Revolution 2 results: Choi Hong-Man backs out, idol Taejon choked out, Lim Su-Jeong wins her MMA debut,

Revolution 2
Revolution 2

A night of misfortune stunted the second Revolution event in South Korea on September 12, 2014. For the main event, Choi Hong-Man refused to fight because of alleged non-payment of match fees.


Choi apologized and expressed anger at the promoters, promising his own full disclosure in a press release at a later date.

In the defacto main event, anticlimax unfurled again, as Yuta Nakamura took a low blow just 15 seconds in and was unable to continue. He was gifted the fight by disqualification to Myung Hyun-Man.

Pop idol Kim Tae-Heon looked buff ahead of his first MMA fight under Korean Zombie’s tutelage, but it wasn’t enough to save him from strangulation by Team Banana’s “Iron Horse” Tanaka.

On a bright note, the women put on a show, with kickboxing champ Lim Su-Jeong taking boxing champ Leica for the full distance, and earning herself the unanimous decision.

Revolution 2
September 12, 2014
Olympic Park SK Handball Gymnasium
Seoul, South Korea

(Results translated from

명현만 (팀 와코) vs 나카무리 유타
8. Main Event: Myung Hyun-Man (1-0) vs Nakamura Yuta (14-19)

Yuta Nakamura defeats Myung Hyun-Man by DQ, illegal low blow, rd 1, :15

김태헌 (국제의아이들) vs 아이언 호스 타나카
7. Co-Main Event: Kim Tae-Heon (0-0) vs “Iron Horse” Tanaka (3-5)
Special Match

Iron Horse Tanaka defeats Kim Tae-Heon by Submission, guillotine, rd 1, 3:06

임수정 (삼산이글) vs 레이카
6. Lim Soo-Jeong (0-0) vs “Leica” Emiko Raika (0-0) Catchweight (-58)
[Women’s 58 kg, 5-2 R: * sparring 30 seconds limit rules

Lim Su-Jeong defeats “Leica” Emiko Raika by UD

최홍만 vs 카를로스 토요타
5. Choi Hong-Man (2-3) vs Carlos Toyota (3-6)

Cancelled, Choi refused to compete amid contract issues

김대령 (국제체육관) vs 카도타 마사아키
4. Kim Dae-Ryung vs Kadota Masaki
Welterweight (-77)

Kim Dae-Ryung defeats Kadota Masaki by TKO, rd 2, 2:56

이성종 (천안MMA) vs 조지 야노
3. Lee Seong-Jong vs Joji Yano
Catchweight (-75)

Lee Seong-Jong defeats Joji Yano by TKO, rd 1, 4:44

장용호 (국제체육관) vs 문성규 (팀 와코)
2. Jang Yong-Ho vs Moon Seong-Gyu
Featherweight (-66)

Jang Yong-Ho defeats Moon Seong-Gyu by UD

민경민 (탑 클레스) vs 김성수 (죠슈아 짐)
1. Min Kyung-Min vs Kim Seong-Soo
Lightweight (-70)

Min Kyung-Min defeats Kim Seong-Soo by TKO, rd 1, 4:36