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ROAD FC 012 and the undercard Young Guns 8 are beginning now. MMA-in-ASIA is cageside with live updates throughout the event. The show features top Korean, Japanese, and international talent pitted in 11 fights featuring the culmination of the Bantamweight Tournament to crown the new champion, a Superfight with Korean standout Bae MyoungHo versus Andrews Nakahara, and the first round of the Featherweight Tournament.

Spotted in attendance are many notables including Glory Kickboxing’s Martijn de Jong, DEEP’s Shigeru Saeki, Korean Zombie, Choi DooHo, Tatsuya Kawajiri, Joachim Hansen, and many others.

June 22, 2013
Chiak Stadium
Wonju, South Korea

[밴텀급 토너먼트 결승] Bantamweight Championship
#12 – 이길우 Kil Woo Lee (3-4) (Team Posse) vs Min Jung Song 송민종 (5-5) (Team MAX)

Song plays a takedown game for three rounds.  Lee looks for striking and almost gets a KO in the first.  Song’s shoots get less effective and Lee’s striking gets crisper.     A failed shoot sees Lee on top, and while Song goes for a kimura, Lee is able to punch his way out, and work back to the cage to standing.  Song gets another shoot, works around to the back and slap on a body triangle, but doesn’t do much to finish.  A very active 3 rounds sees the decision go to Lee.

Kil Woo Lee defeats Min Jung Song by split decision.

#11 – [웰터급매치] Welterweight Superfight
배명호 Myung Ho Bae (13-5) (Team MAD) vs Andrews Nakahara (4-2) (Belfort Team)

Bae comes out looking to dominate with striking and takedowns.  His clinch is strong and Nakahara has trouble against it.  In the second, Bae gets a takedown and some gnp and when Nakahara manages out of it, he feeds him a knee.  Bae gets Nakahara back against the cage and feeds him more knees, he connects with his striking, and looks for trip after trip.  The third opens with Nakahara pressing the action, feeling like it’s do or die time.  Bae sets up a TD with punches, but Nakahara stuffs it and mounts.  He works to Bae’s back, and slaps on a RNC but Bae powers out.  A second stuff sees Bae give up his back again, but he gets up quickly and eats a knee for his effort.  He shakes it off!  Nakahara smells blood and goes on the assault, he lands a spinning back kick that almost puts Bae’s lights out, and finishes on top, the bell rings.  An incredible battle!!!


#9 – [페더급 토너먼트 8강] Featherweight 8-man Tournament Match #4
小見川道大 Michihiro Omigawa (13-13) (Yoshida Dojo) vs Bae Young Kwon 권배용 (7-3) (Team Posse)

Omigawa punches his way to a takedown attempt, Kwon tries a judo trip.  Omigawa gets a takedown but Kwon quickly gets it back to standing.  Kwon starts trying some throws of his own. Kwon ends the round with a nice slam.  Round 2 has tons of action, striking, trip attempts, clinching.  Omigawa trips Kwon but ends up on the bottom.  The slugfest begins!  An incredible war from both, and Kwon gets the judges’ nod.

Bae Young Kwon defeats   Michihiro Omigawa by decision

#8 – [여성부 페더급매치] Women’s Strawweight
吉田雅子 Masako Yoshida (16-17-5) (Age Age) vs Celine Haga (4-11) (Free)

Yoshida takes Haga’s legs out with a kick, but that’s the last of her dominance in the fight.  Haga has her on her back, and works to her back and looks for a choke while softening her up with punches.  Yoshida bridges and defends, but Haga is able to roll her over, get the hooks, and sink a RNC that forces Yoshida to tap the canvas.

Celine Haga defeats Masako Yoshida by Submission, RNC, rd 1
#6 – [미들급매치]
이둘희 Dool Hee Lee (7-7) (Daegu MMA) vs Ryo Kawamura 川村 亮 (15-7-4) (Pancraseism)

The two sstand in the center and trade.  Kawamura’s movement confuses Kim, and he fakes and lands punches.  Still, Lee is able to bounce some fists into Kawamura’s mouth.  In the second, Lee starts throwing punches in bunches and they land.  Kawamura picks his shots from the outside and uses nice counters.  The third is an absolute war!  At 2 minutes in, Lee knocks down Kawamura.  He recovers, and it turns into a slugfest!

Dool Hee Lee defeats Ryo Kawamura by split decision.

#7 – [라이트헤비급매치] Light Heavyweight
Ryuta Noji (16-7) (Team Garo) vs Ji Hoon Kim 김지훈 (3-9-1) (GN Food) (Free)

Kim and Noji look to trade.  Kim rocks Noji with a straight, gets a TD and tries an arm bar.  Noji gets out , back to standing and lands tons of knees in the clinch.  Kim comes back with huge punches.  In a slip, looks like his foot got caught, Kim goes down and Noji attacks with punches and knees to his head, until the ref – very late – steps in.

Ryuta Noji defeats  Ji Hoon Kim by TKO, rd 1

#5 – [페더급매치] Bantamweight
大塚隆史 Takafumi Otsuka (15-11) (AACC) vs YunJun Lee (1-1) (Korean Zombie MMA)

Lee is steady and taking his pick of shots from the outside.  Lots of leg kicks take away Otsuka’s shooting.  In the second, Lee smashes Otsuka’s nose with a front kick, a combo splits his left eyebrow, and a flying knee lands square on his jaw.  Otsuka finally shoots, but Lee sprawls and takes his back with a quick seatbelt tie up.  Incredibly smart and dominant performance by the Korean Zombie protege.

YunJun Lee defeats Takafumi Otsuka by decision

#4 – [페더급 토너먼트 8강] Featherweight 8-man Tournament Match #2
길영복 Young Bok Gil (4-2) (Team Force) vs Won Gi Kim 김원기 (1-2-1) (MMA Story)

Kil opens and closes the fight with suplexes.  Kim has nothing for him for two rounds as Kil repeatedly shoots and clinches.  At one point, he dives under for a foot, but Kil maneouvers out and puts even more pressure on him.

Young Bok Gil defeats Won Gi Kim by decision

#3 – [페더급 토너먼트 8강] Featherweight 8-man Tournament Match #1
최무겸 Mu Kyum Choi (MMA Story) vs Hubert Geven (1-0) (Golden Glory)

Choi  and Geven trade combos, Geven with some nice high kicks.  Choi jumps guard and looks for an omoplata.  Choi spends the rest of the round maneuvering for position on the ground.  Choi comes out in the second with nice combos again.  As he slows a bit in the second, Geven seems to find his pacing.  It’s all for naught as Choi takes him down, mounts, and spends the final minute ground and pounding him.

Mu Kyum Choi defeats Hubert Geven by decision.

_IMG_7310 copy

#2 – [페더급 토너먼트 리저브매치] Featherweight 8-man Tournament Reserve match
Hyun Song Chang vs Byung Ok Jo 조병옥

Another blasting opening, these guys are going for broke!  Song shuts Jo’s rght eye early, and looks to be doing more damage, but Jo holds his own and looks for counters.  He works on Song against the cage.  In the second, Jo’s counter striking becomes very effective.  He gets a take down into 1/2 guard, and Song looks for a kimura.  He can’t get it and Jo is dominant through the rest of the round.

Byung Ok Jo defeats   Hyun Song Chang by decision.

_IMG_7245 copy

#1 – [밴텀급매치] Bantamweight
Song Jae Kim (Gumi MMA) vs Yi Moon Han (3-1) (Team Finish)

Great opening round with tons of action by strikes and kicks.  Kim gets it down, but in the second it’s all Han with a few trips to work the rest of the round on Kim’s back, looking for a RNC.

Yi Moon Han defeats Song Jae Kim by decision

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