ROAD FC 19: Song Hyo-Kyoung vs Emi Tomimatsu play by play and photo album




ROAD FC 019 Main Card
Olympic Park, Seoul, South Korea
November 9th, 2014

Song Hyo-Kyoung (1-6) vs Emi Tomimatsu (7-8)
Strawweight Bout (-52)

Round 1 – No touch of the gloves. They swing at each other but nothing too hard connects. Song rushes in with punches and connects and then clinches. They fight on the fence for a second and break. Again, Song rushes in and they drop to the ground. Emi is pushing her agaist the fence. No action so the ref breaks them up. Emi with a takedown and Song connects with a few upkicks. Emi drop down and tansitions to full mount. Song gets back up and Emi loses her mouth. She puts it back in and they start back in the center. Emi goes for a takedown but she is just holding Song on the fence. Song pushes off and connects with some punches but Emi get the takedown. Emi lands on top and the round is over.

Round 2 – They touch gloves. Song with a big right hand. Emi falls and goes right into a takedown. Emi is working her clinch game against the fence. No damage being down though. They break and again Emi drops down for a takedown but Song defends well and hits her with some punches. She grabs a guillotine but loses it. Emi is now on top in half guard. Emi is peppering her with light punches. Emi is fighting to get full guard and gets it. Then, she get her back but they stand up. Song takes her down and throws some knees. They break and Emi with a takedwon but Song sprawls. Emi pushes Song against the fence. The round is over.

Result – Emi Tomimatsu defeats Song Hyo-Kyoung via Decision


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