PXC 42 updates and live results, streaming info


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PXC 42
February 28, 2014
University of Guam Fieldhouse
Guam, USA

Live stream starting at 10pm JST/KST at http://new.livestream.com/accounts/1594039/events/2796601.

#8 – Featherweight Championship
Jang Yong Kim vs. Toby Misech

What starts out as a back and forth match sees Kim dropping Misech with a right halfway through, then manhandling him to the ground. While in half, Kim locks on a kimura and rips it out to get the tap.

Jang Yong Kim defeats Toby Misech By Submission

#7 – Frank Camacho vs. Keita Nakamura

R1. Amazing round! Camacho drops K-Taro who comes back to take him down! The remainder of the round is K-Taro with damage control. R2. Camacho on the attack, and K-Taro looking for the takedown. Camacho resolutely will not let him have it. R3. Camacho reverses K-Taro’s grinding takedown methods on him for the first half and finds success. In the second, Camacho’s striking comes to life and he’s able to stuff K-Tar’s takedowns. Frank goes not job in the remaining 10 seconds, daring K-Taro to knock him out!

Frank Camacho defeats Keita Nakamura by Unanimous Decision

#6 – Kyle Reyes vs. Yusuke Yachi

R1. An interesting start as Yachi gets taken down while holding for a kimura and manages to reverse himself into back mount position. R2. Back and forth striking and high kicks from Yachi make it an exciting round. Yachi gets taken down from a kick, slaps on a triangle, but Reyes climbs out. R3. Yachi turns on his in and out form. He throws out tons of kicks. As the round wears, Yachi momentarily shows his old bad habits and drops his hands and Reyes starts landing. Yachi turns it back on, and pulls out the win.

Yusuke Yachi defeats Kyle Reyes by Unanimous Decision

#5 – Kailin Curran vs. Yoo Jin Jung

R1. Very nice first round from both ladies. Jung visibly tires halfway through and Curran, stalks her, landing at will, but Jung listens to her corner and rebounds with striking combos. R2. Jung comes out very aggressive. Curran puts her on her butt with a teep. Jung keeps coming with combos and kicks, like a machine. Her hands are a bit low and Curran lands on the target repeatedly. R3. Both girls extremely active through the final round. Neither even attempting takedowns because everything previously failed. Jung marches forward with monster determination, Curran lands sharp punches that sting again and again.

Kailin Curran defeats Yoo Jin Jung by Unanimous Decision

#4 – Mclain Alfred vs. Roman Alvarez

R1. Alfred gets caught in a triangle and takes elbows to the head from Alvarez for much of the round. The Alvarez slips out and gets top position. Nice scrambling back to standing ends the round on a high note. R2. Alfred gets trapped in guard, gets out, and spins around for nice transitions. Alvarez plays the game and takes the scramble to the back to slip on a choke. Alfred reverses into guard and Alvarez ends the round on Alfred’s back. Very fun round. R3. Alfred keeps the fight on the ground in guard of Alvarez, who eventually scrambles up. He nails a double leg while defending and takes the back.

Roman Alvarez defeats Mclain Alfred by Unanimous Decision

#3 – Trevin Jones vs. Ricky Camp

R 1. Jones shoots for a takedown and keeps Camp against the cage for almost an entire round. Eventually ref breaks it and Camp can use his striking. R2. Camp tags from the outside and Jones looks for the hole to shoot. He gets it but most of his work is again against the cage searching for a single. R 3. More of the same, and Jones is able to use it to take the back for the second half of the round.

Trevin Jones defeats Ricky Camp by Split Decision

#2 – Shane Alvarez vs. Shane Tenorio

R1. A few clashes and scrambles to Alvarez on top in side control. Eventually Tenorio is able to work to standing and they begin to trade striking combinations. Each man has their moments finding shots that connect. R2. Again they stand in bang, with Alvarez eking out the edge. Tenorio grabs a reversal to mount in the final minute and takes Alvarez’ back to work for a choke to the bell.  R 3.  Tenorio with nice work on the ground and Alvarez with sharp hands.

Shane Alvarez defeats Jay Tenorio by Split Decision

#1 – Josh Muna vs. Tyrone Jones

Tyrone Jones defeats Josh Muna by Unanimous Decision


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