PXC 40: Tanaka remains Champ, Vidonic-Yamaguchi a show-stealer, Chope wins big



Pacific Xtreme Combat 40 was held in Guam on October 25, 2013. In the main event, Michinori Tanaka shot through five rounds to take the decision from Kyle Aguon and keep his Bantamweight Championship belt. Former URCC Featherweight Champ Will Chope notched an impressive KO win against Featherweight King Of Pancrase Takumi Nakayama. The ladies arguably stole the show with a three-round war between Mei Yamaguchi and Patricia Vidonic.

Bantamweight Champion Michinori Tanaka furiously engaged challenger Kyle Aguon in a five-round, fast-paced bout. Tanaka nailed single leg takedowns with remarkable precision throughout the fight, and dominated with pressure once he had Aguon on the canvas. Aguon switched to take the back a few times, but wasn’t able to secure a submission before Tanaka sprinted his way out. Towards the end of the fight, Aguon turned up his striking a notch, however Tanaka played his shoot and smash game at such a fast pace through the entire match and so rightfully retained his belt.

Mei Yamaguchi and Patricia Vidonic set the stage for the Championship match with their own three-round barn burner. Yamaguchi went on the assault and Vidonic threw bombs right back. Yamaguchi put Vidonic on her back and this is where the first round was played out, Yamaguchi with slams and pressure, Vidonic with high guard and looking for subs. The second round reversed their positions and Yamaguchi worked her own guard until she swept to standing and Vidonic scored with a takedown. The final round was a remarkable display of aggression as both women traded and landed shots, and possibly Vidonic’s prowess in this area, over Yamaguchi’s takedowns and ground control, is what gave her the win.  The women both gave everything they had, and proved why they are ranked among the best in the sport.

Will Chope‘s debut in PXC saw him pitted against his toughest opponent in Takumi Nakayama, and while the towering titan got a TKO, it wasn’t a cakewalk and it wasn’t a finish anyone expected. Nakayama brought a war, and was not afraid to engage inside with the much taller Chope. He put Chope on his back and looked for ways inside throughout the first. Into the second, Nakayama rocked Chope with a right, and he shielded against the cage in an unanswered onslaught. Chope resorted to his guillotine but it was a defensive measure that only allowed him a better position. Then in the third, Chope woke up. Chope put Nakayama against the cage and landed nice body shots, working him down where he took the back and punched away until the ref jumped in to stop it.  A very big win for the young and entertaining Chope.

A spate of quick knock outs kept the event on an exciting pace. Kyle Reyes took out Tae Kyun Kim with a quick flying knee the Korean unfortunately ducked into. Trevin Jones shot for takedowns but Alvin Cacdac waited them out to get a side choke. Roman Alvarez flattened Jay Taijeron with a head kick in the first 30 seconds of their match. For the remaining two fights, PXC up-and-comers went the distance to assert themselves in the promotion’s rankings. Chuji Kato used judo to to put Tyrone Jones on the ground and frustrated him for three rounds to get a decision win. Mklane Alfred made a dominating debut on the ground over Josh Duena in their three round affair.

Amid some confusion, it was finally revealed that the free PXC stream was not live, but was instead rebroadcast after the initial local live airing.  When it started, the stream was frustratingly intermittent, but the technical issues were sorted out quickly into the first fight.  However, disparate audio levels made the viewing experience very uncomfortable except on the lowest volume.  Hopefully these issues can be sorted before the next card PXC holds in Guam so that international viewers can enjoy the fights without jarring technical problems.

PXC’s next event will be PXC 41 in Manila, Philippines.  Crisanto Pitpitunge takes on Russel Doanne and Flyweight Champ Ali Cale takes on undefeated Louis Smolka.

PXC 40
October 25, 2013
University of Guam Field House
Mangilao, Guam

Michinori Tanaka defeated Kyle Aguon by UD

Patricia Vidonic defeated Mei Yamaguchi by Split Decision

Kyle Reyes defeated Tae Kyun Kim via 1st rd KO, Flying Knee

Will Chope defeated Takumi Nakayama via 3rd round TKO

Alvin Cacdac defeated Trevin Jones by Submission, Choke, rd 2

Chuji Kato defeated Tyrone Jones by Decision

Mklane Alfred defeated Josh Duenas by decision

Roman Alvarez defeated Jay Taijeron, KO, head kick, rd 1


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