ROAD FC 19 Shim Gun-Oh vs Frederick Sloan play by play and photo album




ROAD FC 019 Main Card
Olympic Park
Seoul, South Korea
November 9th, 2014

Shim Gun-Oh (Debut) vs Frederick Sloan (Debut) Heavyweight Bout (-120kg)


Round 1 – The big boys are ready!! Hard right by Sloan to start off and it drops Shim. They are brawling!! He drops Shim again but weathers the storm and gets a takedown. Shim is sitting in side control and trying for some ground and pound but its not working. Sloan cannot get up. Shim takes his back and is throwing down hammerfists. Sloan pulls guard. Shim traps his arm and throws down punches. Sloan gets up but Shim takes him back down and peppers him with light punches. Shim is in side control. They are fighting for wrist control. Sloan flips over and Shim is just laying on him. Round one is in the books. Round 2 – They both look gassed. Leg kick drops Shim. But Shim reverses and is in side control. He traps his arm but is doing no damage. He goes for a armlock and gets the tap.


Result – Shim Gun-Oh defeats Frederick Sloan via Keylock Submission in 2R

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  1. […] Wrestler Shim Gun-Oh and striker Frederick Sloan showcased a pure style versus style match. Sloan came out of his corned and walloped the 19-year old prodigy from this season’s Crying Fist, and it looked like he wouldn’t make it out of the first minute, let alone the first round. But Shim proved an iron chin goes with his grappling acumen, and he managed to recover to his feet, take Sloan down, smash him in side control, and eventually lock on a kimura. (PHOTO ALBUM) […]

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