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ROAD FC 13 in JH Park Stadium will be streamed live on the official Ustream page here for the main card this evening at 8pm KST. The Young Guns 9 undercard will start at 6pm KST. The event features the first Lightweight Title defence by Nam YuiChul against Kume Takasuke, the Semifinals for the Featherweight Tournament, Issei Tamura‘s debut with the promotion, Kwon ASol’s return to the cage, and many other strong matches. Again the Japanese proponent is heavy as ROAD FC builds it’s roster with international talent and preparation for a Japan expansion in 2014.

ROAD FC production will again be over the top with lasers, fire, a lighting truss set for a much larger arena, and booming sound. The first event held in Gumi, a city in south central South Korea, pays homage to the fighters there and those developed in the surrounding southern cities such as Busan. MMA-in-ASIA will be providing live updates as the fights commence.

October 12, 2013
Gumi, South Korea

#12 – Lightweight Championship Challenge
Nam YuiChul (16-4-1)
Kume Takasuke (15-2-4) Alive

Another three round war from these two incredibly strong and aggressive men.  Nam proved he was the stronger of both tonight and righteously kept his belt.  Kume will forever be a warrior in the eyes of all who witnessed the battle.

#11 – Welterweight
Andrews Nakahara (4-2-1) Belfort Team
Cha JungHwan (10-6-2) MMA Story

Three rounds of madness from two incredible strikers. This one sees both stand in the pocket for 3 rounds with cleary aggressive and Nakahara landing damage. Too many punches to count and the judges see it a draw. Nakahara seems to be crying as he leaves the cage.

#10 – Middleweight
Ikuhisa Minowa (56-35-8) Kuma Gym/CMA
Kim Hoon (9-9-1-1) Team Tackle

With baited breath everyone waits for Kim Hoons heavy hands to come out. He takes some shots from Minowaman then looks as if hes got him on the run. When pressured Minowaman lets out a huge overhand right that snaps Kims head sideways and drops him cold.

#9 – Bantamweight
Song MinJung (5-6) Team MAX
Issei Tamura (7-4) Krazy Bee

Issei gets a very rough welcome to Road FC. A first round sees him rocked and forced to defend his back. after Issei spends a while on top trying to pass, Song brings up the heat in the 2nd with a throw and back take. The third Song seals it with a final takedown where he pressures and pounds from the top to finally work around to sink a back choke and Issei taps at the end of the round.

#8 – Lightweight
Kwon ASol (16-7) Mokpo Pride
- 100g OVER, 1 hour to pass
Koji Nakamura (11-8-3) Pancraseism

Very slow first round sees Kwon only come alive when he gets hit. Koji seems to have free rein in the second. He tries and lands all kind of kicks and combos until he feints and high kicks Kwon square on the jaw. He drops like a brick and Koji follows him down until the ref jumps in. A harsh welcome back for Kwon and a great win for Koji.

Young Guns 9 Undercard

#7 – Featherweight Tournament Semifinal Match #2
Kwon BaeYoung (8-3) Team POSSE
Kosuke Umeda (13-12-3) R-Blood

Umeda looks to shoot but Kwon handles it. Umeda works it against the cage but Kwon reverses. He pushes off and goes on the attack with a flying knee to the belly that drops Umeda with a huge grimace and almost KOs him on the canvas. Huge finish!

#6 – Featherweight Tournament Semifinal Match #1
Gil YoungBok (5-2) Team FORCE
- 5 KILO OVER – match undecided
Choi MooGyeom (1-0) MMA Story


#5 – Bantamweight
Kamaya Makoto (22-12-3) Honey Trap
Lee YunJun (2-1) Korean Zombie MMA

Lee blisters Kamayas leg through the first until Kamaya fakes a cross and lands a high head kick that puts him back in his corner. Lee quickly recovers and comes back on the attack. In the 2nd Lee gets a td and passes and Kamaya is up and out. Kamaya shoots and Lee sprawls and takes the back and Kamaya reverses! Kamaya ends with a high kick and shoot. His left leg is welted from kicks. Lee takes the decision win.

#4 – Featherweight
Yoon Heo (5-8-1) Team MAD
Jo ByoungOak (2-0) Team POSSE

Lots of clinching and back and forth work against the cage through 2 rounds. Yoon clinches to get a double leg that he is working on securing a position on top against the cage but the ref stands them? Yoon works it against the cage again to take Jos back, drag him down and go for a last second armbar. Win by decision.

#3 – Featherweight
Yoon JaeOon (1-1) Gumi MMA
Jeon EoJin (0-0) Team MAX

Jeon weathers a brief assault to return fire and give a walloping TKO to Yoon in less than 30 seconds.

#2 – Middleweight
Kim HyooRyong (3-3) Gumi MMA
Han YiMoon (4-1) Team Finish

Han presses in the first despite nut shots. He has good work against the cage and gets some trips. On the ground he feeds Kim shots but cannot pass guard. In the second Kim has hard striking and Han drops his hands and eats shots but he still presses andgetsthe decision win.

#1 – Flyweight
Kim SeongJae (4-4) Gumi MMA
Kim KyuHwa (1-2) BD Gym

Nice technical styles fromboth young guys. Jae has great combos in the 1st. He throws knees and lots of flying ones. Hwa turns on the singles in the second and his striking picks up. Jae waits it out and lands a flying knee for a KO.


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