PXC 50 Results and Recap: Volkanovski is crowned, Abelardo and Kara-France impress

PXC 50 -  New FW Champion Alex Volkanovski
PXC 50 – New FW Champion Alex Volkanovski – Courtesy of PXC

On Friday, December 4th, 2015, at the UOG Calvo Fieldhouse on the beautiful island of Guam, PXC 50 displayed how talented the Pacific region really is. The night was filled with exciting finishes along with Alex Volkanovski becoming the PXC featherweight champion.

Alex Volkanovski chokes out Yusuke Yachi to take the Featherweight Title

The first round of the fight was controlled by Volkanovski with a strong clinch game and wrestling. “The Hulk” kept the pressure on and had Yachi pressed against the cage for most of the time. He would use punches and change levels quickly to pursue takedowns. The Japanese fighter spend the bulk of the round defending takedowns but he did separate from time to time.

Even though Volkanovski began the second the same way as the first, Yachi opened up with his strikes landing combos intermittently. The Krazy Bee representative used footwork to evade takedowns and connected with solid kicks throughout the round. Whenever the Australian would clinch Yachi would reverse and drag the fight to the mat while attacking with submissions however Volkanovski was able to escape consistently.

The fighters started the third by striking on the feet and then exchanging takedowns. A cut that opened up above the left eye of Yachi in the second frame kept getting worse throughout the round and looking to visually impair him. “The Hulk” continuously extended out elbows to try to open up more cuts and grinded on Yachi until the bell.

The championship rounds were ahead and it was all Volkanovski in the fourth. He caught Yachi with a big knee along the fence that had him in desperation mode grabbing for one leg. While Yachi was trying to get out of a kimura, Volkanovski transitioned smoothly into a triangle choke and Yachi had to tap.

Now, Alex Volkanovski (11-1,PXC 2-0) is the new king of the 145lb division for PXC. He adds to his many belts at home and becomes one of the top fighters in Asia. He has been tearing through many different organizations in the region and this is his third different title in two years. This makes it eight in a row for “The Hulk”.

For Yusuke Yachi (13-5), he is still one of the best featherweight fighters in Asia and he does not need to do much to get back to becoming a title contender. He is one of the leaders of the next generation of Japanese fighters and at only 25 years-old he has so much potential.

Frank Camacho TKO’s Tyrone Jones

PXC 50 -Frank Camacho - Courtesy of PXC
PXC 50 -Frank Camacho – Courtesy of PXC

The main event was all Frank “The Crank” from start to finish. On the feet, Camacho was landing the harder shots and on the ground he kept top position at the same time threatening with the kimura. He constantly grinded on Jones and peppered him with punches for most of the first round.

About a minute into the second round Camacho connected with a devastating left hook that staggered Jones. He gave up his back and the Trench Tech mainstay jumped on to throw down sledgehammers to the head. Jones was able to recover his guard but Camacho managed to pressure him and land shot after shot eventually finishing him.

Although Frank Camacho (18-3,PXC 6-2) won the fight, he did not get the title due to not making weight the day before. Fighters have two things they have to complete before stepping into the cage and that is training camp and make weight. Frank Camacho missed out on the opportunity to obtain his first title.

Tyrone Jones (5-5, PXC 4-5), on the other hand, is back to the drawing board. After winning two in a row by knockout to earn a title shot, he loses in the most important fight to date.

Kai Kara-France flatlines Josh Duenas

PXC 50 - Kai Kara-France Courtesy of PXC
PXC 50 – Kai Kara-France – Courtesy of PXC

Kai Kara-France used a kick heavy attack and kept switching stances from the gate to keep Josh Duenas at bay. The Tiger Muay Thai product flung headkicks and frontkicks at his adversary to gauge distance. This all led to the final sequence in which Kara-France threw a laser straight right and then a right hook as Duenas was moving forward that dropped him. The New Zealand native rushed in and finished with multiple unanswered punches.

Ever since Kai Kara-France (11-5,PXC 1-0) moved down from bantamweight to flyweight, he is undefeated and has finished all his fights. He is one of the best if not the best flyweight in the eastern world fighting today. At only 22 years of age, he has so much potential and in the next year will most likely be a champion in one of the many promotions throughout Asia if he does not make his way to the UFC.

Mark Abelardo elbows his way to a TKO victory over Roman Alvarez

PXC 50 - Mark Abelardo Courtesy of PXC
PXC 50 – Mark Abelardo – Courtesy of PXC

The first round started off slow in comparison to the end of it. Mark Abelardo came out immediately pressuring Roman Alvarez and working elbows in the clinch. However, the turning point was when The Team Quest Thailand prospect work his way back up from a takedown and then was kneed in the family jewels. After that, it was all action from these two. Alvarez used kicks and the overhand right to blast Abelardo but he just walked through the assault and landed elbow after elbow.

In the second frame, “Sonic Boom” had his back to the cage but threw hard kicks and punches. Abelardo kept moving forward landing leg kicks and standing elbows. When it looked like Alvarez was slowing down, Abelardo clinched and connected with a clean right elbow to the face that dropped his opponent. He commenced to slam down about twenty punches until the ref stepped in.

Mark Abelardo (12-4,PXC 3-1) gets back into the win column after losing a disappointing unanimous decision to Trevin Jones. He is one of the top prospects in the bantamweight division and should be in title contention in the next year after another win.

Roman Alvarez (7-1,PXC 4-1) loses for the first time in his professional career but showed that he has no fear in the cage and can hang with the best of the crop. The exciting Trench Tech youngster has a bright future so look for him to bounce back quick and work himself back up to eventually challenge Abelardo again.

Riley Dutro with the slick triangle against Ricky Camp

PXC 50 - Riley Dutro - Courtesy of PXC
PXC 50 – Riley Dutro – Courtesy of PXC

Ricky Camp initiates from the onset with strikes but then decided to slam Riley Dutro to the ground. This is where the rest of the fight was played out. Dutro got back to his feet and locked in a guillotine that had “2 Slick” in trouble however he was able to escape and land back on top. As Camp was connecting with some hard shots from the standing position, Dutro caught the arm and threw up his legs to cinch in a triangle choke. Once the American adjusted his body and grabbed the leg, Camp had to tap.

The Hawaii native Riley Dutro (6-3,PXC 1-0) made a successful debut in the PXC by using his long body and submission game. This is his two in a row and his second submission victory of his career.

Listed below are the full results of the main card.

PXC 50
December 4th, 2015
UOG Calvo Fieldhouse

Main Event Lightweight Title Match (-70kg/155lb)
Frank Camacho (USA) vs Tyrone Jones (Guam)
Winner: Frank Camacho via TKO (Punches) 2R *Did not win lightweight title (missed weight)

Co-Main Event Featherweight Title Match (-65kg/145lb)
Featherweight Champion Yusuke Yachi (Japan) vs Alex Volkanovski (Australia)
Winner: Alex Volkanovski via Submission (Triangle Choke) 4R *Wins featherweight title

Bantamweight Match (-61kg/135lb)
Mark Abelardo (New Zealand) vs Roman Alvarez (Saipan)
Winner: Mark Abelardo via TKO (Punches) 2R

Flyweight Match (-56kg/125lb)
Riley Dutro (USA) vs Ricky Camp (Guam)
Winner: Riley Dutro via Submission (Triangle Choke) 1R

Flyweight Match (-56kg/125lb)
Mike Sanchez (USA) vs Josh Alvarez (Guam)
Winner: Josh Alverez via TKO (Punches) 2R

Flyweight Match (-56kg/125lb)
Josh Duenas (Saipan) vs Kaiwhare Kara-France (New Zealand)
Winner: Kawwhare Kara-France via TKO (Punches) 1R

Women’s Flyweight Match (-56kg,125lb)
Brogan Walker (Gaum) vs Raika Emiko (Japan)
Winner: Brogan Walker via Unanimous Decision 3R

Flyweight Match (-56kg,125lb)
Yutaro Muramoto (Japan) vs Shane Alvarez (Saipan)
Winner: Yutaro Muromoto via Unanimous Decision 3R