April 13, 2013

Seoul Olympic Park Olympic Hall
Seoul, South Korea

#6 – [라이트급토너먼트 결승전] Lightweight Tournament Final and Championship

남의철 Nam YuiChul (15-4- 1) vs. Kume Takasuke (15-1-4) 쿠메 타카스케

Kume lands three shots to Nam’s face then shoots. Against the cage, he gets Nam down, but Nam wrestles his way back up. Kume lands some nice body shots in the clinch. Nam starts landing a few strikes and tries for a single leg, getting Kume against the cage and keeping him there for the remainder of the round.

Nam eats a HUGE body kick to try for a single leg which Kume reverses and locks on a guillotine. Nam is a beast and powers his way out of it! Kume won’t let him up though, keeps him against the cage on the canvas and softens up his head with punches, surely looking for a sub. Kume hasn’t seen round two in a while. Hundreds of hammerfists to Nam’s ear, and Nam STILL manages to power up and out! Nam reverses it against the cage and the ref outside the cage swipes at him for holding the cage. Nam gets Kume’s back at the end of the round and goes for a guillotine but the bell saves Kume!

The come out looking to knock each others’ heads off! Kume gets a takedown and Nam reverses! Nam holds Kume down, Kume clamps on half guard. Nam with some hammerfists again, not looking for a finish, Kume keeps guard and eventually reverses. Kume now has Nam crushed against the cage!

The judges see it a draw so it goes for a fourth round. A very intense round, and in the end, Nam YuiChul’s hand is raised and the lightweight strap now adorns his waist.

#5 – 경기 [페더급매치]
서두원 Doo Won Seo (9-6) vs. Joachim Hansen (22-11-1) 요아킴 한센

Joachim’s entrance music is beautiful – if you like death metal. Seo’s entrance is with live singer and rapper duo, possibly about religion, interesting opposites here. Joachim starts out by testing with kicks, and Seo’s going in with combinations. They clinch against the cage and Seo get’s undeerhooks and delivers knees. Joachim with a nice throw but they’re right back up trading leather. Seo lands a right that stuns Joachim! He’s got him down now, and against the cage, Joachim recovers guard. At ten seconds left, Hansen dives for a leg and foces a reversal which Seo sweeps right overhead to end in a guillotine!

Round two and after a trade, they’re in a clinch again, Seo with a nice trip to get Joachim on his back. Joachim gets butterfly and locks up an arm that visibly pains Seo, but he slips out. Joachim’s looking for subs from the bottom and eventually reverses into Seo’s half guard. And he mounts! Arm in triangle for the submission win by Joachim!

#4 – 경기 [라이트헤비급매치]
위승배 Seung Bae Whi (7-3) (Team Posse) vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (13-10) 라모 티에리 소쿠주 (Team Quest)

The house is packed to the rafters and it seems like they are all from Team Posse. Coach Whi steps in cage after a year to take on another feared opponent in Sokoudjou. They go toe to toe with some head-banging action! Sokoudjou throws some nice kicks at the end of the round, one of which is a spinning back kick!

Round two. Huge thigh kick by Sokoudjou and he looks at Whi to say “Ya felt that, didn’t ya?” Sokoudjou is less active, looking like he wants to land a big one. Whi starts looking to do the same. Sokoudju with more kicks yo destroy Whi’s left leg.

Round three and they are toe to toe again. Sokoudjou is punishing that leg, but Whi always returns fire. Now the kicks are taking a toll on Whi and he can barely stand. Can’t believe someone didn’t get knocked out i that one – it goes to decision. Sokoudju takes it.

#3 – 경기 [미들급매치]
손혜석 Son Hyae Seok vs. Ikuhisa Minowa (56-34-8) 미노와맨

Huge crowd applause for Minowaman!

Son is kneeling in his corner, and Minowa comes out and does the same. Ation starts with Minowa taking Son against the cage and down, trying for a leg lock which Son escapes. Someone forgot to tell Son who he’s fighting! Back to standing and Minowa goes around the canvas with Son stalking and no action from either. Minowa shoots for a single and Son stuffs it! Son is getting frustrated with Minowa’s evasion.

Minowa latches on to a leg and has a heel hook but Son won’t let him lock it in, so he’s drug to his back, but again he gets out! Minowa’s got the other foot now, and Son punches his way out to get Minowa’s back! He’s landing blow after blow with no defense from Minowaman at all! Minowa gets another heel and Son punches his way out. Now Son’s throwing punch after punch to Minowa’s face, his guard completely down!

Round three and Son comes from a two week notice fight to upset the Super Hulk by TKO.

#2 – 경기 [웰터급매치] Welterweight Match

차정환 Cha JungHwa (10-6-1) (MMA Story) vs. Luis Ramos (20-8) 루이스 라모스 (Nova Uniao)

Luis clinches and gets a big throw with definite control, but Cha gets out. After some work against the cage, the separate, and Luis starts landing punches right on the button. Cha goes down and Luis follows and mounts, Cha reverses! The final minute sees Luis on top and Cha not allowing him to do much with the position.

Round two opens with Cha getting Luis against the cage and looking for a trip. Again, Luis gets one of his own, but Cha quickly recovers guard. Luis is getting stuck in Cha’s halfguard every single time it’s down and Cha always gets it back standing. Now they start to get a little more active and trade strikes, Cha landing a nice spinning back kick. Luis seems to find Cha too strong to slip on a sub.

Round three and they come out swinging for the fences. Cha stuffs a TD and tries a high kick that Luis tries to make a TD. Luis’ game is the TD and Cha stuffs them all, and keeps getting the back but Luis is too crafty to let him keep it. Luis tries a trip and Cha gets a huge reversal to throw and land in side control! He’s got a crucifix from the top and tries to gnp! Bad bad decision to got for an armbar lands Cha back under Luis, fortunately it’s the end of the round.

DRAW. First time I’ve seen that in a while.

#1 – 경기 [라이트급매치]
이형석Hyung Suk Lee (2-1) vs Murat Kazgan (1-0) 무랏 카잔

Murat Manhandles Hyung and gets what I think is a guillotine and gets the quick tap.

로드FC 영건스 7서울 올림픽공원 내 올림픽홀 17시 30
Young Guns 7 Bantamweight Tournament Quarter- and Semi-finals

#7 – 경기 [밴텀급토너먼트 4강]
4경기 승자 송민종 Song MinJong (Team MAX) vs. 5경기 승자 이윤준Lee YoonChul (Korean Zombie MMA)

Lee comes out with some great knees which Song decides to eat and drag Lee down. He scrambles to his back! Song works to sink a guillotine and Lee eventually has to tap while standing! Song MinJong makes it to the finals.

#6 – 경기 [밴텀급토너먼트 4강]
2경기 승자 Lee KilOo (Team Posse) vs. 3경기 승자 Moon JaeHoon (Extreme Combat)

Moon again comes out extremely aggressive. Lee is taking his time with great defence and Moon eats a few. Lee’s counters work and he knocks Moon down, then double taps him to put him permanently out. Lee KilOo becomes the first finalist.

#5 – 경기 [밴텀급토너먼트 8강]
이윤준Lee YoonChul (Korean Zombie MMA) vs. Kim HoJoon 김호준 (Team Posse)

Lee YoonChul gives a Korean Zombie performance with a hook that clips Kim and puts him down, Lee follows up on his back with punches until the ref literally throws him off. Lee YoonChul with a dominating win to advance.

#4 – 경기 [밴텀급토너먼트 8강]
송민종 Song MinJong (Team MAX) vs. Alan Yoshihiro 알란 요시히로 (Fighting Dragon)

Song seems to have a nicely rounded skill set. He knows Alan’s ground game is good, and he works hard on the TD defence, landing punches and knees. Alan works off his back for submissions, but Song lands shot after shot to his face that almost end it! Allan reverses with a kneebar and then heel hook, but Song escapes!

Second round sees Alan eat a knee while going for a TD which he gets and scrambles to Song’s back. Song’s out! Now it’s Song trying for a kimura and taking the back of Alan! Another technical reversal. Hong is getting the better of all the exchanges and feeds Alan punch after punch to the face on the canvas. It’s more than enough to give him the win.

#3 – 경기 [밴텀급토너먼트 8강]
이길우Lee KilOo (Team Posse) vs. Hong JungGi 홍정기 (Jiujitsu World)

Hong wants to get it to the ground but Lee has good defence in the clench. He lands a hard shot that buckles Hong, and follows up smelling blood. Hong recovers and tries for more TDs, but Lee keeps tagging him hard. Hong is finally successful with a single leg and gets to side control, but a dogged Hong works it back to standing. Lee’ dominant striking seals him the win.

#2 – 경기 [밴텀급토너먼트 8강]
문제훈Moon JaeHoon vs. Sato Shoko사토 쇼코

These two are the first match in the Bantamweight tournament, and they both prove they are not afraid to trade! Loads of action in the first round, with Shoko being the slightly more conservative yet more accurate of the two. Moon comes out swinging in the second, to a whole section chanting his name. Shoko looks to get it down but isn’t successful with anything. Shoko’s right eye is shut and blood’s gushing from his nose, Moon’s exactly the same. A tough final round sees more action by Daegu MMA’s man and it’s given to Moon JaeHoon by decision.

#1- 경기 [밴텀급토너먼트 리저브매치]
김민우 Kim MinOo vs. Kim SungJae 김성재

Kim SungJae has Choi Dooho in his corner along with his coach, Lee ChangSeob, but Kim MinOo from MMA STory has killer outside leg trips that catch SungJae every time. Coupled with his dominance when he gets it to the canvas, Kim MinOo seals himself the decision victory after 2 rounds.


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