ROAD FC 15 results, updates, photos and live stream info



Live updates and results for ROAD FC 15 on May 31, 2014 from Wonju, South Korea. The main event is Seo Doo-Won rematching Joachim Hansen, Issei Tamura faces Kim Soo-Chul, and Minowaman is back against Park Jung-Gyo.

May 31, 2014
Chiak Stadium
Wonju, South Korea

Main card streamed live PPV at:

#10 – Featherweight Superfight
Seo Doo-Won versus Joachim Hansen

Hansen is fearless and straight away engages. Seo feircely punches back and KOs Hansen in 15 seconds.

Seo defeats Hansen by KO , rd 1

#9 – Middleweight Match
Park Jung-Gyo versus Ikuhisa Minowa

Minowa is playing the wait and bait game. Warned by the ref Park gets busy and looks like a spinning backfist knocks Minowa down. He grabs for a leg lock, cant get it, and eventually gets back to standing. But Park smells blood and keeps chasing. He gets a very fast and surprising ko that puts Minoqa flat on his face. He needs a stretcher to leave.

Park defeats Minowa by KO rd 1,

#8 – Bantamweight Match
Issei Tamura versus Kim Soo-Chul

Issei looks like he is back! Nice movement and smart gamplan for Kim. He nails him once. Kim lands a nice body kick and Issei tries to get it down. When Issei gets out of guard to atanding Kim gets a single and qorks to the back from half guard getting a choke.

Kim defeats Tamura by Submission, rd 1,

#7 – Featherweight Match
Kil Young-Bok versus Kosuke Umeda

Kil is obvious for the td but tries to strike to set it up. When he faila the td he starts to engage more and gets a flash knockdown.

Kil defeats Umeda by TKO , rd 1,

#6 – “Crying Fist” Season 3 Special Match
Kim Jae-Hoon versus Park Hyun-Woo

A barroom brawl and the worst ref on the planet. Chang DokYung allows cage grabbing, illegal head kick while grounded, stomp and multiple blows to the back of the head. Very late stoppage. ROAD FC needs to tell this independant referee commission to get their ahit together or fire the lot.

Park defeats Kim by TKO, rd 1,

Young Guns 14 Under Card:

#5 – Bantamweight Match
Kim Ho-Jun versus Cho Young-Seung

I exoected Cho to go for the uick takedown but he strikes instead. The both theow caution to the wind. Cho gets the best of the exchange on the ground then Kim reverses for his own glory. 2nd is more of the same nonstop action with Kim getting the first td and controlling from back mount. Cho reverses and starts to do damage but Kim gets it back. Cho goes for all kinds of sub attempts off his back.

Cho defeats Kim by UD ,

#4 – Flyweight Match
Kwak Jong-Hyun versus Kim Seok-Yong

Fantastic first round with tons of trading punches and takedowns. Both guys put there all into the whole round. In the 2nd Kwak is tired and once Kim gets him down he rag dolls hom from backmount. Kwak eats lots of punches from the pounding but he doesnt quit. The ref makes the decision for him.

Kim defeats Kwak by TKO, rd 2

#3 – Middleweight Match
Lee Chan-Ho versus Kim Dae-Sung

Kim came in over and got points deducted. Didnt matter. He waited to pick his shots and landed a perfect head kick for the KO.

Kim defeats Lee by KO, rd 1

#2 – Featherweight Match
Oh Ho-Tak versus Tyrone Henderson

Tyrone comes out swinging. Lively firat round with Oh in control of the take downs and Tyrone working well off his back. The 2nd gets better into a grappling frenzy. Oh keeps top control and works for throws. Tyrone grabs a standing kimura and puls him down. Great scramble with Oh ending on top.


#1 – Bantamweight Match
Yoo Jae-Hak versus Kang Sung-Mok

Yoo come in 6 kg over and gets 2 point deducted per round. It doesnt matter because he gets a one sided beating from Kang.

Kang defeats Yio by TKO , rd 1,