ROAD FC 16 live updates and results


ROAD FC 16 takes place on Saturday, July 26, 2014 in Gumi, South Korea. The event will be live streamed for free on YouTube starting at 8:00pm Korea time.

The inaugural Flyweight Championship will be contested by Song Min-Jong and Jo Nam-Jin. An exciting middleweight match between Riki Fukuda and Yoon Dong-Sik is the co-main event.

July 26, 2014
18:00 KST Young Guns 15 start, 20:00 KST Main Card start
Park Chung-Hee Stadium
Gumi, South Korea

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#10 – Flyweight Championship
Song Min-Jong vs Jo Nam-Jin

Both fighters came out with one goal, KO the other. When that didn’t work, the smashing and grinding began. Jo was landing all kinds of hurt on Song. Song used the second round to execute well-times takedowns to neutralize Jo’s aggression on the feet. But each time he got back up and pressed it back to the cage, knees blazing. The third saw Song landing lots of takedowns but Jo just beat on him a little then got back up the cage.

Jo Nam-Jin defeats Song Min-Jong by Split decision

#9 – Middleweight Match
Yoon Dong-Sik vs Riki Fukuda

Riki is smart to the judo throws and Yoon certainly tries them. Yoon misses a throw and Riki stays on top and takes the back for the finish by gnp.

Riki Fukuda Defeats Yoon DongSik by TKO, rd 1

#8 – Lightweight Match
Lee Kwang-Hee vs Bruno Miranda

What a knock down drag out fight! Lee stands and trades with Miranda and the Brazilian nails him with everything. It is a knee to the liver that drops Lee grimacing and holding his ribs.

Bruno Miranda defeats Lee KwangHee by TKO, rd 1

#7 – Women’s 54kg Catchweight Match
Song Hyo-Kyung vs Kimura Hazuki

Hazuki fails a shoot and Song takes her back for it. Scrappy Hazuki hangs on through gnp and gets out of an armbar to finish the round. Rd 2 and Song gets the throw and finishes Hazuki with Gnp.

Song Hyo-Kyung defeats Kimura Hazuki by TKO, rd 2

Featherweight Match
#6 – Park Hyung-Geun vs Lim Byung-Hee

Park tries for a trip and ends up taking Lims back and he stays there for the whole round. 2nd sees Lim turn on the heat and a failed shoot puts Park on his back. Lim tries for a guillotine but Park eventually gets out and starts slapping on the submission attempts. Scrappy Lim wont let them stick and he rides it out to the bell.

Park Hyung-Geun defeats Lim Byung-Hee by UD

Young Guns 15 Undercard



#5 – Middleweight Match
Daiju Takase vs Whi Seung-Bae

Takase and Whi play a back and forth power testing game. Takase lands a left that snaps Whis head around. He goes down and Takase follows to finish.

Daiju Takase defeats Whi SeungBae by TKO, rd 1

Middleweight – CANCELLED
Yoon Jae-Woong vs Lee Yoo-Hyun

#4 – Lightweight
Jeon Chan-Hyun vs Jo Young-Jun

Jeon thinks he is the badass until Jo catches a kick for a takedown. Jo keeps the pressure on but doesnt finish and Jeon just defends. Jo stands out then punches back into guard. Stood up. Jo lands another td near the end of the round and a nice scramble ensues.

Rd 2. Joen with an underhook throw attempt and Jo counters with a flying knee. He smells blood and goes on the assault with a barrage that backs Joen into the cage until the bell.

Jo YoungJun defeats Jeon ChanHyun by UD

That makes hometown Gumi 0 for 2 and superhero Choi Doo-Ho does not look amused.

#3 – Lightweight Match
Ryu Kyung-Gwan vs Yoo Tae-Woo

Yoo has a plan to work his kicks until he gets Ryu againstvthe cage where he double legs him to the canvas and pressures until Ryu gives up his back. Yoo relentlessly goes for the RNC.

Yoo TaeWoo defeats Ryu KyungGwan by Submission, RNC, rd 1

#2 – Flyweight Match
Kim Jin-Min vs Kim Kyu-Hwa

JinMin has beautiful trips and throws but KyuHwa counters with get ups and single leg reversals. In the 2nd KyuHwa dominates the wrestling game against the cage.

Kim KyuHwa defeats Kim JinMin by UD

#1 – Middleweight Match
Seol Bo-Kyung vs Kim Dae-Sung

A wailing back and forth first round with Kim opening up Seol’s brow with elbows. The second brought tons of knees from Kim to an exhausted Seol in a headlock to seal him the win.

Kim DaeSeung defeats Seol BoKyung by UD