Pacific Xtreme Combat conducted its 37th event in Manila, Philippines on May 18, 2013. In the main event, the Bantamweight Champion Crisanto Pitpitunge was dethroned by phenom Michinori Tanaka in a five-round war.

PXC 37 was held in the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City, Philippines this past May 18th.  MMA-in-ASIA Correspondent Kristi Barrientos was on hand to cover the action. The 2,400 capacity Ynares was maxed out not only by Filipino people but also by Americans, Japanese, Singaporeans and even Brazilians. The crowd was excited and very lively, looking forward to watching their favourite fighters. Flashy lights, dry ice, big screen, sexy round girls and a thumping sound system set the crowd alight.

The first bout of the night was between Arex Montalban and Rolando Dy. Arex had a go-getting attitude to knock out Rolando, but Rolando chose to take the fight to the ground where he worked on armbar after armbar. The fight was intense – both were very aggressive – but Rolando Dy’s superior ground game made the biggest impact. Rolando succeeded in submitting Arex Montalban via armbar just 10 seconds before the first round ended.

Takayumi Nakayama, the current Pancrase Featherweight Champion, came looking to claim another win against Johny Pecyna from Hawaii’s Juggernaut Fight Club. Takayumi was backstage warming up since 4pm, while Johny on the other hand was in the dugout resting his mind and body for the fight. In the early part of the first round, Pecyna dominated the fight, executing two suplexes, take downs, punches, and leg kicks to Takayumi – a stand up war. In round two, Takayumi took Pecyna on the ground and executed a kimura from the top that quickly made Johny Pecyna tap. Takayumi’s next fight will likely be against Mark Streigl on the PXC card in August.

Syafiq Abdul Bin Samad from the Singapore’s Juggernaut Fight Club took on Wesley Machado, a Brazilian model and fighter in the third match of the night. Syafiq said he was looking to finish the fight at the earliest chance in the first round, while Wesley said he would try his best to make his debut fight as impressive as he could. Both entered the round very aggressively, trying to land hard blows, which ended up bloodying Machado’s face first. Then Syafiq landed solid blows and kicks that knocked Machado to the canvas, where he followed up with ground and pound. Syafiq then imposed a ground game which led to the armbar that made Machado tap.

Jerome Wanawan is a 23 year old Team Lakay fighter who wanted to make a big come back from his loss against Eugene Toquero. Ernesto Montilla Jr. is a very innocent and fragile looking boy who surprisingly packs a big punch. Both men are stand-up fighters. Wanawan gave Montilla a right upper cut that lowered Montilla’s defense and made him a little dizzy, but instead of following up the punch and taking the opportunity, Wanawan backed off. Montilla recovered and got back on Wanawan, and punched him so hard that it was his turn to hit the deck. Unfortunately Wanawan wasn’t able to recover the way Montilla had, so Montilla got the “w” via referee stoppage.

Hong Seung Chan, the kid from Korean Top Team, wanted to maintain his winning streak. Quirino Remegio, the Hawaian/Filipino from the 808 Fight Factory, wanted to impresss the Filipino fans. Reno, from the first round to the third, delivered Chan knees to the body, punches to the face, and elbows to the jaw straight into round three. The KTT kid wasn’t able to do anything but accept the blows that were given to him. Despite a broken jaw and the loss of some teeth, Chan never gave up and tried to fight back so it was up to the referee to stop the match at 2 minutes into the third.

Troy Bantiag versus Trevin Jones started in the first round as a stand up fight. Bantiag let out kicks that shook Trevin, but Trevin took Bantiag down and pinned him. Bantiag wasn’t able to get out, and after three rounds of similar ground pressure from Trevin, he got the nod from the judges.

Jang Yong Kim was looking for revenge for his teammate Chan’s loss earlier in the night. Nate Thorell came into the cage looking pumped up enough to win against “the Beast”. The assertive Thorell drew first blood, while Kim waited, looking for the right moment to give Thorell a dose of his own medicine. Kim’s assertiveness and fierce attitude saw him dominate, and his superior grappling skills earned him a win via arm bar.

The Finale and the most awaited match of the night was between the Japanese challenger Michinori Tanaka versus the Igorot fighter Champion Crisanto Pitpituge. Both have gone through rough training just to achieve this level in their MMA career, and the winner of this fight is expected to be heavily considered by the UFC.

Tanaka, said to be ‘the man without weakness’, faced “The Slugger” of Team Lakay Pitpituge. Crisanto wanted to make the bashers who said he ‘will not last longer than one round inside the cage with P-nori’ eat their words. Tanaka and Crisanto took the fight to the ground in the first round, and Crisanto was able to get a solid back choke on Tanaka, making the crowd go wild – so loud that the referee wasn’t able to hear the bell and it had to be rung three times. Crisanto executed leg kicks, some quite strong, but most of them were caught by Tanaka and turned into takedowns. Crisanto wasn’t able to move out from the take downs and the pins, and wasn’t able to defend and guard himself from the ground and pound of the Japanese fighter. The fight went the full five rounds and the judges scored unanimously in favor of Michinori Tanaka, which made him the new Pacific Xtreme Combat Bantamweight Champion.

Oficial Results:
1. Rolando Dy, defeats Arex Montalban via Armbar submission in the 1st round
2. Takumi Nakayama defeats Johny Pecyna via Kimura in the 2nd round
3. Syafiq Abdul Bin Samad defeats Wesley Machado via Armbar submission in the 2nd round
4. Ernestol Montilla jr. Defeats Jerome Wanawan via referee stoppage in the 2nd round
5. Quirino Remegio defeats Hong Seung Chan via referee stoppage in the 3rd round
6. Trevin Jones defeats Troy Bantiag via Unanimous decision.
7. Jang Yong Kim Defeats Nate Thorell via armbar in the 2nd round
8. Michinori Tanaka defeats Crisanto Pitpitunge via Unanimous decision.