The time has come for ROAD FC 009: BEAT DOWN and Young Guns 5 in Wonju, South Korea.  Starting at 16:00 local South Korea time, Young Guns will begin and the main card, BEAT DOWN, will begin at 18:00 local time.  The live stream of the event will be on Sherdog here, and the VOD will be available at 17:00 EST USA.

MMA-in-Asia will be updating this page with results as they happen, to the best of our ability.  Fighting!

2012.9.15.SAT WONJU CHIAK GYMNASIUM / Start 16:00
2012년 9월 15일 (토) 원주 치악체육관 / Start 16:00 / XTM LIVE

[Middleweight Superfight] Park Ilcheol VS. Yu Yeongwoo Team Max / 박일철 vs. 유영우

The crowd is about 60% capacity at the start of the first fight.  Wow, the undercard fighters even get fire at the beginning of their entrances.  The first round is all Park, with a couple of throws and attempting to take Yu’s back the whole time.  Second round is more of the same.  Park struggles to get to his feet once he’s down, and Yu tries to take advantage anyway he can.  This one goes to the judges.

Park IlChul defeats Yu Yeongwoo by decision.

[Bantamweight Superfight] Kwak Myeongsik VS. Park Gwangsu / 곽명식 vs. 박광수

Park comes out motioning for Kwak to come in, and he does.  Park tags him with the sharper combinations, and shows good work defending a td against the cage, but when Kwak does get him away from the cage and tries for a td, Park gives up his back and it’s only a matter of moments until Kwak forces him to tap..

Kwak MyeongSik defeats Park Gwangsu by submission (RNC tap out) 1st rd.

[Lightweight Superfight] Kim Hwigyu Team MAD VS. Lee Jonghwa Team Possee / 김휘규 vs. 이종화

Kim opens with a huge kick Kim wastes no time getting Lee against the cage and throwing knees at him.  Lee gets a nice trip, but Kim reverses it to side control and works his way to the back.   Lee defends the choke well and gets it back to standing halfway, and rocks Kim with a nice hook and right uppercut.  Kim goes for and gets a big double leg but Lee’s up again, a trip and he’s down, and Kim almost gets caught in an arm bar.  This fight is face-paced and exciting!  Kim’s working off his back at the end of the round, and Lee tries to find a way from standing to get back in.

Lee’s punches rock Kim, who knows the best place for him is on the ground.  With a another td, he gets Lee on his back and lands repeated punches and knees from every position.  At ten seconds to the end, Kim sinks a choke, but doesn’t finish.  Nice strategy by Kim and Lee has heavy hands and good defense.

Kim Hwigyu defeats Lee Jonghwa by decision.

[Featherweight Superfight] Jung Yeongsam Jiujitsu World VS. Jin Taeho Team Fight / 정영삼 vs. 진태호

Jin does a great job with his jab and his reach, but Jung figures it out and punishes Jin’s right leg with kicks.  Jung’s nice single leg puts Jin’s butt on the canvas, and Jin works his long legs getting guard.  That’s round one.  Nice, these guys really bang with each other!  Second round these guys are trading, but Jung’s inside now and Jin’s reach is no longer an advantage.  Jin gets a clinch and throws a couple of knees to Jung’s groin – not nice.  The resume quickly, and Jung gets a huge lift and throw, dumping Jin on his back.  Jin works in guard, stands out, and resumes in side control, looking to finish.  Jin is saved by the bell.

Jung Yeongsam defeats Jin Taeho by decision.

[Featherweight Superfight] Gil Yeongbok VS. Lee Jeongwon / 길영복 VS. 이정원

Gil simply dominates Lee with great strength, dragging I’m, throwing him and suplexing him many times.  Once it’s on the ground, Gil follows up with brutal knees.  On to round 2!  Straight away, Lee gets a yellow card for repeated grabbing of the cage.  Gil again dominates the round, wrestling Lee to the ground numerous times, a real powerhouse!

Gil Yeongbok defeats Lee Jeongwon by decision


2012.9.15.SAT WONJU CHIAK GYMNASIUM / Start 16:00
2012년 9월 15일 (토) 원주 치악체육관 / Start 16:00 / XTM LIVE

[Lightweight Tournament #1]
Lee Yongjae VS. Kim Wongi / 이용재 vs. 김원기

Lee put on a great display of heart, Kim repeatedly tagging him, Lee returning with kicks.  In the third, Lee landed a rib kick that doubled over his opponent, then a second, drops him, gnp, corner throws in the towel, and that was the end.

Lee Yongjae defeats Kim Wongi by TKO rd 3.

[Lightweight Tournament #2]
Vuyisile Colossa VS. Kim Seokmo / 뷰실 콜로사 vs. 김석모

Colossa seems to be taking some shots in order to feel out his opponent’s distance.  Kim is winning the exchanges.  Colossa comes on hard with knees, never lets it get against the cage or down, rocks Kim and he goes down.  Vuyisilie follows him down and destroys him with brute strength, knees and punches until the ref steps in.

Vuyisile Colossa VS. Kim Seokmo by TKO at 4:31 of rd 1.

[Lightweight Tournament #3]
Kim Changhyun VS. Kume Takaske / 김창현 vs. 쿠메 타카스케

Kim comes out the aggressor. Kume bides his time.  Kim assaults and gets Kume against the cage, and as it goes down, it’s Kim on the bottom trying for a kimura.  Kume defends and it’s finally stood up.  A big right from Kume stuns Kim and puts him on his butt.  Kume waste no time at al to jump on him, spin to his back and go for the choke, and Kim taps in spectacularly rapid fashion.

Kume Takaske defeats Kim Changhyun by submission (tapout to rnc) in rd 1 at 3:27.

[Lightweight Tournament #4]
Nam Yuichul VS. Toryu Masahiro / 남의철 vs. 토류 마사히로

Nam SWARMS Toryu!  It’s up against the cage, going back and forth, until Nam fins a way to take Toryu’s back and KO’s him with punches before the ref steps in, and the corner throws in the towel.  Another QUICK finish!

Nam Yuichul defeats Toryu Masahiro by TKO 3:32

[-85kg Catchweight Superfight]
Minowa Man VS. Yuk Jinsu / 미노와맨 vs. 육진수

Here we go!!!  For three minutes of the fight, nobody engages.  The we have some action!  Minowaman works for a kimura and the ref calls it right as the bell rings.

Minowa Man defeats Yuk Jinsu by submission (kimura) rd 1 4:59.

[Middleweight Superfight]
Melvin Manhoef VS. Kim Jaeyeong / 멜빈 맨호프 vs. 김재영

This turns into a war when Melvin lands some leather and meets Kim’s chin of granite!  He tries knees, hooks, straights, but Kim doesn’t go down.  In round two, Kim starts landing incredible combos countering avery single shot Melvin takes, whether it be a kick, a knee, or a punch.  Incredible heart and a chin of iron!

Melvin Manhoef defeats Kim Jaeyeong by split decision









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