RIZIN Fighting World GP 2017 1st Round Summer Results


RIZIN Fighting World GP 2017 Bantam Weight Tournament -Summer- took place on 30 July at the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo.

RIZIN 2017 GP 1st Round –Summer- stacked 11 fights with 3 Bantam-Weight Grand Prix tournament fights included former UFC fighter Kyoji Horiguchi, Amir’s Heavy-Weight fight, 4 Women fights included – BIG MOUTH- King Reina, Gabi Garcia, Miyuu Yamamoto and Shinjyu Nozawa Auclair who fought Pro-Debut fight, Yusuke Yachi who got 3 KOs in a row VS Satoru Kitaoka, Tenshin Nasukawa VS Kizaemon Saiga’s kickboxing and MMA Mix rule fight.

Former UFC Fighter Kyoji Horiguchi took Hideo Tokoro who fought ZST, Hero’s, DREAM, VTJ, Bellator and RIZIN. When Tokoro got offer this fight, his long-term training partner Katsumura-san refused to accept the fight once because he thought there were almost ZERO possibility for Tokoro to win. But Tokoro decided to accept because he wanna be a challenger ALWAYS. In fact, the strength of Horiguchi was compared to NASA’s astronaut in the agitation movie. Tokoro said “This is the last challenge for my fighter’s career.”

At fight very rarely Tokoro wore shoes. He said “I wore shoes because I wanna have a strong grip to the mat to make ground fight easier” after the fight. Horiguchi wanted to strike. Tokoro wanted to grapple.

But Horiguchi KOed Tokoro within 2 minutes. A miracle didn’t happen. Horiguchi said that he wanna be a 1st RIZIN Bantam-Weight Champion to liven RIZIN up!

Heavyweight wrestling monster Amir Aliakbari had a message for RIZIN CEO Sakakibara-san and his fellow athletes.

“Your fights need to be more entertaining,” he said. “Don’t you think to come to Japan for only to win? Think about your fight style.”

This night Amir threw high kicks and punches many times. He could show his advance and got KO.

Amir and his management team disclosed that the contract with RIZIN was over with this fight. Amir said that RIZIN needs a Heavyweight champion and he wanted to become a first Heavyweight champion. He wants to get good offer from RIZIN.

Another Heavyweight women’s jiu-jitsu champ Gabi Garcia took on Russian boxing champion Oxana Gagloeva. The fight started as a slugfest, but quickly turned after Garcia’s finger landed right in Oxana’s left eye. The doctor stopped the fight and Garcia vented her frustration.

Another women “NEXT BIG THING” King Reina took Lei’D Tapa from ATT who fought Gabi Garcia at first RIZIN event and got 1 down from Gabi. She was thought the strongest challenger except Gabi. To tell the truth at the striking fight Tapa was in a lead a little (51 to 49?) but King Reina got take downs sometimes and led the ground fight.

After the fight King Reina disclosed her frustration because she didn’t get KO and Ippon for the fight. She always fights to get KO and Ippon. She doesn’t like decision.

She also disclosed that her longing fighter is Ronda Rousey… the screen image of her smart-phone is Ronda Rousey… she trains to get higher MMA skills and her ultimate target is to fight at Ronda’s weight class. She is struggling and making an effort for her target.

Tenshin Nasukawa, the 18 years old kickboxer and fought 3 MMA fights last year took Kizaemon Saiga, 10 years older than Nasukawa. He is a former kickboxer at his young ages (at K-1) and trained with Nasukawa before. And at Nasukawa’s MMA Debut fight last year Saiga advised to Nasukawa as a senior fighter. So Nasukawa didn’t wanna fight with Saiga. he felt  something to Saiga. But Nasukawa decided to fight as a fighter. Fighting is his work.

This fight was set as MIX rule… 5min kickboxing at 1st round and 5min MMA at 2nd round. Of course Nasukawa wanna fight with kickboxing rule and Saiga wanna fight with MMA rule. So Saiga could earn the time with clinching many times to fight at 2nd round, MMA rule.

But he didn’t do so. Saiga said to Nasukawa “I will fight seriously with striking.” in the ring. Though he knew Nasukawa was stronger than Saiga with kickboxing.

The result was what we watched. Nasukawa KOed Saiga within 2 min. Saiga didn’t cheat Nasukawa and us audience as a fighter. He should be respected. That’s why Nasukawa cried a little after the fight. Their human story drawn by RIZIN.

Former Olympic amateur wrestler Miyuu Yamamoto was struggling to win of MMA fight. Her debut was [VS RENA] and lost by front-choke. Her 2nd fight as [VS Andy Nguyen] amd lost by arm-bar. She really really wanted to win.

She and her fight team include her son Erson Yamamoto thought she lacked striking technique and jiu-jitsu technique. Finally they moved to Okinawa (very south part in Japan. The island like Guam and Hawaii.) and made their 2nd gym… KRAZY BEE Itoman to train these skills. What an investment!

Yamamoto threw punch aggressively, got take downs thru the fight. The opponent Cassie Robb had a good ground skill and tried arm-bar from bottom position. But Yamamoto escaped from Cassie’s submission attacks well and punched to Cassie.

Finally Yamamoto won by decision. She said she found there were many reflection point but she wanna enjoy her first win of MMA fight. This is another human story.

Official Results:

11th Fight (GP 1st Round – RIZIN GP Rule :5min x 3R)
Kyoji Horiguchi (American Top Team) VS Hideo Tokoro (Tokoro PLUS)
Horiguchi won by KO at 1R 1’49”.

10th Fight (RIZIN MMA Special Rule/Elbow allowed :5min x 3R)
Amir Aliakbari (AKA Thailand) VS Tyler King (Connors MMA)
Amir won by TKO at 1R 1’39”.

9th Fight (RIZIN Woman’s MMA Rule :5min x 3R)
Gabi Garcia (Alliance Jiu Jitsu/Team Gabi Garcia) VS Oxana Gagloeva (Gradiator Fight Team)
No Contest at 1R 0’14”. (Due to eye poke.)

8th Fight (RIZIN Woman’s MMA Rule/Elbow allowed :5min x 3R)
King Reina (Fight Club 428) VS Lei’D Tapa (Gym-O)
Reina won by 3-0/Decision.

Reina: Takada-san! This is my gift to you! Chuppa-Chaps-Candy and Sponge-cake.

7th Fight (RIZIN MIX Rule Kickboxing rule – MMA Rule :5min x 2R)
Tenshin Nasukawa (TARGET) VS Kizaemon Saiga (Reversal Gym Shinjyuku Me,We)
Nasukawa won by KO at 1R 1’36”.

Former PRIDE and UFC Fighter Dan Henderson appeared with the theme of PRIDE FC and next, Sakuraba-san appeared with the theme of Sakuraba(SPEED TK Remix).

Sakuraba-san disclosed that the grappling fight between Dan Henderson and Kazushi Sakuraba will be held at RIZIN event on 15th Oct 2017 in Fukuoka.

6th Fight (RIZIN MMA Rule :10min, 5min)
Satoru Kitaoka (LOTUS Setagaya/PANCRASEism Yokohama) VS Yusuke Yachi (KRAZY BEE)
Yachi won by TKO at 2R 4’48”.

5th Fight (RIZIN Woman’s MMA Rule :5min x 2R)
Cassie Robb (303 Training Center) VS Miyuu Yamamoto (KRAZY BEE)
Yamamoto won by 3-0/Decision.

PANCRASE Bantam-weight Champion (King of PANCRASE) Shintaro Ishiwatari appeared and he declared that he will take part in this tournament. He will fight at next RIZIN.

4th Fight (GP 1st Round – RIZIN GP Rule:5min x 2R)
Takafumi Otsuka (T Grip TOKYO) VS Anthony Birchak (10th Planet Tucson – LUTA ELITE MMA)
Otsuka won by 2-1/Decision.

3rd Fight (GP 1st Round – RIZIN GP Rule:5min x 2R)
Keita Ishibashi (Duro GYM) VS Kharid Taha (Combat Club Cologne)
Taha won by TKO at 1R 4’52”.

2nd Fight (RIZIN Woman’s MMA Rule :5min x 2R)
Shinju Nozawa Auclair (Free) VS Sheena Star (FUSE MMA)
Nozawa won by Arm-Bar at 1R 1’50”.

Shinjyu’s mother Naoko Nozawa. She is former Japanese comedian and very famous for eccentric behavior in Japan.


1st Fight (Bantam Weight:5min x 2R)
Albrektsson won by Arm-Choke at 1R 8’01”.