ROAD FC 17 results and updates, live streaming info

ROAD FC Lightweight title match: Kume Takasuke vs Kwon A-Sol
ROAD FC Lightweight title match: Kume Takasuke vs Kwon A-Sol

ROAD FC 17 takes place on August 17, 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. The co-main events are the Lightweight Championship Kume Takasuke vs Kwon A-Sol, and Song Ga-Yeon vs Emi Fujino.


Former Lightweight Tournament finalist and championship contender Kume Takasuke faces recently ranked Kwon A-Sol for the ROAD FC Lightweight belt which was recently vacated by Nam Yui-Chul as he signed with UFC.

One of the hottest prop sects in Korean MMA right now, Lee Yun-Jun, is back to face Thiago Silva.

Two smashers meet one another as Kim Dae-Sung steps in for Ahn Sang-Il, out with broken ribs, to face Park Jung-Kyo.

K-1 and Glory kickboxer Yoo Yang-Rae is going to try his hand at MMA and he will do it against Kim Nae-Chul.

The final of the night is Song Ga-Yeon versus Emi Yamamoto in a women’s 48kg bout where both fighters are making their pro MMA debut. It’s pegged for the last match for the Korean fans who have been drawn to Song’s many appearances on television since she became known a a “beautiful fighter”.


August 17, 2014
Seoul Olympic Hall
Seoul, South Korea

20:00KST Live streaming at:

#5 – Atomweight Women’s Match
Song Ga-Yeon vs Emi Yamamoto

Song comes out strong, takes Emi down at will. She mounts and pounds until the ref stops it.

Song GaYeon defeats Emi Yamamoto by TKO, rd 1

#4 – Lightweight Championship
Kwon A-Sol vs Kume Takasuke

Great first out of Kume who us active with striking and td attempts. Kumes td defense is too good though. Both land shots at the end.

Kume starts with shoots but abandons the thought at Kwons defense. Kwon starts busting Kumes face up. Towards the end of the round Kume also starts landing punches.

Third round annd Kume fake shoots and throws Kwon to the ground. He secures the back with a body lock and Kwon keeps it standing. slams back twice but kume stays in control and pouns on him Kwon defends the choke. Eventually Kume slips off. Kwon takes top and pounds to the bell landing elbows that cut Kume up.

Kwon A-Sol defeats Kume Takasuke by Majority Decision


#3- Bantamweight Match
Thiago Silva vs Lee Yun-Jun

Silva strikes to set up the takedown. Lee wont let him get it clean so Silva is happy to play bottom. Ref stands them and Lee takes Silva down with a mean body kick and follows it up with punches.

Lee YunJun defeats Thiago Silva by TKO rd 1

#2 – Middleweight Match
Park Jung-Kyo vs Kim Dae-Sung

Park seems to have Kim on the run with hus heavy hands. Kim lands a hammerfist shot to the back of the head. Park knocks down Kim then lets him up. Kim surges back to the end of the round with elbows and punches.

The two big dudes tee off on each other. Halfway through the round they are exhausted. Park gets a takedown against the cage. Kim has a face of stone to survive this round and hes damaged Park as well.

More wearied they still go toe to toe. Kim tries an uchimata and fails and Park tries to take his back. Kim twists over and Park mounts and pounds him out.

Park Jung-Kyo defeats Kim Dae-Sung by TKO rd 3

#1 – Light Heavyweight Match
Yoo Yang-Rae vs Kim Nae-Chul

Kim knows his power is in the clinch and thats what he does. He gets an outside leg trip and works top positions but Yoo eventually gets up. Kim nails him against the cage.

Kim works the clinch immediately and gets 2 takedowns to mount out of the deal. To his credit Yoo has the ability to bring it standing.

Kim NaeChul defeats Yoo YangRae by UD

Young Guns 16 Undercard

#4 – Bantamweight Match
Kim Jong-Hoon vs Hong Jung-Gi

Much of the round spent clinching and looking for underhooks for a throw. Kim gets the benefit of landing on top. 3 point game played. Kim nails a leg sweep for top again. Plays 3 point. Round ends in clinch.

Hong has the wrestling and takedowns but Kim turns on the striking and gets his outside leg trip and ends the round on top with ground and pound.

Kim JongHoon defeats Hong JungGi by Split decision

#3 – Flyweight
Kim Tae-Kyun vs Kwak Jong-Hyun

Kwak nails takedowns from the start to the finish of the first round. Works to top each time and keeps the pressure on.

Kwak works the takedowns again and again. Kim has nothing from guard but to defend. Kwak wresltes but doesnt work to pass. Kim benefits from the refs stand up but Kwak takes him down again.

Kwak JongHyun defeats Kim TaeKyun by UD

#2 – Bantamweight
Park Jung-Min vs Hong Sung-Jin

Park gets taken down right away. Hong works to mount and punches for a couple of minutes. Park finally pushes off the cage and tries to scramble out. Hong takes his back for the choke.

Hong SungJin defeats Park JungMin by Submission RNC rd 1

#1 – Featherweight
Choi Mu-Song vs Seo Jin-Soo

Seo comes out striking and bloodies Chois nose. Hes forced down and defends off his back then stands. Seo edges the round out with kicks. A lot of clinching from both.

Choi pours it on in the second and lands knees to the head in clinch. Seo is almost gassed but keeps in the fight.

Choi MuSong defeats Seo JinSoo by UD