Rebel FC 2 FW tourney advancers: Torres eeks out split over Ashida, Chope and Uchimura move up

Takahiro Ashida vs Miguel Torres at Rebel FC 2,
Takahiro Ashida vs Miguel Torres at Rebel FC 2,

Rebel FC 2: Battle Royale took place in Singapore on August 1, 2014. Fighters who advanced through the Featherweight Tournament were Yojiro Uchimura, Will Chope, and Miguel Torres. Michael Tobin gets a bye.


Michael Tobin was the first featherweight to advance to the semifinals finals when his opponent, Pat Promrangka, was over the weight limit and refused to step on the scale.

Yojiro Uchimura made Red Romero go toe to toe, and it proved to be his undoing. Uchimura took him down and pounded him out to get the first earned progression into the semifinals.

Will Chope showed a much-matured game plan against Mauricio dos Santos, a BJJ blackbelt. Chope used his reach and striking power fully to his advantage, and even when he was taken down, he reversed or got out in short order. The efforts gave Chope the win and he advances to the semifinals.

Miguel Torres also advanced to the semis with a win over fellow top contender Takahiro Ashida, although the judges’ split decision he was awarded to put him there was not without contention. Ashida’s take downs and what he could or could not do with them versus Ashida’s takedowns and what Torres could do with them off his back confounded the scorekeepers who each awarded the three-round main event in a different way. Torres the legend progresses, while Ashida, who was visibly shaken up from the loss, has his winning streak broken.

At the next Rebel FC, Chope will meet Torres, and Tobin will meet Uchimura in the semifinals of the tournament.

In the preliminaries, both KTT proponents put on knock-down, drag outs as expected. Kim Doo-Hwan and Hwang Gyo-Pyung both took home unanimous decisions over Sam Kei and Kris Barras respectively. Star athlete May Ooi finished Sharmah Deviah by TKO in their co-debut, and Syafiq Bin Abdul Samad earned a needed come back win over Kenny Thompson with a quick TKO.

Hong Kong’s Kenny Yeung also ended Silvio Romero Da Silva’s debut by TKO, as did the opening amateur match where Suman Mokhtarian took out Ashraf Bin Shafi in the first.


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Rebel FC 2
August 1, 2014

Featherweight Tournament Quarterfinals

Miguel Torres defeats Takahiro Ashida by Split Decision

Will Chope defeats Mauricio dos Santos Jr. by UD

Yojiro Uchimura defeats Reydon Romero by TKO, rd 1, 3:46


Doo Hwan Kim defeats Sam Kei by UD

Gyo Pyung Hwang defeats Kris Barras by UD

May Ooi defeats Sharmah Deviah by TKO, rd 1, 2:13

Syafiq Bin Abdul Samad defeats Kenny Thompson by TKO, rd 1, 2:46

Kenny Yeung defeats Silvio Romero Da Silva by TKO, rd 1, 1:18

Amateur MMA

Suman Mokhtarian defeats Ashraf Bin Shafi by TKO, rd 2, 2:10