Gabriel Dy Navarette defeats Arex Montalban by Submission, armbar, rd 1, 4:50


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