PXC 39 live results and updates



PXC 39
September 14, 2014
Smart Araneta Arena
Manila, Philippines

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#8 – Featherweight Championship
Mark Striegl vs. Jang Yong Kim

Round 1 is underway! Double leg scored by Mark. Kim working for a kimura, now in Striegl’s guard, looking so strong. He nearly make striegl tap with that kimura. Another kimura attempt by km! They scramble! Now he gets Kim’s back, crowd goes nuts again. Striegl working on a tight RNC, Solid gnp. Now he got Kim’s back and attempts an armbar But Kim escapes! Technical ground battle between the two. Kim scored a hip throw! Kim is now on Striegl’s side mount tryimg an armbar which Striegl escapes. They are back on their feet! Round 1 ends!

Round 2 – Both fighters slowed down a bit. Round house to the body connects for Kim – Mark felt that kick. Kim is aggressive. Now Striegl shoots and scored a double! Kimura attempt by Kim, well defended by Striegl. Striegl scrambles but he ended up being at the bottom, Kim working to pass, Now Kim is in Strieg’s half guard with Gnp. Mark looks tired. Round 2 ends with Striegl on the bottom, Kim with side control.

Round 3 – Another kick to the body by Kim. Striegl is breathing heavily. Kicks to the body by Kim again, Striegl shoots for double..didnt get it. Kim on Striegl’s back and looking for the kimura. Striegl is hurt but he defended the kimura again. Ouch, that’s a super deep kimura right there, but Striegl managed to escape! On their feet now, Striegl is rocked by uppercut and 1-2. Now Kim is in the sidemount position. Striegl tapped!

Jang Yong Kim defeats Mark Striegl by Submission, rd 2

#7 – Bantamweight
Jessie Rafols vs. Loius Smolka

Smolka immediately shoots for double, Jessie defended very well. Rafols attempted a very deep guillotine but the Hawaiian managed to escape. Now Smolka’s got Rafols’ back!

Loius Smolka defeats Jessie Rafols by Submission, RNC, rd 1

#6 – Flyweight
Ernesto Montilla Jr. vs. Roldan Sangcha-an

Fast paced action in the first minute! Both guys connecting punches and kicks. Roldan attempts a double and he gets it, takes Montilla’s back. Working a guillotine choke, they scramble, Now Motilla’s working on a rnc. Back on their feet, both guys slugging it out! Close 1st round! Round 2 – Roldan connects spinning kick to the body countered by Montilla’s right and takes the back. Full mount by Roldan, working on a guillotone, he gets it! Montilla tapped in the 2nd!!

Roldan Sangcha-an defeats Ernesto Montilla Jr. by Submission, guillotine, rd 2

#5 – Featherweight
Rolando Gabriel Dy vs. Kyle “Boom” Reyes

Reyes connects with a heavy leg kick, he’s then swarmed Dy throwing punches. Dy got up and threw a hard knee to Reyes’ face! He answered back with his own right hand! Both fighters trading heavy blows! Reyes looking exhausted already. Dy taunts Reyes and connects with two hard knees to the face. Reyes answered with a hard leg kick. Another knee from Dy, Reyes is swinging now, Dy connects with a jab. Uppercut plus roundhouse connects for Dy. Dy scored a t.d! Round 1 ends and he is taunting Reyes. Round 2 here we go. Hard leg kicks again by Dy, again he throws a left upper and a right rooundhouse to the leg. Reyes initiating the clinch game, then shoots but a solid sprawl by Dy, now they are back in the clinch. Solid elbows by Dy in the clinch. Now they are back in the center of the cage. Dy shoots for a double but Reyes sprawled, Dy scored a t.d now he is in Reyes’ half guard and landing elbows to the thigh. Rd. 2 ends with both guys on their feet! Clearly a Dy round right there, Reyes is breathing heavily.

Round 3 – Leg kick by Dy connects, Reyes answers with his own but is locked. Reyes working for a double, good sprawl by Dy and he’s
throwing punches from the top then working hard inside Reyes’ half guard. Now reyes managed to recover his guard. Dy, again in the half guard throwing heaaavy punches. Hammer fists one after another by Dy. Reyes is gassed! Reyes managed to get up but he ate 5 solod knees from Dy in the clinch! Round ends! Dy said during the post fight interview, “That is why I am called “The incredible” because you dont like me when im angry. Reyes made me mad yesterday during the weigh ins and he paid the ptice tonight.” When asked by the announcer on what is his next plan he said ” I wanna eat”.

Rolando Gabriel Dy defeats Kyle “Boom” Reyes by UD

#4 – Lightweight
Isaiah Ordiz vs. Glen Ranillo

Ranillo kind of slipped so Ordiz took the opportunity to pin him right away. Ordiz working inside Ranillo’s guard until the ref stands them up. Ordiz threw some kicks before clinching. Ordiz got the back and is working on a RNC but the round ends. Round 2 – Quick exchanges from both guys, Ranillo connects a kick answered by Ordiz with his own kick to the body. Ordiz on the Thai clinch.
Ranillo scored a t.d., now he is in Ordiz’ half guard then passes to side. Ordiz trying to use the cage to escape. Ranillo is working on a guillotine but Ordiz recovered his guard. Round ends with Ordiz in Ranillo’s open guard as he scored a reversal 5 seconds before the round ends. Round 3 – Ranillo immediately rushed in to take Ordiz down buy he failed. Now Ordiz is in the sidemount courtesy of the single leg t.d. Ranillo’s ground game is pretty decent. Both guys exchanging hammer fists even from the bottom. Ranillo attempts an armbar but Ordiz defended it well. Ordiz is back in guard, hammer fists by Ranillo from the bottom.
Looks like Ordiz is cut. Ordiz looks for a single but Ranillo is hammering him with punches until the round ends… close fight.

Glen Ranillo defeats Isaiah Ordiz by UD

#3 – Welterweight
Ross Ebanez vs. Zebaztian Kadestam

Ebanez immediately connects 1-2. Good hand speed being showed by Ebanez. Here come the wicked leg kicks by Zebaztian, 2 in a row. Kick to the body that dropped Ebanez! The ref stopped the fight!

Zebaztian Kadestam defeats Ross Ebanez by TKO, rd 1


#2 – Flyweight
Jinel Lausa vs. Adam Cacay

Round one – What an opening round between Cacay and Lausa! Lausa lands many significant blows. Round 2 – Lausa connecting solid punches. Now Cacay is attempti a single and he got it! Lausa reverses now he is on top of Cacay. Lausa is still on the full mount position. Another dominating round for Lausa as we head to the 3rd. Superb striking being display Lausa. Cacay’s left eye is swollen now.

Jinel Lausa defeats Adam Cacay by TKO, verbal submission, rd 3

#1 – Bantamweight
Harold Banario vs. Adamson Torbiso

Banario utilizes his wrestling early and takes Torbiso on the ground. Now Banario is raining down elbows from the top! He changes position to get an arm bar and Torbiso taps!

Harold Banario defeats Adamson Torbiso by Submission, Armbar, rd 1


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