REAL 1 live updates and results for Kron Gracie MMA debut vs Kim Hyung-Su, Marcos Souza title defense



REAL 1 takes place on December 23, 2014 at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo. In the main event, champion grappler Kron Gracie makes his MMA debut against wrestler Kim Hyung-Su.

Asia MMA will be live on scene with play by plays and results throughout the day, starting at 4pm Japan time. A tertiary rebroadcast will take place at 11pm on Wednesday, 24th December.

Welterweight Champ Marcos DeSouza will face Kenta Takagi in his first title defense. DeSouza’s brother Roberto Satoshi will also be on the card and will face decade-long journeyman Jeong Doo-Jae.

Kazakhstanis feature heavily also, as Kazuyuki Miyata is going to face Askar Umbetov, who will have a one point deduction from each round and lose some fight money for coming in over. Toshikazu Suzuki “Kazz” will take on Baurzhan Kuanyshbayev and Ishihara Yuki will face Beibit Nazarov.

Carlos Toyota and Daiju Takase face off at Open Weight, and Hideki Sekine meets Kono Ryuta at Super Heavyweight.

For the Chinese MMA fighters coming over, Sanae Kikuta will step into action against an upcoming Song Kenan, however Taiyo Nakahara won’t meet Yao Honggang on this card as Yao uncharacteristically did not make weight.

Real Fight has hosted three events in China over 2012 and ’13. This is the promotion’s debut event in Japan.


REAL 1 weigh in results
December 22, 2014
Ariake Coliseum
Tokyo, Japan

#10 – Main Event 73kg Catchweight 5 minutes x 5 rounds
Kron Gracie
Kim Hyung-Su

Kron towers, but Kim not afraid to clinch and throw. Kron rushes him and jumps guard. Kron from closed guard creeps up for the triangle, switches to arm bar and gets the tap at 3:55

Kron Gracie def Kim Hyung-Su by Submission, armbar, 1:05



#9 – Welterweight Championship 5 minutes x 3 rounds
Marcos Souza
Kenta Takagi

Kenta takes the center. Kenta kicks Kenta punches hard, Marcos still shoots! Back to standing twice! Marcos shoots, Kenta tries to scramble away, Marcos takes his back quick! Kenta stands, shrugs him off, Marcos punches and shoots as he comes in. Marcos with a fast single leg to mount! Kenta stars! Marocs duplexes him, gets to mount, starts punching! Kenta turtles to escape and Marcos kee[s punching. Then lets him turn and grabs a tight arm bar for the tap!

Marcos Souza def Kenta Takagi by Submission, armbar, rd 1



#8 – Super Welterweight 5 x 2 rounds
Kikuta Sanae 菊田早苗
Song Kenan

Round 1. Sanae takes the center, Song skirts and kicks. Sanae shoots, Song reverse throws him! Sanae back up. Sanae in again and hunting for the takedown trip or throw and Song defends everything!Now Song has the back and is looking for a trip. No Sanae has his head still, trying for the throw, won’t let it go. Finally gets it and lands in guard. Song stands and reverses Sanae to the mat! Sanae with butterfly guard. Sanae grabs an arm and tries to climb up ofr the chock. Stands. Sanae has the head but Song clears the grip and takes the back, looks for the dragon down, takes the back! Song has one hook in. Sanae looking to reverse out out, instead Song turns into half guard. A few punches to the bell.

Round 2. Song opens with a kick, Sanae goe in and jumps guard. Sanae with butterfly guard and Song hammers him with punches. Sanae rolls for a leg but Song negates it and hammers more fists into Sanae’s face. Sanae tries for a leg again, Song stuffs it. Song stands out. Ref stands them up, what the hell?! Song gets out the high kicks. Sanae has some looping punches. Final minute Sanae clinches, tries for the trip, but SOng again reverses him. In half guard Song is beating on Sanae. Bell!

Song Kenan defeats Kikuta Sanae by UD



#7 – Super Heavyweight
Hideki “Shrek” Sekine 関根シュレック秀樹
Kono Ryuta 河野隆太

Kono takes the center, hands high, Sekine kicks him in the lags. Kono trying for the KO, Sekine back pedaling, then in with a low kick that hurts. Again Koko comes in with the KO attempts and Sekine returns with one haymaker, then trips. Kono shoots, why??? Sekine easily stuffs it and pounds on him until the ref stops it.

Hideki “Shrek” Sekine def Kono Ryuta by TKO, rd 1, 2:26



#6 – Featherweight
Kazuyuki Miyata 宮田和幸
Askar Umbetov

Round 1. Kazuyuki kicks hard. Kazuyuki returns the favor and buckles Kazuyuki’s knee. Kazuyuki kicks and Askar counters and knocks him down! Kazuyuki survives for and out the back move and takes top control. Askar scrambles back to top and stands out. Doctor check for Kazuyuki’s nose, restart. Trading shots from outside, Kazuyuki with a kick, combination to set up the shoot and he gets a back heel trip down into side control. Kazuyuki tries for an arm, gets a crucifix and turns over. Askar tries to slam himself free. Bell.

Round 2. Kazuyuki rushes in with punches and shoots but this time Askar defends. Askar ends up on the mat and Kazuyuki tries to pass guard standing, then changes to go in and gets mount. He climbs over to get the arm triangle!

Kazuyuki Miyata def Askar Umbetov by Submission, arm triangle, rd 2, 1:26



#5 – Super Lightweight
Roberto Satoshi de Souza
Jeong Doo-Ja

Jeong throw a few punches, Satoshi shoots and gets the takedown. Satoshi with huge punches to Jeong’s face, and he turtles. Satoshi takes his back and chokes Jeong to a tap.

Roberto Satoshi de Souza def Jeong Doo-Ja by Submission, RNC, rd 1, 1:05


CANCELLED – Bantamweight
Taiyo Nakahara 中原太陽
Yao Honggang


#4 – Open Weight
Daiju Takase 高瀬大樹
Carlos Toyota

Carlos knocks out Takase in just 39 seconds!

Carlos Toyota def Daiju Takase by KO, rd 1, :39



#3 – Welterweight
Toshikazu “Kazz” Suzuki
Baurzhan Kuanyshbayev

Round 1. Like his teammate, Baurzhan takes the center. But not much thrown for the first minute and a half. Two minutes and Baurzhan lands a hard jab. Ref calls for action. Baurzhan with body shot and starts feeing Kazz more jabs. Kaz shoots, defends, against the cage. Kazz with a big double leg at the final minute. Baurzhan clinches him to negate the punches so Kazz stands out and lands a few.

Round 2. Kazz finds his shoot under a jab, gets it against the cage, and looks for a trip. He gets it, and lands to mount, stretching out Baurzhan’s legs. Baurzhan trying to tie up Kazz’s hands. Kazz is able to throw some punches down and keep mount position with no sign of escape from Baurzhan. Ref calls it when Kazz finds a chance to go to town on him.

Toshikazu “Kazz” Suzuki def Baurzhan Kuanyshbayev by TKO, ground and pound, rd 2, 2:11



#2 – Super Lightweight
Yuki Ishihara 石原裕基
Beibit Nazarov

Round 1. Beibit takes the center, throws kicks, single punches. Yuki returns a kick. Beibit tags him on the way in. Beibit rocks Yuki with a right! But allows Yuki to recover. Yuki with a high kick and Beibit sneaks in a right. Bebit with one two combos that tag Yuki, but Yuki finds his timing with 2 counters.

Round 2. Beibit continues looking for shots from distance. Yuki with a few o his own and a high kick. Beibit changes level and shoots and gets top in guard. He pushes Yuki to the cage. Beibit stands out and looks for a guillotine. Beibit keeps the pressure on as Yuki stands, but Yuki reverses him. Bebit pushes off and lands a double leg at the bell.

Beibit Nazarov def Yuki Ishihara by UD



#1 – Lightweight
Yuki Sorci
Takayuki Iizima 飯嶋貴幸

Round 1. No action for the first minute until a clash of kicks. Finally after 2 calls to action Iizima rushes in with punches, but Sorci reverses on the ground and takes the back. Iizima reverses him and passes into half guard and punches. Iizima keeps Sorci against the cage for the rest of the round, passing the guard and pressuring Sorci. At the bell, Sorci tries to stand but eats punches from Iizima.

Round 2. Another minute of no action. Sorci shoots and Iizima easily stuffs it. Sorci turks and stays there as Iizima pounds on him. Sorci muscles to his feet but Iizima puts him back down. Twice. Iizima looks for a kimura. Sorci keeps trying to stand but Iizima pressures him back down. Iizima with a kimura attempt, Sorci gets out, Iizima takes his back and pounds on him. Sorci rolls and Iizima looks for the arm bar. Sorci takes advantage and gets a reversal. Iizima tries to stand, ends up on top.

Takayuki Iizima def Yuki Sorci by UD



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