REAL 1 recap and photos: Kron Gracie wins MMA debut by arm bar, Marcos de Souza remains Champ by arm bar

REAL 1 Kron Gracie defeats Kim Hyung-Su
REAL 1 Kron Gracie defeats Kim Hyung-Su

REAL 1 took place on December 23, 2014 at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo. In the main event, champion grappler Kron Gracie made his MMA debut a successful one by submitting Kim Hyung-Su with an arm bar.

Kron towered over Kim, who still was not afraid to clinch and throw punches. But it was over quickly when Kron rushed him and jumped guard. From there, he worked for a triangle, then switched to a tight arm bar and got the tap.

Marcos de Souza defended his belt against some tough strikes by Kenta Takagi by using a grappling game to seal the win. Even when tagged hard, Marcos still shot, and used every takedown to his advantage. With exciting moves like a standing back choke attempt, a suplex, and some ground and pound, in the end he got a tap to an arm bar.

Song Kenan gave an awesome display of well-rounded skills gained at China Top Team against much more experienced Kikuta Sanae. Sanae found his throws and submission attempts thwarted by Song at every turn. Song knew his way around tricky submission defense, and when the fight was down, he threw punches determined to end the fight. Instead, Sanae went the distance, but Song came out with the well-deserved UD.

Hideki “Shrek” Sekine and Kono Ryuta put on a freakshow of sorts, as Ryuta, clearly a striker, almost KOed Shrek, a decorated grappler, but then in a baffling move chose to shoot, and ended up flat on his belly with Shrek punching away until the ref saw it was going to stay that way for eternity.

Kazuyuki Miyata took the best of what Askar Umbetov had to offer in the first round, including kicks and decent ground defense. However, Miyata made it clear he wasn’t about to let Umbetov win in the take down department as he tripped him as a counter, and superbly got to mount where he used his wrestling to slither up an arm, with to the side and get the arm triangle choke.

BJJ standout Roberto Satoshi de Souza made his MMA debut against Jeong Doo-Ja an impressive one, and proved he’s not a one-trick pony. Satoshi dealt with Jeong’s striking then hit a takedown to mount where he rained hard punches down, causing Jeong to turtle. Satoshi finished him with a rear naked choke to show off his BJJ base.

Carlos Toyota and Daiju Takase came out intending to strike, and Carlos proved his intentions were worse. In just 39 seconds, he landed a clean cross through Takase’s guard, and Takase dropped like a sack of potatoes. Carlos mounted the cage in celebration, with a very vocal fan base screaming their approval.

It took Toshikazu “Kazz” Suzuki a full round to figure out how to evade Baurzhan Kuanyshbayev’s painful jabs, and in the second he came up with the answer. Kazz ducked under one of them for a well-timed shoot, where he was able to put Kuanyshbayev against the cage and trip him down. Once there, Kazz stretched him out from mount and landed punches until the referee called it a finish.

Beibit Nazarov showed up with heavy hands against Yuki Ishihara, but after rocking Ishihara in the first, he allowed him to recover and start finding counter shots. Ishihara turned up his action in the second, but a well-timed shoot and takedown by Nazarov and a double leg at the bell left the judges seeing his side of the matter for the UD.

In the opening fight, Takayuki Iizima and Yuki Sorci showed a great deal of nervousness and were unwilling to engage for much of the first round.  When they finally did, Iizima discovered Sorci had just about nothing to offer but shoots and a reversal on the ground.  Iizima was able to control him dominantly from the top, and although he wasn’t able to get a finish with his punches, his work was enough to give him the decision by all three judges.


December 23, 2014
Ariake Coliseum
Tokyo, Japan

#10 – Main Event 73kg Catchweight 5 minutes x 5 rounds
Kron Gracie def Kim Hyung-Su by Submission, armbar, 1:05

#9 – Welterweight Championship 5 minutes x 3 rounds
Marcos Souza def Kenta Takagi by Submission, armbar, rd 1

#8 – Super Welterweight 5 x 2 rounds
Song Kenan def Kikuta Sanae by UD

#7 – Super Heavyweight
Hideki “Shrek” Sekine def Kono Ryuta by TKO, rd 1, 2:26

#6 – Featherweight
Kazuyuki Miyata def Askar Umbetov by Submission, arm triangle, rd 2, 1:26

#5 – Super Lightweight
Roberto Satoshi de Souza def Jeong Doo-Ja by Submission, RNC, rd 1, 1:05

#4 – Open Weight
Carlos Toyota def Daiju Takase by KO, rd 1, :39

#3 – Welterweight
Toshikazu “Kazz” Suzuki def Baurzhan Kuanyshbayev by TKO, ground and pound, rd 2, 2:11

#2 – Super Lightweight
Beibit Nazarov def Yuki Ishihara by UD

#1 – Lightweight
Takayuki Iizima def Yuki Sorci by UD


All photos by Akihito Tatematsu


#10 – Kron Gracie def Kim Hyung-Su

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#9 – Marcos Souza def Kenta Takagi by Submission

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#8 – Song Kenan defeats Kikuta Sanae

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#7 – Hideki “Shrek” Sekine def Kono Ryuta

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#6 – Kazuyuki Miyata def Askar Umbetov

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#5 – Roberto Satoshi de Souza def Jeong Doo-Ja

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#4 – Carlos Toyota def Daiju Takase

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#3 – Toshikazu “Kazz” Suzuki def Baurzhan Kuanyshbayev

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#2 – Beibit Nazarov def Yuki Ishihara

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#1 – Takayuki Iizima def Yuki Sorc

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