PXC 40 live results and updates



Pacific Xtreme Fighting holds its 40th card in hometown of Guam on October 25, 2013. The event features Michinori Tanaka’s first Lightweight title defence against Kyle Aguon.

Undefeated Michinori Tanaka is making his first title defense against Kyle Aguon.  Former URCC Featherweight Champ Will Chope makes his debut against King Of Pancrase Takumi Nakayama.  Celebrated Japanese MMA fighter and kickboxer VV Mei will step into the PXC cage for the first time in an exciting match up with the very tough “Little” Patricia Vidonic.  Brothers Tyrone and Trevin Jones get the chance to appear on the same card together, the former against Chuji Kato and the latter against Alvin Cacdac.

PXC 40
October 25, 2013
University of Guam Field House
Mangilao, Guam

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#9 – Bantamweight Championship
Michinori Tanaka vs. Kyle Aguon

Testing out distance with striking, Tanaka shoots and gets a single. Ensuing scramble sees Aguon switching to the back. Tanaka stands and turns. Tanaka gets it down and tries to take the back, Aguon has a leg and prevents it. Tanaka looks to pressure from the top at the end of the round. Tanaka goes for a td and is almost swept, avoids a triangle and pressures inside Aguon’s guard. Once up and out, Aguon with a nice td but Tanaka reverses it with a hip throw. Tanaka ends the round with another single. His nose is bleeding, Aguon’s head is cut. Round three. Groin shot to Tanaka halts the fight. Restart and Tanaka goes for his bread and butter single. They are up and this time Aguon gets a double. Immediately back up. Tanaka reverses a td and puts more pressure from the top. Aguon sneaking switches to try to get an arm bar, Tanaka quickly and aptly defending and remaining in top position.

Round 4. Tanaka playing the pressure game again. Kicking off, Aguon gets a switch and takes the back, but Tanaka spins into him. Aguon mounts and Tanaka throws him off. Round 5. Both fighters still popping around and throwing combos at each other. Tanaka baiting, watching for Aguon to drop his hands. Aguon lands a nice hook and kick. He’s coming at Tanaka, and lands a knee, Tanaka backpedals and somehow gets the td to top position until the end of the round.

Michinori Tanaka defeated Kyle Aguon by UD


#7 (Female – 115lbs)
Patricia Vidonic (8-6) vs. Mei Yamaguchi (11-5-1)

Quickly they engage. Vidonic goes for a knee, Yamaguchi lifts it for a td. Vidonic working high guard. Yamaguchi with a nice slam, Vidonic’s guard stays tight, then she stands out. Yamaguchi walks in with punches to clinch, throws elbows. Yamaguchi with another td, Vidonic with a good tight high guard again. Round two and they engage again. Vidonic gets it down and Yamaguchi works high guard this time. Yamaguchi tries to stand, Vidonic slams her back down with back control. Yamaguchi spins and reverses into Vidonic’s guard. Yamaguchi stands out, Vidonic is up also. Vidonic with the td. Round three and they engage with striking. Both are landing, Vidonic with a little more crispness as the time draws on. Yamaguchi scores with a td and Vidonic with high guard and looking for an arm bar. Yamaguchi stays in guard the remainder of the round.

Patricia Vidonic defeated Mei Yamaguchi by Split Decision

#6 (145 lbs)
Kyle Reyes vs. Tae Kyun Kim

Reyes with a head kick. Kim returns. Reyes coming out with kicks. Tags Kim with a flurry. Reyes controls the center. Kim starts to warm up and move more, Reyes continues to mix up his striking. Reyes lands a flurry, sees it dazes Kim, so he follows up with a knee and Kim is out.

Kyle Reyes defeated Tae Kyun Kim via 1st rd KO, Flying Knee

Kyle "Boom" Reyes, courtesy Trench twitter @7milesdown
Kyle “Boom” Reyes, courtesy Trench twitter @7milesdown

# 5 (145 lbs)
Will Chope vs. Takumi Nakayama

Chope’s reach a definite advantage as the round begins. Nakayama goes for a clinch, Chope works to underhooks. More stand up, accidental eye poke by Chope. Nakayama shoots, Chope defends, stands. Nakayama looking to clinch with undercooks, gets it down, Chope defends off his back and forces Nakayama away with kicks. Round two and Nakayama comes out strong with an uppercut and flurry. He gets Chope down, Chope gets up but Nakayama throwing unanswered and undefended punches. Clinch and Nakayama has Chope back down. Chope works up and goes for a choke. Nakayama works out but Chope has top position. Kato defends to the bell. Round three sees both engage, Nakayama looks to take a single but Chope clinches, lands a right against the cage. Chope with body punches and a head kick. Chope capitalizes, gets mount and starts gnp. Nakayama turtles and the ref calls it.

Will Chope def. Takumi Nakayama via 3rd round TKO

# 4 (135 lbs)
Trevin Jones vs. Alvin Cacdac

Jones goes for a TD and Cacdac defense with a guillotine. Jones trips it down and pops out. Cacdac reverses, lands elbows, back to standing. Jones with a huge double leg. Cacdac defends well and gets up again, lands uppercut. Round two, Jones with a quick shoot, Cacdac drops and gets position for a side choke.

Alvin Cacdac defeated Trevin Jones by Submission, Choke, rd 2

#3 (155 lbs)
Tyrone Jones (2-2) vs. Chuji Kato (4-1-1)

Kato with a quick trip. He dominates the rounds from top, looking for subs. The second starts like the first and Kato dominates as well. Jones has a nice reversal at the end of the round. Kato gets it down again. Big John eventually stands it up. Kato immediately with a hip throw and back on top.

Chuji Kato defeats Tyrone Jones by Decision

#2 – Flyweight
Mklane Alfred (0-0) vs. Josh Duenas

Duenas controlling on the ground through much of the first. Alfred getting it down and controlling the first half of the second until Duenas reverses. Duenas controls top for a while and Alfred reverses during a guillotine attempt. In the third, Alfred with a nice body kick. He stuffs a td and gains top position to dominate the entire round on the ground.

Mklane Alfred defeated Josh Duenas by decision

#1 – Bantamweight
Jay Taijeron (0-0) vs Roman Alvarez (4-0)

Alvarez gomes out and lands the first punch, follows it up with a high kick, and lays out Taijeron on the canvas.

Roman Alvarez defeated Jay Taijeron, KO, head kick, rd 1