PXC 46 results and play by plays for the Championship double header

PXC 46
PXC 46

PXC 46 takes place on November 15, 2014 in Manila, Philippines. The promotion’s return to the country is stacked with a title double header for the Flyweight and Lightweight divisions.


The event will be streamed on delay through Livesport here starting at 7:30om PST.

The Lightweight Championship takes the main stage as Glen Ranillo and Chuji Kato square off. Ranillo is riding a 3-fight win streak as one of PXC’s homegrown contenders. Kato jumped the Shooto ship to PXC and has been undefeated in his two fights with the promotion.

The Flyweight Championship will be contested for between Ernesto Montilla Jr and Alvin Cacdac. Monilla earned his shot at the belt with back to back rapid fire finishes of Jenel Lausa and former Flyweight Champ Ale Cali; Cacdac, the Dragon House Flyweight Champ, was given the opportunity because of a 3-1 record in PXC.

Another exciting flyweight fight is lined up between former Bantamweight Champ Crisanto Pitpitunge and Rambaa Somdet. With their respective ring names “The Slugger” and “M16″, it’s obvious that tis will be a stand up blitzkrieg. This fight has future title challenger ramifications.

In the women’s division of PXC, prodigy Gina Iniong meets amateur Tuff-N-Uff Flyweight Champion Cortney Casey in a combustible combination and should see them both ascend international rankings.


PXC 46
November 15, 2014
Ynares Sports Arena
Manila, Philippines

#9 – Flyweight Championship
Ernesto Montilla Jr. vs Alvin Cacdac

Cacdac takes the center, hands high. Montillo circles, darts in and out. Montillo beins to lands some hard shots! Cacdac lands knee from the clinch. Another inside combo from Cacdac. Cacdac catches a kick, throws Montillo down, he quickly gets up but Cacdac suplexes him. Montillo gets to his feet against the cage, lands a throw, Cacdac throws him twice more and gets mount, but Montilla quickly recovers half guard. Cacdac with a nice elbow to the dome. Stream goes down again.

1 and 2 rounds belongs to Cacdac. He is owning Montilla in the ground and clinch game.

Alvin Cacdac def Ernesto Montilla Jr by Submission, RNC, rd 3


#8 – Lightweight Championship
Chuji Kato vs Glen Ranillo

Rd. 1 – Kato and Ranillo wasn’t that active in the early minutes of the opening round. Kato caught Ranillo rushing in by a left hook, taking Ranillo’s balance momentarily. Kato’s inside of Ranillo’s guard but is not that active. Round one ends.

Ranillo opens the round with a hugeeg kick. Kato is just calm, picking his shots and looking for an opening. Ranillo’s right hand is ready to unleash a bomb. Ranillo with another leg kick, Kato throws his own high kick but was blocked. Kato, again, working hard to pass Ranillo’s guard. Kato jumps in throwing a punch that connected, but still was not able to pass the Filipino’s guard.

3rd round – Looks like Ranillo’s just waiting for Kato to come in and use is counter punching skills. Ranillo, yet again, was taken down by his Japanese foe. A technical battle being displayed by both fighters so far, nothing really fancy as of this round.

Stream goes dead.

Chuji Kato def Glen Ranillo by UD


#7 – Flyweight
Crisanto Pitpitunge vs Rambaa Somdet

Rd. 1 – Crisanto connects with right and attempts a single but Sombdet is defending very well. Crisanto finally gets Sombdet down with a double, posturing up to throw some punches. The Team Lakay standout attempts for a heel hook, Sombdet trying for his own foot lock. Both of them in a 50-50 position now. Sombdet managed to get back to his feet 15 seconds before the opening round ends. The Thai fighter threw some punches on top that missed. Round one ends.

Rd. 2 – Sombdet connects two hard leg kicks, Crisanto counters with his own one-two combination. Crisanto scored another takedown, working very hard to pass on Sombdet’s tricky guard. Sombdet momentarily got up, Crisanto slams Sombdet with a bearhug landing on Sombdet’s open guard. A heart-stopping exchange on the feet happened before second round ended.

Rd. 3 – Pitpitunge and Sombdet exchanges hard kicks in the first two minutes of the third round. Crisanto attempts a spinning backfist but failed to land. Sombdet takes Pitpitunge down. The Thai fighter is very active inside Pitpitunge’s guard, throwing heavy leather. Referee stand them up. Action slowed down 30 seconds before the end of the fight. Sombdet scored yet another takedown before the final bell sounded.

Crisanto Pitpitunge def Rambaa Somdet by Split Decision


#6 – Strawweight
Roy Doliguez vs Dennis Salazar

Rd. 1 – Salazar immediately shoots for a single and gets it, threw couple of shots from the top until Doliguez reverses. Doliguez’ inside Salazar’s guard staying busy by unleashing short punches. Doliguez and Salazar is on a 50-50 position, looking to break each other’s ankle. A little scramble between these great warriors with Salazar landing on top. Doliguez scored a double, working hard to get the side mount, but Salazar’s impressive guard is keeping him at bay.
Round one ends with Doliguez on top, looking to pass Salazar’s guard.

Rd. 2 – second round is a bit different as both fighters slowed down a bit. Heavy kicks connects for Salazar Doliguez countering it with his own leg kicks. Doliguez throws a much heavier punhes than Salazar in this round. Salazar scores a takedown but quickly reversed by Doliguez. Salazar’s attempting a guillotine from the bottom, but has no enough leverage on it. Round 2 ends with Doliguez working inside Salazar’s guard.

Rd. 3 – Both guys standing flat footed, unleashing haymakers after another. Salazar stalking Doliguez with hard kicks and punches. Doliguez tries a left high kick but was blocked by Salazar. Doliguez managed to hurt Salazar with left straight and a takedown. End of the last amd final round.

Roy Doliguez def Dennis Salazar by UD


#5 – Catchweight
Gina Iniong vs Cortney Casey

Rd. 1 – Beautiful stand upnwar between Casey and Iniong. Casey managed to hurt iniong with a right-left hook combo, sending Iniong to the ground. Iniong gets back to her feet, took Vasey down momentarily, but the Hawaiian’s lankiness is giving Iniong a problem.on the ground. Casey’s controlling Iniong from the back throwing some punches, waiting for Iniong to commit mistakes so she can set up a RNC. Iniong defending very well, but Casey’s still pursuing the choke. She caught Iniong in a deep rear naked choke a minute left in the opening round.

Cortney Casey def Gina Iniong by Submission, RNC, rd 1


#4 – Bantamweight
Dean Bermudez vs Jenel Lausa

Bermudez and Lausa are two of the best strikers in the PXC 125 pound division today. Lausa comes fromna solid sanda and muay thai background, while Bermudez has some amateur boxing experience.

Rd. 1 – Lausa connects a solid left hook and followed it up with a double. Bermudez got back to his feet quickly. Lausa pressuring Bermudez with punches. Bermudez countering well, sending Lausa into his bicycle. Lausa connects with two powerful headkicks that buckles Bermudez’ knees. Lausa wasted no time, swarming Bermudez with punches then caught his foe with a tight guillotine choke that made Bermudez tap.

Jenel Lausa def Dean Bermudez by Submission, guillotine, rd 1


#3 – Bantamweight
Ernie Braca vs Mark Abelardo”Rd. 1 – Braca and Abelardo is showing their striking abilities in the early minutes of the opening frame. Abelardo fires a an elbow that connected and tripped Braca to the ground. Abelardo swarmed Braca with nasty hammer fists that really hurt Braca. Referee Tony D’Angelo stops the fight and saved Braca from further punishment from Abelardo. Abelardo def. Braca, TKO, 1st round

Mark Abelardo def Ernie Braca by TKO, rd 1


#2 – Featherweight
Josh Sapinoso vs Robin Eclavea

Rd. 1 – Eclavea started his offense by throwing a hard outside leg kick and a staggering one-two combination that hurt Sapinoso. Sapinoso then scored a single leg takedown and momentarily mounted Eclavea. Sapinoso on the side contrilol, looking for a kimura, but Esclavea is defending very well. Sapinoso throwing heavy leather from the top position looking very dominant in this point of the fight. Sapinoso in the full mount. Eclavea escapes the mount and that’s the end of the first round.

Rd. 2 – Eclavea, again, connects with inside leg and a side kick. Sapinoso with another successful single leg straight to side mount. Eclavea explodes and managed to get back on his feet, but Sapinoso, again, took the Guamanian fighter to the ground, punishing him with powerful punches on top. Sapinoso showing some good ground control. Round 2 ended with the Filipino taking the Guamanian’s back.

Rd. 3 – Eclavea came out from his corner very aggressive, but Sapinoso’s wrestling is the key so far in this fight. Sapinoso controlling Eclavea’s back, working on a rear naked choke. Eclavea reverses and ended on Sapinoso’s guard. Another scramble and the Filipino once again, found himself on top of Eclavea. 30 seconds left. Eclavea’s struggling to escape from the mount, Sapinoso tries a guillotine but he ran out of time as the time expires.

Josh Sapinoso def Robin Eclavea by UD, 30-27 all


#1 – Featherweight
Wesley Pereira vs Arex Montalban

Periera’s kicks are taking out Montalban’s legs. A few punches lands from both. Periera gets it dow, cradles Montaban’s head and doggedly works for a kimura. For like 3 minutes. He pries the arm loose and goes for an arm bar. Montalban defends, but eventually has to tap before the bell.

Wesley Pereira def Arex Montalban by Submission, arm bar, rd 1


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