Results : RIZIN 1st day “SARABA (Farewell) Fiesta”


Event:SARABA (Farewell) Fiesta.
Place:Saitama Super Arena


The event started with musics…“Guerrilla Radio ,the Theme of Yarennoka!” ~ “ Theme of DREAM” ~ ”Theme of PRIDE (DAN DAN DA DA DAN!)”.

Mr.TAKADA Vice President of “PRIDE” played the very big Japanese drum in the center of the ring at starting the event.

10min-5min-5min fight-time.

Soccer Kicks are allowed.

Lenne Hardt-san’s introduction of fighters.

White Ring.

Blue Fight Gloves.

Kazushi Sakuraba VS Shinya Aoki as Main event.

…and many good fights. (13 of 14 fights were with KO and TKO!)

They were very very special enough to FILL to  “PRIDE-LOSS” has been 9 years in PRIDE-fans heart.


A BIG and STRONG PERIOD for Japanese MMA scene was drawn by RIZIN FF today. On 29th Dec 2015.

RIZIN Starts


IMG_8641 OK

IMG_8650 OK

IMG_8681 OK

IMG_8716 OK


For RIZIN Tournament.

King Mo(from Bellator/USA),

Jiri Prochazka(from GCF/Czech) ,

Vadim Nemkov(from Alexander Nevsky/RUSSIA) and

Teodoras Aukstuolis(from BUSHIDO/Lithuania) advanced to the next round.


4 winners of tournment

Baruto‘s opponent changed from Jerome Le Banner to Peter Aerts.

Jerome out Peter in




Main Event (Special One Match /10min-5min-5min/No Elbow Attacking)
Kazushi Sakuraba VS Shinya Aoki
*Aoki won by TKO at 1R 5’56”.

IMG_0517 OK

IMG_0551 OK

IMG_0561 OK

IMG_0571 OK

IMG_0622 OK

IMG_0634 OK

IMG_0645 OK

IMG_0667 OK

IMG_0680 OK

Aoki won

IMG_0780 OK

IMG_0826 OK

IMG_0850 OK

IMG_0875 OK

Aoki appeals


13th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament /1st Round 10min-5min/No Elbow Attacking)
Satoshi Ishii VS Jiri Prochazka
*Prochazka won by KO at 1R 1’36”.

IMG_0369 OK

IMG_0392 OK

IMG_0398 OK

IMG_0442 OK

Jiri won

IMG_0452 OK

IMG_0469 OK

IMG_0472 OK



12th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament 1st Round /10min-5min/No Elbow Attacking)
Goran Reljic VS Vadim Nemkov
*Nemkov won byTKO at 1R 2’58”.

IMG_0269 OK

IMG_0272 OK

IMG_0299 OK

Nemkov won

IMG_0332 OK

IMG_0339 OK


11th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament 1st Round /10min-5min/No Elbow Attacking)
Teodoras Aukstuolis VS Bruno Cappelozza
*Aukstuolis won by KO at 1R 3’32”.

IMG_0123 OK

IMG_0144 OK

IMG_0147 OK

Teodoras won

IMG_0160 OK

IMG_0176 OK

IMG_0199 OK

IMG_0239 OK


10th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament 1st Round /10min-5min/No Elbow Attacking)
King Mo VS Brett McDermott
*King Mo won by KO at 1R 9’9”.

IMG_9859 OK

IMG_9874 OK

IMG_9896 OK

IMG_9950 OK

IMG_9972 OK

IMG_9977 OK

IMG_0005 OK

IMG_0018 OK

IMG_0044 OK

King won


9th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament 1st Round-Reserve Fight /10min-5min/No Elbow Attacking)
Yuta Uchida VS Valentin Moldavsky
*Moldavsky won by RNC at 1R 2’20”.

IMG_9795 OK

IMG_9803 OK

IMG_9814 OK

Velentini won

IMG_9846 OK


8th Fight (Special One Match /10min-5min-5min/No Elbow Attacking)
Hiroyuki Takaya VS DJ.Taiki
*Takaya won by Decision 3-0.

IMG_9604 OK

IMG_9623 OK

IMG_9633 OK

Takaya won

IMG_9789 OK


7th Fight (Special One Match /10min-5min-5min/No Elbow Attacking)
Hideo Tokoro VS Kizaemon Saiga
*Tokoro won by Arm-bar at 1R 5’16”.

IMG_9461 OK

IMG_9478 OK

IMG_9487 OK

IMG_9533 OK

Tokoro won


6th Fight (Special One Match /10min-5min-5min/No Elbow Attacking)
A.J.Matthews VS Anatoly Tokov
*Tokov won by KO at 1R 0’55”.

IMG_9409 OK

IMG_9410 OK

IMG_9413 OK

Tokov won


5th Fight (Special One Match – under RIZIN MIX Rule /3min with Kick-Rule-3min with MMA-Rule)
Kazuyuki Miyata VS Hinata
*Hinata won by TKO at 1R 2’14”.

IMG_9302 OK

IMG_9310 OK

IMG_9315 OK

Hinata won

IMG_9326 OK

IMG_9336 OK

IMG_9355 OK


4th Fight (Special One Match – under Official K-1 Rule)
HIROYA VS Akiyo “Wicky” Nishiura
*HIROYA won by KO at 3R 1’20”.

IMG_9174 OK

IMG_9200 OK

IMG_9207 OK

IMG_9230 OK

IMG_9235 OK



3rd Fight (Special One Match/10min-5min-5min/ Elbow Attacking allowed)
Yuki Motoya VS Felipe Efrain
*No contest at 1R 5’46”. (Felipe KOed Motoya. But he overweighted by 2kg)

IMG_9039 ok

IMG_9048 OK

IMG_9077 OK

IMG_9097 OK

IMG_9128 OK

Felipe VS Motoya

IMG_9164 ok


2nd Fight (Special One Match /10min-5min-5min/No Elbow Attacking)
Carlos Toyota VS Kirill Sidelnikov
*Sidelnikov won by TKO at 1R 2’23”.

IMG_8967 OK

IMG_8974 OK

IMG_8996 OK

Kirill son

IMG_9008 OK

IMG_9027 OK


1st Fight (Special One Match /10min-5min-5min/ Elbow Attacking allowed)
Tsuyoshi Kosaka VS James Thompson
*Kosaka won by TKO at 2R 1’58”. (Referee Stop)

IMG_8766 OK

IMG_8794 OK

IMG_8864 OK

IMG_8904 OK

Kosaka won

IMG_8913 OK

IMG_8945 OK



IMG_0893 OK
Sakuraba-san said to Aoki-san “It’s our work. Our work…”.

IMG_0970 OK
Aoki-san appealed “RIZIN CEO! Set the fight! VS Gomi! Next Year!”.